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Road-to-Victory Computer scientists are experts in computation, both in terms of the theory of what fundamental capabilities and limitations of computation are, as well as how it can be practically realized and applied. A computer scientist understands how to design and analyze algorithms that apply computation effectively, how to store and retrieve information efficiently, how computers work to deliver computation, and how to develop software systems that solve complex problems. Specialists within computer science might have expertise in developing software applications, in designing computer hardware, or in analyzing algorithms, among many other current possibilities, and even more emerging specialties.

Computers are everywhere, from inside our cars to on our desktops, and are affecting almost all aspects of our lives. Yet, for all of the things that computers and information technology can now do to make us more informed, productive, and connected, many opportunities still remain.

Singh-res The computer science (CS) program at the University of Michigan is available to students in both the Colleges of Engineering and of Literature, Science, and Arts. The program requires students to have a solid foundation in computer software, hardware, and theory, but also gives a student ample opportunity to take advanced electives in areas of computer science such as databases, architecture, networks, artificial intelligence, and graphics, or in emerging interdisciplinary areas such as electronic commerce, web information systems, and computer game design.

College of Engineering Students:

2007-08 CSE Program Details
2007-08 CS MDE & Electives Information
Sample CSE Schedule (.pdf)
Complete 2007-08 CSE Program Guide (.pdf)

Literature, Science, & Arts (LSA) Students:

2007-08 CS-LSA Concentration Details
ABET Laboratory Science Requirement
2007-08 CS MDE & Electives Information
Complete 2007-08 CS-LSA Program Guide (.pdf)

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