U-M CSPL 1952-1985 Technical Reports

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Copies of these reports are currently unavilable. Authors of the reports may have copies but we are unable to provide contact information as many have retired or left the University.


TR# 3 The Response of a Panoramic Receiver to CW and Pulse and Signals, H. W. Batten, A. Jorgensen, A. B. Macnee, and W. W. Peterson, June 1952.
TR# 6 Analysis of a Mechanically Tuned Resonator for Use in the Frequency Range 100 to 1000 Megacycles, B. F. Barton, August 1952.
TR# 8 Theory of Reversible Magnetic Susceptibility with Applicator Ferrites, D. M. Grimes, August 1952.
TR# 9 Permeability Measurements in Magnetic Ferrites, L. W. Orr, September 1952.
TR# 12 R-F Tuning Structures for Use with the Insertion Magnetron, P. E. Dicker and J. S. Needle, December 1952.
TR# 13 The Theory of Signal Detectability, W. W. Peterson and T. G. Birdsall:
  • Part I. The General Theory, June 1953. AD 16 786
  • Part II. Applications with Gaussian Noise, July 1953. AD 16 787.
TR# 18 A New Theory of Visual Detection, W. P. Tanner, Jr. and J. A. Swets, September 1953. AD 17 782.
TR# 19 Signal Detectability: A Unified Description of Statistical Methods Employing Fixed an Sequential Observation Processes, W. C. Fox, December 1953. AD 25 326.
TR# 20 An Application of Game Theory to Signal Detectability, T. G. Birdsall, December 1953, AD 26 411.
TR# 21 Analysis of a Mechanically Tuned Resonator for Use in Preselector and Converter Applications, B. F. Barton and L. S. Jimerson, Jr., October l953. AD 25 536.
TR# 22 Wide-band Amplitude Distribution analysis of Voltage Sources, L. W. Orr, October l953.
TR# 23 The Power Spectra of Signals Phase and Frequency Modulated by Gaussian Noise, J. L. Stewart, November 1953. AD 25 327.
TR# 24 Reversible Susceptibility in Ferromagnetic Materials, D. M. Grimes and D. W. Martin, May 1954, 1970-25-T.
TR# 27 The Frequency of Linear Oscillators, J. L. Stewart, March 1954, l970-7-T.
TR# 28 Theory of Frequency Modulation Noise in Tubes Employing Phase Focusing, J. L. Stewart, March 1954, 1970-13-T.
TR# 30 Some General Properties of the Hearing Mechanism, W. P. Tanner, Jr., J. A. Swets, and D. M. Green, March 1956, 2262-108-T. AD 92 249.
TR# 31 Interim Report on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications, H. Diamond and L. W. Orr, July 1954, 262-37-T.
TR# 32 Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Turning, L. W. Orr, July 1954, 2262-32-T.
TR# 33 The Negative Capacity Amplifier, L. C. Beavis, August l954, 2262-38-T.
TR# 34 Measurement and Interpretation of Thermal and Magnetic Data on Nickel-Zinc Ferrites, D. M. Grimes, E. F. Westrum, Jr., and S. Legvold, March 1957, 2262-141-T.
TR# 35 A Toroidal Sample Holder for Measuring VHF Permeability and Losses, P. E. Nace, July 1954, 2262-35-T.
TR# 36 Parallel Network Oscillators, J. L. Stewart, September l954, 2262-42-T.
TR# 37 Magnetic Modulator Design Employing MU Surfaces for Ferrites, L. W. Orr, September 1954, 2262-41-T.
TR# 38 Signal Detection with a Panoramic Receiver, W. W. Peterson and T. G. Birdsall, June 1955, 2262-80-T.
TR# 40 The Evidence for a Decision-Making Theory of Visual Detection, J. A. Swets, W. P. Tanner, Jr., and T. G. Birdsall, March 1955, 2262-60-T.
TR# 42 Signal Detection as a Function of Signal Intensity and Duration, D. M. Green, T. G. Birdsall, and W. P. Tanner, Jr., February 1957, 2262-144-T.
TR# 44 The Design of Efficient Coupling Networks, B. F. Barton, March 1955, 2262-61-T.
TR# 45 The Design of an Efficient Wideband Antenna System, B. F. Barton, August l955, 2262-83-T.
TR# 46 A Study of Recirculation as a Frequency Memory Device, F. E. Pickel and P. H. Rogers, March 1955, 2262-59-T.
TR# 47 A Reevaluation of Weber's Law as Applied to Pure Tones, W. P. Tanner, Jr., August l958, 2262-185-T.
