Exascale Evaluation and Research Techniques Workshop (EXERT) is a forum to stimulate further cutting-edge research in quantitative design, evaluation, and research methods for large-scale systems and enable an exchange of tools, methods, data, and experience gained in real facilities. In addition to accelerating the development of the aforementioned measurement methods, this workshop also: 

1) Raises the awareness of the need to improve quantitative methods for data center design 

2) Provides a gathering place for the systems designers that are already working in this area 

3) Provides a faster means of dissemination for state-of-the-art research

4) Provides a forum to publicize tools, data sets, and experience in evaluating large-scale systems.

5) In addition to novel research papers, the workshop also invites submission of experience reports describing tools, data, and measurement efforts of large-scale systems.

NOTE: Paper submission date has been extended to Thursday, January 5th, 2012

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