Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Science-LSA vs. Computer Science-Engineering

Choose the Path That's Right For You

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers two program paths to a degree in Computer Science. One is through the College of Literature, Science & the Arts (LSA) and the other is through the College of Engineering (CoE).

The major program requirements are almost exactly the same for both programs (Computer Science-LSA and Computer Science-Engr).

Computer Science Requirements (CS-LSA and CS-Engr):

  • Identical Core Computer Science requirements
  • Identical Major Design Experience requirement
  • Identical Upper Level Elective requirement
  • Additional technical electives for CS-Engr (due to CoE degree structure)

Declares of both Computer Science-LSA and Computer Science-Engr have availability to the following Resources:

  • Engineering Resource Center (assists with all aspects of internships and job placement)
  • CAEN computer account

The differences are in the general requirements required of all College of LSA or College of Engineering students in order to get a degree from their respective college.


  • Total Number of Credits Required
    • LSA requires 120 credits
    • Engineering requires 128 credits
  • Name of Degree Earned
    • LSA degree is a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
    • Engineering degree is a Bachelor of Science Engineering (Computer Science)
  • Double Majors
    • LSA students can more easily double-major with other LSA departments
    • Engineering students can more easily dual with other Engineering programs

These are general comparisons. For more information about the specific requirements in each college, please consult the College of LSA Bulletin and the LSA Advising Center or the College of Engineering Bulletin and the Engineering Advising Center.

Please feel free to reference both of the Program Guides located on our undergraduate home page for details about requirements. You will notice that much of the program/major information is identical.

If you still have questions about which program is best for you, please feel free to contact the EECS Undergraduate Advising Office and set up an appointment with an Advisor!

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