Analog/Mixed Signals

Mixed-signal interface circuits connect real-world signals to digital processing. These real-world signals include sensor outputs, video and audio signals, as well as wireless and wireline communication. An important theme of the research is the development of new techniques to exploit emerging CMOS processes. New techniques are being developed to exploit the tremendous speed of devices in nanometer processes. A theme of Prof. Flynn's work is the development of novel digital schemes to assist analog processing. In particular, through the advancement of analog-to-digital conversion techniques, the boundary between analog and digital is being pushed closer to the analog signal source. Prof. Euisik Yoon's group has developed low-power circuits for interfacing biosignals and monitoring environmental changes in a disposable platform integrating heterogeneous devices and circuits in 3-D arrays. Current pro-jects include wireless implantable biomedical sensors; integrated neural probes for massive-parallel ensemble collection of neuronal activities; minimally-invasive brain-computer interfaces; disposable bio-assay chips; extremely low-power adaptable imagers; and bio-mimetic vision chips in flexible 3-D packaging.