Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Tutoring Resources

CSE Scholars and HKN Tutoring
The members of CSE Scholars and HKN offer free drop-in help sessions for entry-level EECS courses. Courses include ENGR 101, EECS 183, EECS 203, EECS 215, EECS 270, EECS 280, EECS 281, and EECS 314.

Fall 2014: TBD
Blue Apple in Bursley (North Campus) and in the UGLi Basement (Central Campus)
7pm-9pm on Sunday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

Send questions or comments to: CSE Scholars VP and HKN Tutor Chair (send to both email addresses)

Math Lab
B860 East Hall
Math 105-216

Science Learning Center
1720 Chemistry
Chemistry and Biology

Physics Help Room
1416 Randall Lab
Introductory-level Physics

Engineering Learning Center (MEPO)
273 Chrysler
Provides free peer tutoring and access to academic
and career resource materials.

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society Tutoring
1228 EECS
100 and 200 level: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering

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