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Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Award for smart conversation tools

Jonathan Kummerfeld, postdoctoral fellow in CSE, has been recognized by U-M for his excellence in research, teaching, mentoring, service, and leadership. The Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship Award is given to 10 fellows each year. [Full Story]

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CSE welcomes 9 new faculty

Models of human behavior, scene understanding, cryptography, convolutional neural networks, IoT sensors and systems, and a commitment to innovating in the practice of education. With nine new faculty hires in 2018, Michigan is expanding and strengthening the scope of its research activities in computer science and engineering while simultaneously broadening participation in the field through a focus on innovation and inclusiveness in education. [Full Story]

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Computer science and business school students team up to create "intention" skill for Alexa

Inspired by a class on managing professional relationships, five recent University of Michigan graduates are developing an app that would mesh with Alexa to help nudge people when theyre out of sync with what they want. [Full Story]

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As cell phones proliferate in K-12, schools search for smart policies

This article includes a focus on the work of Thurnau Prof. Elliot Soloway, who is a proponent for the use of mobile tech in education. [Full Story]

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Scribe: Deep Integration of Human and Machine Intelligence to Caption Speech in Real Time

Research by Prof. Walter Lasecki and his collaborators is highlighted in the Sept. issue of Communications of the ACM. The researchers describe Scribe, a system that combines human labor and machine intelligence to caption speech in real time. [Full Story]

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Mark Ackerman Receives European CSCW Lifetime Achievement Award

Prof. Mark Ackerman has been chosen to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 15th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, for his groundbreaking and highly-recognized research in CSCW. [Full Story]

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A New Kind of Classroom: No Grades, No Failing, No Hurry

This article on reports on the recent popularity of mastery-based learning in K-12 schools. Thurnau Professor Elliot Soloway is quoted in the article. He questions the approach, and contends that students learn by building on knowledge and frequently returning to it, not by working to mastery and then moving on. [Full Story]

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Picting, not Writing, is the Literacy of Todays Youth

This blog post by Thurnau Prof. Elliot Soloway and his collaborator Cathie Norris looks at the disconnect between existing instructional materials (90% text) and how K-12 students communicate and consume (90% image-based), with ramifications for educational practices. [Full Story]

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Emily Mower Provost Receives NSF CAREER Award to Develop Emotion and Mood Recognition for Mental Health Monitoring and Treatment

Prof. Emily Mower Provost has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant for her research project, "Automatic Speech-Based Longitudinal Emotion and Mood Recognition for Mental Health Monitoring and Treatment." The CAREER grant is one of the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards, conferred for "the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization." [Full Story]

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Walter Lasecki and Collaborators Win Best Paper at W4A

A team of four researchers including Prof. Walter Lasecki has won a Best Paper Award at the Web for All (W4A) Conference for "The Effects of Automatic Speech Recognition Quality on Human Transcription Latency," which explores how automated speech recognition and crowd-sourced human correction and generation of transcripts can be traded off to improve accuracy and latency. [Full Story]

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Do kids learn more when they trade in composition books for iPads?

Prof. Elliot Soloway is quotes in this Washington Post article that examines the role of technology, specifically mobile devices, in learning and education. [Full Story]

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Duc Le Selected for Mary A. Rackham Institute Graduate Student Research Assistantship

CSE PhD student Duc Le has been selected by the Mary A. Rackham Institute for a Graduate Student Research Assistantship. The Institute's GSRA positions are offered to encourage outstanding doctoral students to pursue research careers in areas pertinent to the Institute's mission of promoting the well-being of individuals who are struggling with mental health, learning, and communication difficulties. [Full Story]

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Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Stretches, Challenges Performers and Audience

Creativity and tech were blended as the Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble, under the direction of Prof. Georg Essl, performed 12 original works at its Final Class Concert in April. This story includes video of each of these unique performances. [Full Story]

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Smart Phone Apps: An Interview with Prof. Georg Essl (in German)

Prof. Georg Essl is interviewed on German public radio (WDR) on the subject of smart phone apps and their potential as musical instruments. The interview includes numerous musical examples from Essl's Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble. [Full Story]

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Emily Mower Provost Receives Oscar Stern Award for Research in Emotion Expression and Perception

Assistant Professor Emily Mower Provost has been awarded the 2015 Oscar Stern Award for Depression Research. The award will support her research into how variation in mood affects variation in emotion perception using stimuli developed at UM. The intent of the award is to promote high impact, innovative ideas leading to strategic interventions to prevent or manage mood disorders. [Full Story]

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Rada Mihalcea Selected as General Chair for NAACL Conference

Prof. Rada Mihalcea has been selected to serve as general chair for the 2015 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL). Rada Mihalcea is overseeing the entire conference. It is the largest computational linguistics conference in North America, and one of the largest worldwide. [Full Story]

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3 Lessons American Districts Can Learn From Foreign Schools

