Stephen Forrest Receives 2015 Distinguished University Innovator Award

Stephen Forrest, Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering, has been awarded the 2015 U-M Distinguished University Innovator Award. Prof. Forrest is widely acknowledged as one of the most successful academic inventors and entrepreneurs today. He has participated in the founding of 5 companies which have generated more than 1,000 jobs, holds 271 patents, and published more than 540 papers which have received more than 85,000 citations in Google Scholar. During his tenure as U-M's Vice President for Research, he was responsible for several key initiatives that helped make Michigan a leader in tech transfer. [Full Story]

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Cheng Zhang Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for Research on Nanophotonic Materials and Devices

Cheng Zhang, a 5th year Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering, has been awarded a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship to support his doctoral research in new optical materials and device concepts for future optoelectronic devices. Key to one facet of Cheng's research is his investigation of a new kind of silver film, aluminum-doped silver (Al-doped Ag), for device fabrication. In addition, Cheng is investigating nano-size metamaterials for use in optical spectrum filtering and polarization/direction control. [Full Story]

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Somin Eunice Lee Receives CAREER Award for Research in Nanoscale Biotechnology

Prof. Lee aims to develop configurable nanostructures to deliver genes efficiently and specifically to the cell nucleus, without impacting neighboring cells, using optical transport, or light. This method for efficient and specific delivery of corrected genes should lower required dosages and minimize unwanted side effects. [Full Story]

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Arborlight: LED-Based Skylights and Sunshine in Real Time

Prof. Pei-cheng Ku is a co-founder of the startup company Arborlight, which promises the benefits of a window or skylight in offices where neither is available. Xconomy reports that their "Lightwell product looks and behaves just like a skylight. It tunes to geography and time, tracking the position of the sun throughout the day, mimicking the varying color, intensity, and directionality of daylight as normally experienced through traditional windows and skylights." [Full Story]

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The Future of Solar: $1.3M to Advance Organic Photovoltaics

The Department of Energy (DOE) awarded Michigan Engineering Professor Stephen Forrests group a $1.35 million Next Generation Photovoltaics grant earlier this fall, aimed at advancing the practical viability of organic photovoltaics, a carbon-based version of solar technology that promises to radically change the way the suns energy is collected. Forrest is the Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Physics and the former U-M Vice President of Research. [Full Story]

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LNF User Symposium - Sharing Ideas and Celebrating Innovation

The 2014 LNF (Lurie Nanofabrication Facility) User Symposium highlighted the cutting-edge research enabled by Michigan's world-class facility. The Symposium included technical talks, a poster session, and the opportunity for discussion and networking. Attendees represented many departments throughout the University, as well as industrial users of the LNF. Stephen Forrest, Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering, presented the events keynote address, Making small things big in the world of organic electronics. [Full Story]

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Technological implants will allow us to improve our bodily functions

Trans-humanism isn't just about appearance. Bulky night-vision goggles have been used for years by the armed forces, but scientists at the University of Michigan [Prof. Zhaohui Zhong and his group] recently unveiled technology that could lead to contact lenses that allow the wearer to see in the dark. [Full Story]

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Ethan Stark Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Ethan Stark has been awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to continue his studies at the University of Michigan. Ethan will receive his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering this term, and begin his first semester as an EE graduate student in the fall. He is currently investigating visible light emitters using GaN microstructures for quantum dot and nanowire-based LEDs and lasers. [Full Story]

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Forrest: U-M research funding up, but sequestration threatens budget

Forrest: Science Magazine - Space Solar Cells With A Down-to-Earth Cost

Bhattacharya: Ars Technica - Bose-Einstein condensate created at room temperature

Guo: EE Times - Reflective display funnels light

Guo: Optics and Photonics - Subwavelength Grooves Reflect Consistent Colors

James McCullagh Receives Best Student Paper Award for Research to Keep Bridges Safe

James McCullagh, a doctoral student in electrical engineering, is helping to develop energy harvesting devices and circuits to power wireless sensor nodes which can monitor bridge health. He recently received a best student paper award at PowerMEMS 2012. [Full Story]

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Angelique Johnson (PhE EE 11) and MEMStim: - Innovation Corps: U-M spinoffs among 27 teams exploring ways to turn research into profit

Jay Guo quoted in Scientific American

Seminar/Webinar on Wireless Implantable Microsystems: Creating a Revolution in Health Care

Professor Kensall Wise from the University of Michigan will give a seminar and webinar based on a plenary presentation made at the Solid State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop. The title of his talk is "Wireless Implantable Microsystems: Creating a Revolution in Health Care" The event will be held in room 1005 of the EECS Bldg starting promptly at 3pm. If you wish to attend online, the registration is at

[Full Story]

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Research in nuclear material detection earns Randy Schiffer an Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Award

