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Compilers/OS - Synergy with Architectures

CSE researchers are exploring a wide range of topics that utilize compiler and operating systems to optimize computing systems. For example, Prof. Mahlke’s Compilers Creating Custom Processors (CCCP) project is concerned with the design of customized processors, accelerators, and systems that deliver higher performance, lower power, and more reliability. The CCCP approach is to increase the efficiency of designs by customizing the hardware to the software that will run on the system. The focus is on building programmable systems, thus new compiler technology is required to automatically map applications onto the new hardware. Profs. Mahlke and Narayanasamy work on domain specific architectures and compilers, GPGPUs, medical imaging, etc. Profs. Chen, Flinn, and Narayanasamy explore problems at the interface of architecture, operating systems and program analysis, to help programmers write and maintain reliable parallel software. Specific projects include support for tolerating concurrency bugs, memory consistency models and deterministic replay.

CSE Faculty

Austin, Todd
Chen, Peter M.
Mahlke, Scott
Mozafari, Barzan
Narayanasamy, Satish