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Low-Power Design

Over the past decade, CSE researchers have created some of the lowest-power designs. To name a few examples, the Razor project has won the Microprocessor Report’s Innovator of the Year Award in 2007 and is being deployed commercially, the Subliminal processor design, which was the lowest power microprocessor ever developed when it first appeared, and the first practical energy-recovery circuitry with sub-CV2 power consumption. Research in low-power circuits and architectures continues strong, spanning the entire spectrum from ultra-low-power subthreshold devices for deeply embedded applications to high-performance energy-recovery circuitry for multi-GHz processors. Furthermore, new explorations are underway in the space of data center architectures. In 2006, enterprise data centers consumed 61 billion kWh in US--1.5% of total US electricity consumption--more than all the nation’s color televisions combined. CSE researchers have several efforts underway to improve data center energy efficiency, reliability, availability, and manageability. Specific research topics include novel energy-efficient processor architectures; system, cluster, and room-level power and thermal management; enterprise application benchmarking and performance analysis; memory and storage energy efficiency; virtualization and server consolidation; data-center-wide resource provisioning; capacity management; and system-level reliability.

CSE Faculty

Austin, Todd
Dreslinski, Ronald
Hayes, John P.
Mahlke, Scott
Mudge, Trevor
Wenisch, Thomas F.

ECE Faculty

Zhang, Zhengya