Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EECS Graduate School Options for U-M EECS Undergraduate Students

There are three options available to U-M EECS undergraduate students wishing to apply for graduate study:

Regular Admission to Rackham Graduate School: For an EECS undergraduate, typically with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6, who seeks a PhD degree. (PhD students normally earn a Master's degree in the course of their PhD studies.)

SUGS Program In CSE: This Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) program allows students to complete requirements for both degrees in five (to five and a half) years. Many students who enroll in this program plan to enter industry but seek additional intellectual depth beyond the bachelor’s degree. Students who plan to pursue a PhD should apply directly to the CSE PhD program.

SGUS Program in ECE: This program allows students with a 3.6 overall GPA an opportunity to complete the master degree requirements in 5 years at Michigan.

3.4 Program in ECE: This program allows qualified students (3.4 overall and major GPA) to receive special consideration when applying to the graduate program.

For further information, contact the Graduate Program Offices: