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MICL Seminar Series (sponsored by Texas Instruments)

Winter 2014 Semester

  • March 10
    Himanshu Kaul, Research Scientist, Intel Circuits Research Lab
    "High-Performance and Low-Voltage Circuits for Tera-Scale Multi-core Microprocessors and SoCs"

  • March 31
    Scott Morrison, Senior Member - Technical Staff, Texas Instruments
    "Making Chips Perfect – Every Time. The Increasing Need for Mixed-signal Design Verification"

  • April 18
    Kerry Bernstein, Program Manager, MTO, DARPA

  • "A Whole New Ballgame - Preventing and Creating Surprise in Hardware"

Fall 2013 Semester

  • Oct. 21
    Tony Chan Carusone, Professor, University of Toronto
    "Highly-Integrated CMOS Optical Transceivers"

  • Oct. 28
    John Poulton, Senior Scientist, nVidia
    "Serial Link and Channel Co-Design for Low Power Signaling on a Multi-Chip Module"

  • Nov. 4
    Eby Friedman, Professor, University of Rochester
    "Power Delivery in Heterogeneous Nanoscale Integrated Circuits"

  • Nov. 25
    Aaron Buchwald, Fellow, Entropic Communications
    "Challenges of Calibrated Time-interleaved High-speed ADCs"

Winter 2013 Semester

  • Jan. 28
    Naveen Verma, Assistant Professor, Princeton University
    "Electronics for interacting with a physically-complex world"

  • Feb. 11
    Art George, Senior VP, Analog Engineering Operations, Texas Instruments
    "Innovation at Texas Instruments -How You Can Shape the Future"

  • Feb. 25
    Kaushik Roy, Professor, Purdue University
    "Efficient Neural Computing using Cellular Array of Magneto-Metallic Neurons"

  • Mar. 25
    Jim Tschanz, Circuit Research Lab, Intel
    "Challenges in Building Resilient, Energy-Efficient Processors and SoCs"

  • Apr. 8
    Ali Hajimiri, Professor, California Institute of Technilogy
    "Holistic Circuits: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the End of Moore's Law"

  • Apr. 11
    Rick Carley, Professor, Canregie Mellon University
    "Successive Approximation and Time Interleaving for Sub-90nm CMOS ADCs"

  • Apr. 22
    Jiang Hu, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    "Voltage Adaptation for Power-Efficient Integrated Circuits"

Fall 2012 Semester

  • Sept. 18
    Ajith Amerasekera, Texas Intstruments
    "Beyond the Cloud - Key Technologies and Challenges"

  • Oct. 8
    Nam Sung Kim, Professor, University of Wisconsin
    "Architecture and Circuit Co-Design Techniques for Efficient Power Delivery for Multi-Core Processors"

  • Nov. 5
    Un-Ku Moon, Professor, Oregon State University
    "It's About Time! (Making Best Use of Information in Time)"

  • Nov. 19
    Gangadhar Burra, Texas Instruments
    "Ubiquity of Wireless Sensor Nodes - What are the Practical Challenges to Make it Happen?"