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Multi-Core and Parallel Systems

Research in this space addresses a broad range of issues of parallel systems: coherency protocols and memory consistency models, design for programmability and software reliability, GPGPUs, low power design, reliability, effective validation, and deterministic behavior. The faculty have already developed a number of key projects in this space and deployed their ideas in multicore prototypes. A few examples include the postsilicon validation techniques for multi-core processors developed in Prof. Bertacco’s group, Prof. Narayanasamy’s deterministic replay techniques for parallel systems, multicore memory systems developed in Prof. Wenisch’s group, and the research in deterministic execution for parallel systems in Prof. Austin’s group. Prof Mudge’s group is working on building a massively parallel low-power system with with hundreds of layers of interconnected 3D stacked silicon.

CSE Faculty

Austin, Todd
Bertacco, Valeria
Chen, Peter M.
Dreslinski, Ronald
Mahlke, Scott
Mudge, Trevor
Narayanasamy, Satish
Wenisch, Thomas F.