Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Meet our UG students

We recently sat down with just a few of our students who received end-of-the-year awards from either the department or another group on campus. These students provide a glimpse into their lives and the life of a Michigan undergraduate. They also offer advice for new students. Here is a brief synopsis of each student - click on the links to learn more!

Lauren Bilbo Keith Porter Kwesi Rutledge Nils Stannik Muzhi Wang
Lauren Bilbo
Freshman EE student

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Keith Porter
Senior CE student

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Kwesi Rutledge
Sophomore EE student

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Nils Stannik
Senior EE student

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Muzhi Wang
Senior EE student

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Lauren Bilbo is a member of the Michigan Research Community. In addition to her major in electrical engineering, she is pursuing a minor in international studies, and is looking ahead to a master's degree through the Engineering Global Leadership Honors program. She's enjoying her activities with the Society of Women Engineers, and will be headed to Spain this summer. Keith Porter has taken advantage of many of the resources offered to students interested in entrepreneurship. He is co-founder of A2B Bikeshare, and will be pursuing that activity at the same time as he works with Boeing on the 787 Dreamliner this summer. In the fall he'll return for his master's degree as part of the Engineering Global Leadership Honors program. Kwesi Rutledge is a 2nd generation electrical engineering student. He is a new member of the Tau Beta Pi honor society and a member of National Society of Black Engineers. He is also on the track team. Kwesi spent last summer with alumnus Prof. Todd Coleman's group at UC-San Diego, working on wireless wearable sensors. He received the department's first year academic prize. Nils Stannik's' interests lie in combining renewable energy and policy with social justice. He travelled to Guatemala to work on a solar energy project, and later returned with the Woven Wind team. He has had internships in Germany and Ann Arbor focused on power and energy systems, and he has received 2 energy-related scholarships. He is a member of Telluride House. Muzhi Wang confirmed his passion for research working in the area of RF MEMS and circuits with Prof. Mina Rais-Zadeh's group. He spent this past summer in the Lurie Nano-fabrication Facility learning how to fabricate devices, and will join Prof. Rais-Zadeh's group this fall as a Ph.D. student. He is an international student, and enjoys cycling in local parks.