Randy Schiffer (BSE EE '11), a master's student in electrical engineering, received an Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Award from the U.S. Department of Energy for his research developing a scalable and portable hardware/software platform for the detection and classification of nuclear material. [Full Story]

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Student teams earn prizes for their analog/digital interface circuit designs in EECS 511

Every year, Prof. Michael Flynn gives his students in the graduate level course, Integrated Analog/Digital Interface Circuits the opportunity to compete for prizes for the best final project, thanks to the sponsorship of Analog Devices. This year, the winning projects were a Log SAR ADC and an Asynchronous SAR ADC. [Full Story]

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Thomas Frost Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Thomas Frost, a first semester PhD student in electrical engineering, received the good news that he has been awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to continue his research in semiconductor lasers as part of the research group of Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya, Charles M. Vest Distinguished University Professor. [Full Story]

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ACE Innovator of the Year Award goes to Dr. Michael McCorquodale

After nearly 15 years pursuing an idea that others thought a dead-end, Dr. Michael McCorquodale (MSE PhD EE '00 '04) is earning awards for his vision and leadership in bringing a new technology to market. He was named Innovator of the Year at the 2012 UBM ACE Awards event, and the company for which he is General Manager, IDT, received an Ultimate Products award in the category of analog ICs. [Full Story]

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Lu: BioPortfolio - A Functional Hybrid Memristor Crossbar-Array/CMOS System

Students awarded prizes for their class designs of an energy harvesting circuit and a high efficiency audio amplifier

Two teams in the Fall 2011 EECS 413 (Monolithic Amplifier Circuits) Design Contest came up with winning designs for their final class project: an energy harvesting circuit for implantable devices and sensor networks, and a high-efficiency audio amplifier for mobile applications. [Full Story]

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Chunyang Zhai Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship

Chunyang Zhai, a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering program, is designing a magnetic field sensor to detect bridge cracks and other signs of weakness. Her general area of study is analog and mixed-signal circuits. [Full Story]

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Wireless sensor network research makes hot tech list

EE Times featured Michigan Engineering wireless sensor network technology on its list of 20 hot technologies to watch in 2012. The magazine listed wireless sensor networks at No. 2 and highlighted work by David Blaauw and Dennis Sylvester. [Full Story]

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Jihyun Cho Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship

Jihyun Cho is a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering program, working with Prof. Euisik Yoon. His is currently working on a 3D image sensor, and has plans to work on a high-density low-cost fluorescence / luminescence detection platform for biological / chemical sensors. [Full Story]

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Blaauw-Sylvester: EE Times 20 hot technologies for 2012

Guo: Technology Review - Nano Paint Could Make Airplanes Invisible to Radar

Guo: BBC News - Carbon nanotube space camouflage coating invented

Guo: Science - ScienceShot: How to Make a Tank Disappear

Anne Itsuno Receives William E. Spicer Thomas N. Casselman Award

Anne Itsuno's research has been focused on HgCdTe-based semiconductor infrared photodetectors with applications in high performance thermal imaging and detection. The award is presented by the U.S. Workshop on the Physics and Chemistry of II-VI Materials. [Full Story]

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LNF E-Beam Lithography System: Micro Manufacturing - E-Beam Lithography System with Exclusive Capability: Another Jewel among the Leading-Edge Equipme

Najafi-Aktakka: Next Big Future - Mechanical Energy Scavenging from Flying Insects

Yoonmyung Lee Receives 2011 Intel Corporation PhD Fellowship

Yoonmyung Lee, PhD student in electrical engineering, was selected to receive a 2011 Intel Corporation PhD Fellowship to pursue his research in various design challenges in circuits for future mm-scale ultra-low power wireless sensor systems. [Full Story]

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Connor Field: Ars Technica - How one undergrad built the largest solar farm in Michigan

Yoon: Gizmag - Implant could wirelessly relay brain signals to paralyzed limbs

Yoon: Discovery - Brain Implant Helps Control Prosthetic Limbs By Thought

Forrest: Jerusalem Post - Useable solar technology will be ready in about 5 years

Student teams earn prizes in EECS 425: Integrated Microsystems Laboratory

Students earned prizes for their final projects in EECS 425: Integrated Microsystems Lab. The two winning teams built a micro-robotic arm and a MEMS variable optical attenuator. [Full Story]

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AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest

With projects exploring techniques in energy efficient computing, two student teams in the graduate course VLSI Design II earned prizes in the annual AMD/Michigan Design Contest. [Full Story]

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MEMStim takes first prize in the Michigan Business Challenge

Angelique Johnson (MSE PhD EE '07, '11) and her new company, MEMStim, took top honors (including Best Business and Outstanding Presentation) in the 2011 Michigan Business Challenge and Eugene Applebaum Dare to Dream Grant program for U-M startups. Reveal Automation also earns prize. [Full Story]

