Michigan Embedded Systems Hub Staff

James Connolly

James is an undergraduate in the Computer Engineering program, focusing on embedded systems and computer architecture. James embraced embedded systems after taking the Toys and Microprocessors, ENGR100-250, offered each winter. An aspiring stand-up comedian and impressionist for hire, James is active in Michigan Autonomous Aerial Vehicles, and teaches our weekly lessons.

Meghan Clark

Meghan Clark is a PhD student working to improve automated interactions with the built environment. Her strengths lie in designing and implementing learning algorithms and reactive controls for distributed sensor-actuator systems. She recently spun her first PCB, and loves to solder. Meghan also has a good deal of fabrication experience, particularly involving 3D printing and machining.

Branden Ghena

Branden is a PhD student working on embedded systems. He has worked on computer systems for a small satellite for four years and was an instructor for EECS 370. Branden is excited by low-level systems designs and interfaces, and is happiest while debugging code with an oscilloscope. He has experience in hardware from FPGAs to PCBs and in software from Operating Systems to hand-written assembly.

Fred Buhler