Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Career Resources

Are you wondering...

  • ...if EECS is right for you?
  • ...what to do with your EECS degree?
  • ...about job opportunities in the field?
  • ...if you're on track to reach your career goals?

We've assembled some resources on this page to help you find the answers (or at least start looking!) to those questions. If you're curious about how and when to start your career research, check the 4-year plan (below) to see what sorts of activities will help you get on the right track.

EECS 4-Year Academic & Career Plan
Use this outline to help guide your career research

First Year: Discovery!

Sophomore Year: Exploration!

Junior Year: Confirmation!

Senior Year: Implementation!

... and into the Future:

  • Continue to stay active and involved in your field: read and study whenever possible. Stay up-to-date on trends in the job world, and continue to explore!

Additional Resources: