Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Undergraduate Student Awards

Each year, EECS undergraduate students are selected to receive a variety of awards based on scholarship, research, service, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Awards are available at the College level (College of Engineering Awards or LSA opportunities) and through the department (EECS Awards).   We strongly encourage current students to apply for these!

2014-15 prize winners
2013-14 prize winners
2012-13 prize winners
2011-12 prize winners
2010-11 prize winners
2009-10 prize winners
2008-09 prize winners
2007-08 prize winners
2006-07 prize winners
2005-06 prize winners

How to Apply for an Award

Please note: EECS Awards are separate from CoE Awards. Filling out the application below will put you in consideration for EECS Awards only. CoE Awards link is here.

Deadline for EECS Awards and CoE Awards is Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

If you are a Computer Engineering undergraduate, click here to apply

If you are an Electrical Engineering undergraduate, click here to apply

If you are an Computer Science undergraduate, click here to apply

The department will forward all materials from EECS applicants to the College of Engineering as appropriate (note: LSA honors and scholarships will be handled through LSA directly). Both departmental awards and college-level nominations will be made from the same application process and pool of applicants.

If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact one of the EECS Undergraduate Advising Offices (ECE: 3415 EECS, 734-763-2305) or (CSE: 2808 Beyster, 734-763-6563).