Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

JI-SGUS Program - For Graduate Studies in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering:Systems

Purpose:  The EECS JI-SGUS program was designed for students receiving Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) BS degrees from the UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI). Students may earn a master's in Electrical Engineering (EE) or Electrical Engineering:Systems (EE:S) while “double counting” up to six credit hours between their bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Eligibility:  To be eligible for the JI-SGUS Program, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in the ECE Undergraduate Program of the UM-SJTU JI in Shanghai (students who come to Ann Arbor to study are not eligible).
  • Have a minimum 3.5 GPA (and graduate with their BS with a minimum 3.5 GPA)
  • Not be enrolled in two undergraduate degree programs or in a dual-degree program from U-M or the JI

Application Process:  JI students apply to Rackham anytime in the second semester (ending in August) of the 3rd year of study at JI, through March 1 of their senior year.

  • Apply using the Rackham online application form (including statement of purpose, personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc.), application fee, other required credentials, and TOEFL or MeLab scores. An academic transcript through at least the second semester of  the 3rd  year is needed for the admissions decision. If the student applies during the second semester of the 3rd year, the transcript will need to be sent immediately after the term ends.
  • Complete the SJTU degree progress checksheet and download to Rackham application.
  • Complete the JI-SGUS Course Election Form. The applicant will list the JI courses proposed for double counting approved by the JI-SGUS undergraduate advisor.

Admission:  Admission to the JI-SGUS Program is not automatic. The EE and EE:S Programs will make admission decisions based on the qualifications of the applicant and the number of students the program can accommodate. If admitted, the student must provide financial resource information. An admission letter and pre-enrollment materials will be sent to applicants offered admission.

Double Counting

  • Students may count up to 6 credits from their SJTU JI bachelor’s degree towards the master’s degree. These are the “double counted” credits. This happens by transferring the courses to their Rackham transcript. If the specific courses used for used for double counting total more than 6 credit hours, e.g. two 4 credit classes, then all of the credits appear on the graduate transcript, but only 6 count towards the 30 required for the master’s degree. The balance of any credit hours cannot be counted toward any other graduate program at UM or SJTU. The balance can count towards the undergraduate program at the JI.
  • To be double counted, credits must:
    1. be graduate level
    2. be taken during the Junior or Senior year
    3. have received a grade of B or better
    4. be acceptable towards the 30 credit Master's requirement
    5. be approved by the graduate program (normally at the time of admission) and approved also by the SJTU JI undergraduate program advisor.
    6. not be part of the required core coursework for the JI BS; however, they can be courses taken to meet technical or general elective requirements
  • Double counted credits may have been taken prior to admission to the JI-SGUS.
  • No credits can be triple counted, i.e. counted towards any degree other than the JI BS and the EE or EE:S MS.

Degree Requirements:

  • Students must enroll in the masters program for at least two full terms, paying full tuition.
  • Students must complete at least 24 credit hours in residence at U-M Ann Arbor.