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Connor Field is growing energy on a solar farm

Connor is busy completing two degrees, EE and Economics, as he prepares for the field of alternative energy. He has already built one solar energy farm. [Full Story]

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Tanya Das earns poetry prize as she prepares for graduate school

Tanya Das, EE undergrad student, responded to the invitation to write poetry for the Roger M. Jones Poetry Contest, and came away with a prize. [Full Story]

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U-M Alumni and Friends Mixer at ISSCC 2011

The University of Michigan Alumni and Friends mixer at the 2011 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) reunited faculty, students, colleagues and friends at this annual event. See photos and other information by following the link. [Full Story]

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Najafi-Wise: Ann - U-M engineers honored for pioneering efforts, work with high-tech start-ups

Millimeter computing: Discover-World's Teeniest, Tiniest Computer Fits on the 'N' of a Penny

Prof. Stephen Forrest discusses solar power role as alternative energy source

Stephen Forrest, U-M VP for research and EECS solar energy researcher, disccuses whether it will be possible to meet President Obama's clean energy goal. Listen to the podcast
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Sonal Verma Receives Microsoft Scholarship

EE graduate student Sonal Verma was awarded the Microsoft Graduate Women's Scholarship to pursue her studies in wireless, embedded and networked systems. [Full Story]

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EECS 413 students earn prizes for their final projects

Two teams in EECS 413, Monolithic Amplifier Circuits, were awarded cash prizes for their designs by Cirrus Logic Inc. [Full Story]

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2010 AMD/Michigan Student Design Contest

Three teams were awarded prizes for Best Overall, Most Innovative, and Best Engineering projects in the annual contest, held this past term for students in the VLSI Design I class. [Full Story]

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WIMS: Pentagon Brief - Chip Sized Sensor to Detect Dangerous Chemicals

CAD Team Places Second at 2010 CADathlon

The team of electrical engineering PhD students Myung-Chul Kim and Dong-Jin Lee achieved a second place finish in the 2010 CADathlon. [Full Story]

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EECS Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ICCAD 2010

Prof. Igor Markov and PhD students Myung-Chul Kim and Dong-Jin Lee have won the Best Paper Award at ICCAD 2010. [Full Story]

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Honoring a Pathbreaker

Prof. Leo C. McAfee, Jr. retired after 39 years at Michigan, leaving a legacy of hope and achievement. [Full Story]

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Sylvester-Blaauw: GreenTech - Ambiq Micro Closes $2.4 Million Seed Round For Efficient Micro-controllers

Sylvester-Blaauw: PRWeb - Ambiq Micro Secures $2.4M Investment

Guo: Technology Review - A Simple Filter Could Make LCDs More Efficient

Guo: Nature Communications - Plasmonic nanoresonators for high-resolution colour filtering and spectral imaging

Eric Dattoli Named National Academies Research Associate

Dattoli, who recently received his PhD in EE, will work at NIST on a project that could enable better functioning gas sensors for health and safety monitoring applications. [Full Story]

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Blaauw-Sylvester: Crains Detroit Business - UM spinoff Ambiq Micro Inc. wins business plan competition

Zhong: URecord - U-M, Chinese university provide $1.2M for renewable energy, biomedical technology projects

Guo: Technology Review - A Simpler Route to Plastic Solar Cells

Sylvester-Blaauw-Hanson: Market Watch - DFJ and Cisco Announce Ambiq Micro as Winner of Global Business Plan Competition

WIMS-Lasik: URecord - U-M projects named to NSF Sensational 60 list

U-M Tech Transfer Office Program for Entrepreneurs

This video story features Ambiq Micro and Scott Hanson (PhD EE 2009), CEO and co-founder of the company along with Prof. David Blaauw and Prof. Dennis Sylvester. Ambiq Micro is called one of the most promising companies that mentor-in-resident Dave Hartmann has worked with recently. [Full Story]

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Analog Devices Finds Winning A/D Circuit Designs in EECS 511

Graduate students in the course Integrated Analog/Digital Interface Circuits received prizes from Analog Devices for their final designs. [Full Story]

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Anne Itsuno Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in Photodetectors

Anne Itsuno, graduate student in the Electrical Engineering program, received a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for her research in infrared photodetector devices. [Full Story]

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Fan Wu Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in BioMEMS

Fan Wu, graduate student in the Electrical Engineering program, received a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for his research in BioMEMS. [Full Story]

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Najafi-Galchev: AP Story in Battle Creek Enquirer - U-M looks to harvest energy

Prof. James Meindl Delivers Lecture on Nanotechnology

Prof. James Meindl, pioneer and leader in microelectronics and microsystems research and education, was on campus recently to deliver the William Gould Dow Distinguished Lecture. You may watch his lecture, entitled, Nanoelectronics in Retrospect, Prospect and Principle, and hear his predictions for the future of nanoelectronics. Video
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Najafi-Galchev: Popular Science: Tiny Mini-Generators Scavenge Energy From Ambient, Random Vibrations

