ECE Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering: SURE 2009

Following are some of the videos created by Electrical and Computer Engineering students who participated in the 2009 SURE program.
For a full list of videos, please visit the EECS YouTube channel.

Camera Positioning System for a Semi-Autonomous Roundabout Project (2009)
Student: Dan Clark
Faculty Mentor: Domitilla Del Vecchio
Carbon Nanotube FET (2009)
Student: Kai Boon Ee
Faculty Mentor: Zhaohui Zhong
Embedded Implementation of van der Pol Oscillators (2009)
Student: Yefei Wang
Faculty Mentor: Jim Freudenberg
Integrated Microwave-Ultrasound Imaging System (2009)
Student: Lai Wei
Faculty Mentor: Mahta Moghaddam
Metamaterial Phase Shifting Lines (2009)
Student: Steve Joseph
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Grbic
Mid-Infrared Medical Lasers for Dermatology and Cardiovascular Applications (2009)
Student: Xin Qiu
Faculty Mentor: Mohammed Islam
Nanosatellite Pipeline Power Systems (2009)
Students: K. Scott Tripp and Tammy Wang
Faculty Mentor: Brian Gilchrist

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