Procedure for Submitting a CSPL Technical Report

  1. fill out the web submission form then,

  2. ftp your technical report to
    The file must be named cspl-# (example:

    It is very important that the file be saved in .ps format, not as a .pdf or .doc file.
    If your file is in one of these formats, please convert it to .ps before continuing.

    You must upload using anonymous ftp. This is not the same as SFTP or SCP. You must use FTP to complete
    this upload. The sample below assumes you're using a UNIX prompt.

    If you're using OS X, you'll want to us an FTP client like Fetch. Fetch is available free for download for educational users and is available on the DCO Mac server macx.

    If you're using Windows, you'll want to use the built-in FTP browsing mechanism, accessible from My Network Places.
    (see: Add a network place)

    1. ftp
    2. log in as anonymous with your email address as the password
    3. cd techreports/incoming
    4. put cspl-# cspl-# (e.g., put
    5. exit

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