ECE Award Winning Oral Presentations and Poster Displays at the 2009 Engineering Graduate Symposium

Acoustics & Waves

Adel Elsherbini,1st place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Kamal Sarabandi)

Title: Topography of Sand Covered Bedrock using Two-Frequency Interferometric SAR

Danial Ehyaie, 2nd place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Amir Mortazawi)

Title: A New Method for Designing Transmit Phased Arrays 

Design and Control

Michael Hafner, 2nd place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Domitilla Del Vecchio)

Title: Safety Control for a Class of Order Preserving Hybrid Systems

Dan Opila (Mechanical Engineering), 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Jessy Grizzle; Xiaoyong Wang, Ryan McGee and Jeffrey Cook from Ford Motor Company)

Title: Hardware Implementation of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Management Controller

Hae-Won Park (Mechanical Engineering), 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Jessy Grizzle; additional graduate student researcher: Koushil Sreenath, Electrical Engineering: Systems)

Title: Parameter Identification of MABEL, a New Bipedal Robot with Differential-Based Compliant Drivetrain

MEMS & Microfluidics

Trushal Vijaykumar Chokshi, 1st place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Nikos Chronis)

Title: A Microfluidic Platform for High-throughput Calcium Imaging Assays in C. elegans

Sister Mary Elizabeth Merriam, 2nd place, Oral Presentation (Advisor: Ken Wise; additional graduate student researcher: Onnop Srivannavit, Chemical Engineering)

Title: A 3-D Bidirectional Interface for Neural Mapping Studies

Communications, Control & Power

Awlok Josan, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisors: Mingyan Liu, David Neuhoff and S. Sandeep Pradhan)

Ali Nazari, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor:


Danial Ehyaie, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Amir Mortazawi)

Title: A New Method for Designing Transmit Phased Arrays

Felipe Valdés, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Eric Michielssen; also Francesco Andriulli from the Department of Electronics, Politecnico di Torino and Kristof Cools from the Department of Information Technologies, Ghent University)

Title: High-Order Quasi-Curl Conforming Functions for Multiplicative Calderón Preconditioning of the EFIE

Microsystems & Integrated Circuits

Razi-ul Haque, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Ken Wise)

Title: A Wireless Sub-Microwatt Intraocular Pressure Sensor

Tzeno Galchev, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Khalil Najafi; additional graduate student researcher, Hanseup Kim)

Title: A Parametric Frequency Increased Power Generator for Scavenging Low-Frequency Ambient Vibrations


Yunbo Guo, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Ted Norris and collaborators: Prof. and Dr. James Baker from the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences; Jing Yong Ye, research scientist at the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science; Charles Divin, EE graduate student; Thommey Thomas, asst. research scientist for Internal Medicine)

Title: Photonic Crystal Biosensor

Wei-Zung Chang, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisors: Herbert Winful and Almantas Galvanauskas; also Tsai-Wei Wu)

Title: Array Size Scalability of Passively Coherently Phased Fiber Laser Arrays

Signal Processing

Daehyun Yoon, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisors: Jeffrey Fessler and Douglas Noll, Chair of Biomedical Engineering)

Title: A parallel excitation pulse design where we use multiple RF transmission coils with localized transmission sensitivities to achieve uniform and better signal recovery

Khuram Shahid and Wongun Choi, 2nd place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Silvio Savarese; also Electrical Engineering:Systems graduate student Wongun Choi)

Title: What are they doing? Collective Activity Classification Using Spatio-Temporal Relationship Among People

Solid State

Eric Dattoli, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Wei Lu)

Title: Megahertz Frequency Characterization of Transparent Nanowire-Based Thin-Film Transistors

Weiming Wang, 1st place, Poster Presentation (Advisor: Jamie Phillips; also Electrical Engineering graduate student Albert Lin and Wyatt Metzger, National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Title: Photo-carrier Generation and Recombination In ZnTeO Based Intermediate Solar Cell

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