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Euisik Yoon, Director
2400 EECS
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122
PH: (734) 615-4469
FX: 734-763-9324

Barb Rice
Senior Research Administrator
2114B EECS
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
PH: 734-936-1956
FX: 734-647-2342

Overview Areas of Specialty
This research area encompasses projects on a variety of micromachined sensors and actuators, and on integrated microsystems that combine these components. Devices such as micromachined neural probes for implantable prostheses, ultra-miniature low-power pressure sensors for catheters, tactile sensors arrays for fingerprint analysis, infra-red imagers for manufacturing process control, and micro gas chromatography systems for environmental monitoring are some of the past contributions of this program. The scope of the current research efforts encompasses exploration of new materials, new device concepts, new fabrication methods, new interface circuits, and new microsystems.

Faculty  (Show All)
Gianchandani, Yogesh
Kushner, Mark J.
Li, Tao
Najafi, Khalil
Peterson, Becky (R. L.)
Rais-Zadeh, Mina
Yoon, Euisik

Affiliated Faculty
Blaauw, David
Flynn, Michael
Kipke, Daryl
Kurabayashi, Katsuo
Lynch, Jerome
Middlebrooks, John
Pfingst, Bryan
Sarabandi, Kamal
Sylvester, Dennis
Zellers, Edward

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Solid-State Electronics Laboratory
Wireless Integrated MicroSensing & Systems (WIMS2)

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