Michigan Embedded Systems Hub Staff

Sam DeBruin

Sam is a PhD student specializing in embedded systems. During the 2011-2012 school year he redesigned and restarted what became the hub. Sam has over three years of experience designing printed circuit boards for the student robotics team MAAV as well as several years of undergraduate research/classroom embedded systems experience. He has also worked on embedded systems projects at the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Jon Kurzer

Jon is a Master's student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, though his knowledge of embedded systems has been primarily self-taught. He became interested in small electrical systems about five years ago and have not stopped learning since. He has worked on both personal and team projects that range from cool toys around the house to competition-grade, full blown embedded solutions.

Pat Pannuto

Pat is a PhD student working in wireless and embedded systems. He also has two years experience as an instructor for EECS 373. Pat's goal is to instrument and interact with the entire world and has found embedded systems the perfect medium to achieve that vision. His experience ranges from Arduino hacks to custom designed chips.

Colin Szechy

Colin is an undergraduate in the Computer Engineering program, focusing on embedded systems and software. After a high school FIRST Robotics experience, Colin has moved on to tinkering with projects from automotive embedded systems to Android apps and PCB design. Colin teaches our weekly lessons.

Branden Ghena

Branden is a PhD student working on embedded systems. He has worked on computer systems for a small satellite for four years and was an instructor for EECS 370. Branden is excited by low-level systems designs and interfaces, and is happiest while debugging code with an oscilloscope. He has experience in hardware from FPGAs to PCBs and in software from Operating Systems to hand-written assembly.

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