Wei Lu: New Scientist: Electronics 'missing link' brings neural computing closer

Wei Lu: Chemistry World: Silver sputtered nano chips mimic brain synapse

Wei Lu: Physorg: Brain-Like Computer Closer to Realization

Wei Lu: Europe Sun: Missing link of electronics could make brain-like computers

EECS Students Claim Top Two Clean Energy Prizes

The teams Enertia and Advanced Battery Control took first and second place in the 2009-10 Clean Energy Prize business plan competition. [Full Story]

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EECS Alumni Awarded Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

In addition to our own faculty member, Prof. Tony Grbic, we also congratulate EECS alumni Prof. Adrienne Stiff-Roberts of Duke University, and Prof. Jack Ma of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) award this year, and last year, respectively. Both Prof. Stiff-Roberts and Prof. Ma are former students of Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya. [Full Story]

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Guo: Nature Photonics - Dynamic nanoscribing

Lynch and WIMS: New monitoring systems should make smar bridges..., in Miller-McCune

Forrest: Dear of the Year: U-M's North Campus Research Complex:

Lynch and WIMS: Innovative structure sensors: in Construction Advisory Group

WeiLu: Understanding Mechanical Properties Of Silicon Nanowires, Article Cited in RedOrbit

EECS Students are Winners in DAC/ISSCC 2009 Student Design Contest

A team of graduate students were winners in the operational category of the 2009 DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest for their work on the ultra-low power processor called Phoenix. [Full Story]

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Stephen Forrest: Dingell, Forrest promote engineering research

Matthew Fojtik Awarded Intel Foundation/SRCEA Fellowship

Matt Fojtik (BSE, EE '08) was awarded a highly competitive Intel Foundation/SRCEA Fellowship for his work with Prof. Dennis Sylvester in ultra-low power integrated circuits. [Full Story]

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Barb Rice Receives U-M Distinguished Research Administrator Award

Barb Rice, Research Administrator for SSEL, WIMS, LNF, and NNIN has been selected to receive a 2009 Distinguished Research Administrator Award. She will be honored at a public ceremony May 7 in Michigan League's Vandenberg Room, 3:30-5pm. [Full Story]

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Dennis Schweiger Receives College of Engineering Staff Excellence Award

Dennis Schweiger, Facilities Supervisor for the LNF, has been selected to receive a College of Engineering Staff Excellence Award. He will be honored May 8 at a public ceremony in Chesebrough Auditorium at 3pm. [Full Story]

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Lurie Nanofabrication Facility Receiving Awards and Recognition

The LNF has been recognized for his design and structural achievements by the Construction Association of Michigan. The IC-inspired masonry reflects the work being done inside the facility. [Full Story]

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Wei Lu's Memristor Chip in Next Big Future

Sung Hyun Jo Receives 1st Place Raith Micrograph Award

Sung Hyun Jo, graduate student in electrical engineering, took first place in the 2008 Raith Micrograph Award for his nanostructure, 1kb crosspoint RRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory). [Full Story]

Related Topics:  Lab-Solid State Electronics (SSEL)  

Sung-Hyun Jo Receives Silver Prize in SAMSUNG Human-Tech Thesis Prize

Sung-Hyun Jo, graduate student in electrical engineering, received this prize for his thesis, "Programmable Switching in Two-Terminal Resistive Switches and Crossbar Memory Arrays." [Full Story]

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Wei Lu: Nature Materials, March 2008, Crossbar memories

Students Score in Class Design Contest Sponsored by Analog Devices

Students in EECS 413: Monolithic Amplifier Circuits, earned prize money for their projects designing better headphones and a low-power neural microsystem. [Full Story]

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Jay Guo's work in Nanoimprint Lithography

Steve Forrest: More Efficient OLED Lighting

Kushner to Head New Plasma Science and Engineering Institute

Prof. Mark Kushner will join the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty September 1, 2008 to head the newly-created Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering (MIPSE). Kushner joins us from Iowa State University, where he was Dean of Engineering. [Read more...] [Record at Iowa State]
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Borno and Galchev learn the entrepreneurial ropes and win Business Plan Competitions

Ruba Borno and Tzeno Galchev, electrical engineering graduate students, have been learning the entrepreneurial ropes as they've taken their business plan on the road.
[read more ...]

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New Textbook: Analysis of Bipolar and CMOS Amplifiers

By Amir M. Sodagar, assistant research scientist affiliated with the NSF Center for Wireless Integrated Microsystems. His research interests include: Analog, digital, and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, Biomedical Circuits and Systems, and Wireless Implantable Microsystems. [More info...]
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