THE Journal reviews new approaches to learning that US K-12 schools are investigating, including work by Prof. Elliot Soloway into the use of smartphones as educational aids. Prof. Soloway has worked with schools in Singapore on an inquiry-based approach to learning that employs mobile technology, and he is now working to bring this same approach back to local schools. [Full Story]

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Wakefield and Kieras Win Best Paper Award at ICAD 2014

Profs. Gregory Wakefield and David Kieras, along with three coauthors from the Air Force Research Laboratory at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, received the Best Paper Award at the 20th International Conference on Auditory Display for EPIC Modeling of a Two-Talker CRM Listening Task. [Full Story]

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David Kieras Wins a Best Paper Award at CHI 2014

Prof. David Kieras has coauthored Towards Accurate and Practical Predictive Models of Active-Vision-Based Visual Search, which has been selected for a SIGCHI Best of CHI Best Paper Award at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. [Full Story]

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Schools adding computer coding to curriculum

Prof. Elliot Soloway comments on the trend toward integration of coding as an important aspect of one's education. [Full Story]

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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding

The spread of coding instruction, while still nascent, is "unprecedented theres never been a move this fast in education," according to Prof. Elliot Soloway. [Full Story]

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New Center Develops Technologies to Help Youths with Disabilities

A $4.5 million federal grant will allow U-M researchers to explore how technology can be used to help young adults with spinal cord dysfunction and neurodevelopmental disabilities to improve their health and become more independent as they mature. Prof. Edmund Durfee is the center's co-director. [Full Story]

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Mark Ackerman Named ACM Fellow

Prof. Mark Ackerman, George Herbert Mead Collegiate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and in the School of Information, has been elected a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) "for contributions to human computer interaction, with an emphasis on finding and sharing expertise." [Full Story]

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Elliot Soloway Selected for Google App Engine Education Award

Prof. Elliot Soloway, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, School of Education, and School of Information, has received a Google App Engine Education Award to support the development of the WeCollabrify Mobile Platform. [Full Story]

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CS Undergrads Develop Learning Apps for Singapore 3rd Graders

Students in Prof. Elliot Soloway's Learning Apps for Primary Education course have built a suite of educational apps for K-12 students that are designed to spark self-directed, creative, and effective learning. The apps are being tested by the students in Singapore classrooms. Includes video. [Full Story]

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Soloway: THE Journal - Mobile That Works

[Full Story]

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Soloway: Engine Yard: 10 Really Awesome Computer Science Professors

[Full Story]

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Prof. Elliot Soloway Selected for AECT Distinguished Development Award

Prof. Soloway will receive the 2012 AECT Distinguished Development Award from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology for his work in technology-based curricula for K-12 education and for his vision in advocating for the use of mobile computing for learning. [Full Story]

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Soloway: NPR - Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old Teaching Tactics Work?

Prof. Elliot Soloway to Receive Alumni Award from University of Massachusetts

Prof. Elliot Soloway has been selected to receive an Outstanding Contributions to Society Alumni Award from the University of Massachusetts Computer Science Department. He received both his PhD (1978) and MS (1972) in Computer and Information Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. [Full Story]

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Essl, Wakefield: ASEE Prism - Heavy Metal: Bronze bells and songwriting software inspire a merger of engineering and music

Avishay Livne Selected for Rackham International Student Fellowship

Avishay Livne, graduate student in Computer Science and Engineering, has received a Rackham International Student Fellowship for 2011-12. [Full Story]

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Students Build Mobile Apps at 48-Hour Hackathon

U-M students with an interest in mobile device programming came together for the fifth 48-Hour Mobile Apps Hackathon and created an array of functional apps. [Full Story]

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Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Performs Six New Works at Spring Concert

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, the Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble, under the direction of Assistant Professor Georg Essl, performed six original works at its spring concert. [Full Story]

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Soloway: eSchool News - Mobile Learning: Not Just Laptops Any More

Soloway: THE Journal - Will Smart Phones Eliminate the Digital Divide?

Elliot Soloway Voted HKN Professor of the Year

Based on student input, Elliot Soloway, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, was selected as the 2010-2011 HKN Professor of the Year by U-M Eta Kappa Nu. [Full Story]

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Students Build a Number of Mobile Apps in 48 Hours

U-M students with an interest in mobile device programming came together for the fourth 48-Hour Mobile Apps Hackathon and created an array of functional apps. [Full Story]

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Yahoo! and CSE Kick Off 48-Hour Mobile App Programming Event

U-M Students are encouraged to build app for mobile platforms in the 48-hour hackathon that begins Friday, Feb. 4. [Full Story]

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Soloway: New York Times - Math That Moves: Schools Embrace the iPad

Soloway: - Smart phones changing work, play and school

Laird: The Washington Post - Artificial intelligence makes some progress, but robots still cant match humans

Shaping the Sound of Bronze in Tishman Hall

On Monday, December 13, student teams from an ENG 100 Design course called "Shaping the Sound of Bronze" held an open house in CSE's Tishman Hall. [Full Story]

