Jobs & Internships

Career and Employment Information for Undergraduate Students

Before searching for employment, students need to know what type of job they want, and how to get it. This page will provide a four-year plan to help students discover and plan their desired career. The EECS Faculty Career Mentor Program, opportunities for undergraduate research, and summer co-ops and internships are integral to this plan. Make sure you view the list of Job Resources at the bottom of the page. Important information can also be found on the following web sites:
          Engineering Career Resource Center
          U-M Career Center

Employment Information for Graduate Students

Graduate students have already made important decisions about their intended career. Graduate student advisors are generally the best source for students to learn how best to prepare themselves for a successful career. This page will provide additional sources for graduate students.

Jobs, Internships, and Salaries for Computer Science Students and Graduates

Michigan CS students are highly sought by companies from a broad range of industries and economic sectors. This page provides more information about employment opportunities in the computer science field. The information is on the CS-LSA program website, but applies equally to CS-Eng students.