Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Verification, Testing and Physical Design

ACAL includes one of the largest and broadest CAD and VLSI research programs in the nation. Research efforts span VLSI design, place and route solutions, logic design, testing, and verification and validation. Our faculty have made seminal contributions in the areas of timing analysis and optimization, formal verification, reliable design, automatic test generation, and low-power design. The group has an exceptional publication record, including numerous best paper awards at the most prestigious conferences and journals in the field. Among several other contributions, ACAL researchers have made numerous key contributions in this, including the breakthrough satisfiability solver GRASP, the runtime correctness architecture DIVA, and the placement tool CAPO. Current research is focusing on new directions in software verification, silicon piracy, and hardware security assurance.
Bertacco, Valeria
Blaauw, David T.
Hayes, John P.
Markov, Igor
Papaefthymiou, Marios
Sakallah, Karem A.