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Yahoo! Expands M45 Supercomputing Initivative, Selects U-M

Yahoo! has expanded its Hadoop-based M45 academic research initiative to include four additional US universities, including U-M. Eight researchers in CSE, ECE, and SI will participate. [Full Story]

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David Kieras Selected for 2010 Jack A. Kraft Innovator Award

Prof. David Kieras has received the Jack A. Kraft Innovator Award from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. [Full Story]

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Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble in Original Theatrical Performance

Friday, November 5, the Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble will participate in an original theatrical piece as part of the Once. More. festival and the Performing Arts Technology 25th Anniversary. [Full Story]

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U-M Students Build Amazing Mobile Apps in 48 Hours

U-M students with an interest in mobile device programming came together for the third 48-hour Smartphonia Mania Hackathon. The outcome was an impressive set of functional apps! [Full Story]

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CSE and North American Bancard Host 48-Hour Hackathon

This weekend, CSE and North American Bancard will host the third annual 48-hour Smartphonia Mania Hackathon. Students are invited to join and create mobile apps - for any moble device! [Full Story]

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David Kieras Inducted into the CHI Academy

Prof. David Kieras has been recognized by the HCI community through his election into the CHI Academy by the Association for Computing Machinery SIGCHI. [Full Story]

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Essl: BlogTalkRadio - Radio Interview on Cell Phones and Learning

Essl: WOBC News - Radio Interview on Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble

Soloway: eSchool News - Education Reformers Tout Value of Handheld Technologies (pdf)

Adar: Technology Review - Putting the Web in a Spreadsheet

Soloway: District Administration - Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Completes Premier Concert

The Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble, using iPhones as instruments and led by Asst. Prof. George Essl, has concluded its premier performance. [Full Story]

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Essl: Michigan Radio - The Sound of (iPhone) Music

Essl: BBC - iPhone Orchestra Ready for Debut

Essl: Detroit Free Press - U-M Students Merge Music with iPhone Technology

Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble to Perform on December 9th

Led by Asst. Prof. Georg Essl, this unique new and unique student ensemble will merge technology and creativity as they perform all new works on iPhone-based instruments of their own design. [Full Story]

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Soloway - Concentrate: Ann Arbors Got Apps

Soloway - Metromode: Got Apps?

Second Life Data Offers Insight into How Trends Spread

Assistant Professor Lada Adamic has collected and analyzed data from the virtual world of Second Life to study how social influence plays a role in spreading trends. [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Lab-Interactive Systems  

Elliot Soloway - Teacher Magazine: How About a Little Googling, Class?

Elliot Soloway - Digital Directions: Making the Case for Mobile Computing

Elliot Soloway Joins Board of Directors for ISTE

Prof. Elliot Soloway has been elected to the board of directors for the International Society for Technology in Education, which helps to advance the effective use of technology in PK-12 education. [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Lab-Interactive Systems  Soloway, Elliot  

Elliot Soloway - Michigan Business Review: GoKnow software moves learning to cell phones

Elliot Soloway, quoted in The Dallas Morning News: Kellers Trinity Meadows students use cellphones as classroom computer

Elliot Soloway, quoted in eSchool News: Conference explores benefits of mobile learning

Prof. Elliot Soloway Leads in Drive to use Smart Phones for Learning

Professor Elliot Soloway is leading a movement in K-12 education to use smart phones and mobile technologies to enable interactive, engaging, and multidisciplinary learning. U-M Press Release [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Education  Lab-Interactive Systems  Mobile Computing  Soloway, Elliot  

Mark Ackerman Recognized by HCI Community

Assoc. Professor Mark Ackerman has been inducted into the CHI Academy by the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction. [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Ackerman, Mark  Lab-Interactive Systems  

Elliot Soloway & Cathleen Norris, BusinessWeek Viewpoint: Get Cell Phones into Schools

Elliot Soloway & Cathleen Norris, District Admin: The Impending Mobile Mega-Disruption

Yahoo! Seminar Series

Prof. Soloway will present the talk, "The Most Important Challenge America Faces: Educating the Mobile Generation," Friday, November 14, 4-5pm, in 1670 CSE. The Yahoo! Seminar Series features faculty presenting their research to students.
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Online Q and A forums hit the mainstream

Research conducted by Lada Adamic and Mark Ackerman into how people share knowledge on Yahoo Answers has found that participants use the site to exchange advice and opinions, in addition to technical expertise. Their study is called "Knowledge sharing and Yahoo Answers: Everybody knows something." [U-M Press Release] [Podcast]
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David Kieras Receives Education Excellence Award

Professor David Kieras received a 2007 College of Engineering Education Excellence Award. Prof. Kieras is well-known for his course, Object-Oriented and Advanced Programming, an undergraduate course that has a reputation among students for being an exceptional course. [read more...]
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Kieras, David  Lab-Interactive Systems