CSE Technical Reports Sorted by Technical Report Number

TR Number Title Authors Date Pages

CSE-TR-119-92 A Scene-Based Multi-Level Representation for Mobile Robot Spatial Mapping and Navigation Kortenkamp Weymouth Chown and Kaplan Jan, 92 41

CSE-TR-120-92 Vector Field Analysis for Oriented Patterns Shu and Jain Feb, 92 29

CSE-TR-121-92 Query Optimization by Intelligent Search Yoo Mar, 92 144

CSE-TR-122-92 Automatically Generating Bus-Interface Models Leong and Birmingham Feb, 92 13

CSE-TR-123-92 An Operator-Based Model of Human Covert Visual Attention Wiesmeyer Feb, 92 130

CSE-TR-124-92 Situation Caching Roth G.Zhang and Jain Mar, 92 18

CSE-TR-125-92 Undoing Actions in Collaborative Work Prakash and Knister Mar, 92 18

CSE-TR-126-92 Almost Tag-Free Garbage Collection for Strongly-Typed Object-Oriented Languages Cheong Apr, 92 8

CSE-TR-127-92 Optimal Part Selection Haworth Birmingham and Haworth May, 92 17

CSE-TR-128-92 An Investigation of the Performance of Alternative Multipressor Node Architectures Marsa and Patt May, 92 37

CSE-TR-129-92 Performance Bounds and Buffer Space Requirements for Concurrent Processors Mangione-Smith May, 92 114

CSE-TR-130-92 Constructing Symmetric Fault-Tolerant and Near-Optiman Quorums Ng and C.Ravishankar Jun, 92 37

CSE-TR-131-92 Accommodating RPC Heterogeneities Using Automatic Agent Synthesis Huang and Ravishankar Jun, 92 37

CSE-TR-132-92 Content-Based Modeling in Multimedia Information Systems Swanberg Weymouth and Jain Jun, 92 19

CSE-TR-133-92 An Interactive Image Management System for Face Information Retrieval Bach Paul and Jain Jun, 92 24

CSE-TR-134-92 Selection on the Reconfigurable Mesh Hao MacKenzie and Stout Jun, 92 18

CSE-TR-135-92 Data Placement in Shared-Nothing Parallel Database Systems Padmanadhan Apr, 92 175

CSE-TR-136-92 Generation of Synthetic Workloads for Distributed Real-Time Computing Systems Kiskis Apr, 92 115

CSE-TR-137-92 Imaging Models and Surface Recovery Methods for Scanning Probe Microscopy Pingali and Jain Apr, 92 29

CSE-TR-138-92 Emergence of Meta-Level Control in Multi-Tasking Autonomous Agents Covrigaru Apr, 92 71

CSE-TR-139-92 Knowledge Acquisition in the Small Runkel and Birmingham Apr, 92 18

CSE-TR-140-92 Balanced Boolean Functions: Theory and Applications Chakrabarty Sep, 92 107

CSE-TR-141-92 The Evolving Algebra Semantics of C Preliminary Version Gurevich and Huggins Oct, 92 43

CSE-TR-142-92 Specification of Interface Behaviour for the Automatic Generation of Bus-Interface Models Daga and Birmingham Oct, 92 32

CSE-TR-143-92 Efficient Simulation of Caches under Optimal Replacement with Applications to Miss Characterization Sugumar and Abraham Oct, 92 22

CSE-TR-144-92 Towards Optimal System-Level Design Haworth and Birmingham Oct, 92 10

CSE-TR-145-92 Symbolic-Timing-Equation Generation from a High-Level Specification of Interface Behavior Daga and Birmingham Oct, 92 10

CSE-TR-146-92 Shortest-Path Routing in Homogeneous Point-to-Point Networks with Virtual Cut-Through Switching Rexford and Shin Nov, 92 23

CSE-TR-147-92 Monster: A Tool for Analyzing the Interaction Between Operating Systems and Computer Architectures Nagle Uhlig and Mudge Nov, 92 32

CSE-TR-148-92 Design Views for Synthesis: Providing Both Uniform Data Integration and Diverse Data Customization Rundensteiner Nov, 92 27

CSE-TR-149-92 Concurrent Engineering: An Automated Design-Space Exploration Approach Darr and Birmingham Nov, 92 14

CSE-TR-150-92 Expected Deadlock Time in a Multiprocessing Systems Compton and Ravishankar Nov, 92 21

CSE-TR-151-92 Any-Dimension Algorithms and Real-Time AI Musliner Durfee and Shin Dec, 92 15

CSE-TR-156-93 Software TLB Management in OSF/1 and Mach 3.0 Uhlig Nagle Mudge and Sechrest Dec, 92 13

CSE-TR-187-93 The Right Information at the Right Time: A Scientific Information Tracking System Farag Sep, 92 6

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