Undergraduate Student Profiles - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lauren Bilbo is a member of the Michigan Research Community. In addition to her major in electrical engineering, she is pursuing a minor in international studies, and is looking ahead to a master's degree through the Engineering Global Leadership Honors program. She's enjoying her activities with the Society of Women Engineers, and will be headed to Spain this summer.

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Lauren Bilbo
Lauren Bilbo (2013)
EE freshman

Josh Qian is an electrical engineering student who has already completed internships and studies abroad in Canada, China and Japan. He hopes to start his own firm one day, and eventually teach. He is a resident advisor in his dorm, a reporter for the Michigan Daily, and has participated in U-M Alternative Spring Break. His research interests center around solar and alternative energy.

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Josh Qian
Joshua Qian (2013)
EE Junior

Keith Porter has taken advantage of many of the resources offered to students interested in entrepreneurship. He is co-founder of A2B Bikeshare, and will be pursuing that activity at the same time as he works with Boeing on the 787 Dreamliner this summer. In the fall he'll return for his master's degree as part of the Engineering Global Leadership Honors program.

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Lauren Bilbo
Keith Porter (2013)
CE senior

Kwesi Rutledge is a 2nd generation electrical engineering student. He is a new member of the Tau Beta Pi honor society and a member of National Society of Black Engineers. He is also on the track team. Kwesi spent last summer with alumnus Prof. Todd Coleman's group at UC-San Diego, working on wireless wearable sensors. He received the department's first year academic prize.

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Kwesi Rutledge
Kwesi Rutledge (2013)
EE sophomore

Nils Stannik's' interests lie in combining renewable energy and policy with social justice. He travelled to Guatemala to work on a solar energy project, and later returned with the Woven Wind team. He has had internships in Germany and Ann Arbor focused on power and energy systems, and he has received 2 energy-related scholarships. He is a member of Telluride House.

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Nils Stannik
Nils Stannik (2013)
EE senior (graduating)

Muzhi Wang confirmed his passion for research working in the area of RF MEMS and circuits with Prof. Mina Rais-Zadeh's group. He spent this past summer in the Lurie Nano-fabrication Facility learning how to fabricate devices, and will join Prof. Rais-Zadeh's group this fall as a Ph.D. student. He is an international student, and enjoys cycling in local parks.

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Muzhi Wang
Muzhi Wang (2013)
EE senior (graduating)

Fred Buhler spent the summer of 2012 working in Prof. Michael Flynn's lab with graduate students working in the area of analog and mixed signal circuits as part of the College of Engineering SURE program (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience). He had just arrived at Michigan as a transfer student the previous academic year, and wanted to get some actual research experience. In his video, he talks about saving the research group $100K in test equipment while simplifying the entire testing process.

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Fred Buhler
Fred Buhler (2012)
EE transfer student

Connor Field his family, and best friend have been "growing" the latest in modern commodities – energy, at their solar energy farm in Charleston Township, Michigan. It's the largest of its kind in Michigan, and Connor is already known as a leader in the West Michigan industry.

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Connor Field
Connor Field (2011)
EE and Economics junior

Colleen Budd is from Farmington, MI. She first learned about electrical engineering during a high school summer camp led by Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). Her favorite EECS course as of her Junior year was EECS 215: Introduction to Electronic Circuits. Some of her advice: "Don't be afraid to try new things, think outside the box, and persevere." She says "as an electrical engineer, I have opportunities to go into pretty much any field and do anything I want in the future." Her advice to new students is to get involved, meet new people, and start networking." Colleen Budd
Colleen Bud (2010)
EE junior

Raj Vable is from Houghton, MI and his main interests are sustainability and community development. He graduated in December 2009. During his time at Michigan, Raj was involved with Alternative Spring Break (ASB) and the Engineering Honor Society (Tau Beta Pi). One of his most influential courses was EECS 498: Grid Integration of Alternative Energy, where he was able to apply his knowledge to a real world project in rural India. At the Jnana Bodhini School, Raj was able to create a system to power the school's computer lab using solar power. Raj Vable
Raj Vable

ECE Undergraduate Students - Fred Buchanan (EE), Dave Chen (EE), Katie Maertens (CE), Joseph Parent (EE), David Pfeiffer (EE), and Aaron Rocca discuss internships, academic interests, research projects and campus life. Group Video

Erin Thomas was first attracted to EE because she enjoyed math and physics, and because EE is based in real world applications. During her undergraduate years, her favorite courses were the Major Design Experience courses. She was also able to complete a summer research project in remote sensing. As a U-M graduate student, her focus is on wireless power transfer. Erin Thomas
Erin Thomas
EE graduate student

Rob Moran is from Ann Arbor, MI. During his time at Michigan, he worked two summers with "Magic Bus" constructing circuit boards to increase the reliability of the GPS systems. He also spent a summer working for a local signal processing company, Quantum Signal, started by U-M graduates. In addition to his degree in EE, Rob recently completed his first album, "Brothers Radio - Lived in Ayre," which is available through iTunes. Rob Moran
Rob Moran (2010)
EE:S graduate student (BSE EE)

Mike Boyea is from Ortonville, MI. In December 2009, he graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. During his time at Michigan, EECS 430: Radiowave Propagation and Link Design was his favorite EECS course. He also completed a summer internship in Troy, MI with Altair Engineering. Mike's advice to new students: "learn and understand your introductory courses.... and it will benefit you tremendously when you start taking your upper course electives" Mike Boyea
Mike Boyea