Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems

As computers and computer-based technological systems are becoming an essential part of our daily lives (automobiles, electronics, etc.) and of the infrastructures of our society (power systems, transportation, etc.), the need for new techniques, methodologies and tools to design, analyze and control highly complex dynamical systems grows. Two important classes of dynamical systems encountered in today's technological systems are the classes of "Discrete Event Systems" (DES) and "Hybrid Systems" (HS). DES are characterized by discrete state spaces and event-driven dynamics. HS arise when continuous-variable systems are combined with DES. The Control Laboratory at Michigan has an active research program in DES, covering theory and applications, diagnostics and control, and centralized and distributed systems. Theoretical research in hybrid dynamical systems is validated with experiments in the Multi Agent Decision and Control Testbed.

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ECE Faculty

Lafortune, Stephane
Ozay, Necmiye
Revzen, Shai

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