TR# 48 A Graphical Presentation of Some Ferrite Characteristics, M. H. Winsnes, D. M. Grimes, and P. E. Nace, April 1955, 2262-69-T.
TR# 50 A Theory of Recognition, W. P. Tanner, Jr., May 1955, 2262-72-T. AD 69 773.
TR# 51 Relationship between Time and Error in Jamming Tests, D. R. Rotschild, November 1957, 2260-170-T. AD 212 174.
TR# 52 Large Signal Analysis of Distributed Amplifiers, P. H. Rogers, July 1955, 2262-81-T, AD 18 643.
TR# 53 -T-E Surfaces of Ferroelectric Ceramics, L. W. Orr, October 1955, 2262-86-T.
TR# 54 Miniature Nonlinear Capacitors, H. Diamond, December 1955, 2262-92-T.
TR# 55 A reevaluation of Weber's Law as Applied to Pure Tones, W. P. Tanner, Jr., August l958, 2262-185-T.
TR# 56 Minimum Energy Triggering Signals, L. A. Beattie, April 1957, 2262-147-T.
TR# 57 Base Clipped Speech Communications, J. L. Stewart, December 1955, 2262-99-T. AD 83-705.
TR# 58 A Study of the Preparation of Nickel-zinc Ferrites, C. F. Jefferson and D. M. Grimes, January 1956, 2262-102-T.
TR# 61 A Butterfly Loop Automatic Recorder for Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Materials, L. W. Orr and M. H. Winsnes, March 1956, 2262-107-T.
TR# 64 Reversible Susceptibility in Ferromagnets, D. M. Grimes, April 1956, 2262-113-T.
TR# 66 An Investigation of the Composition of an Iron-Rich Nickel-Zinc Ferrite, C. F. Jefferson, June 1956, 2262-125-T.
TR# 67 An Evaluation of a Special Broadband Receiver Input Circuit, B.F. Barton and Dr. R. Hamburg, November 1956, 2262-128-T.
TR# 69 An Experimental Folded Loop Antenna, J. F. Cline and G. H. Robinson, November 1956, 2262-133-T.
TR# 70 Synthesis of Multi-Channel Amplifiers, B. F. Barton, April 1957, 2262-149-T.
TR# 71 Packaged Electric Tunes 35-200 Mc Panoramic Receiver, T. W. Butler, Jr., July 1957, 2262-164T.
TR# 72 Reflections in a Ferrite-Filled Waveguide, C. B. Sharpe and D. S. Heim, May 1957, 2262-157-T.
TR# 73 The Conical Scan Radar Target Simulator, R. C. Webber and L. W. Orr, August 1957, 2262-157-T, AD 161-933.
TR# 75 Overmodulation of a Carrier by Sine Wave and Gausian Noise, D. R. Rothschild, September 1957, 2262-169-T, AD 151 918.
TR# 76 Synthesis of Lossless Networks for Prescribed Transfer Impedance Between Several Current Sources and a Single Resistive Load, A. B. Macnee, November 1957, 2262-171-T.
TR# 77 A Constant-Amplitude Random-Function Generator, G. A. Hellwarth, February 1958, 2262-175-TAD 157 065.
TR# 80 Definitions of d' and ___ as Psycho physical Measures, W. P. Tanner, Jr. and T. G. Birdsall, February 1958, 2259-2-T. AD 146 758.
TR# 81 The Effect of Vocabulary Size on Articulation Score, D. M. Green and T. G. Birdsall, January 1958, 2659-1-T. AD 146 759.
TR# 82 Detection of Signals in Noise and the Critical Band Concept, D. M. Green, April 1958, 2659-4-T. AD 162-566.
TR# 84 Alternative Detection of Modulations in Co-Channel Frequency Modulations, H. W. Farris, June 1958, 2262-179-T. AD 212 380.
TR# 85 Three Methods of Nonlinear Processing for Detection Finding, P. G. Cath, August 1958, 2262-183-T. AD 204 168.
TR# 86 Signal Detection as a Function of Frequency Ensemble, F. A. Veniar, August 1958, 2262 184-T.
TR# 87 Standing Wave Measurements in Coaxial Systems, W. M. Nunn, Jr., September 1958, 2262-187-T. AD 205 983.
TR# 88 Correlation between Noise Voltages in Antenna Systems, P. G. Cath, October 1958, 2262-190-T.
TR# 89 Two Interferometer-Type Direction-Finding Systems, S. I. Soclof, May 1959, 2899-2-T. AD 220 503.
TR# 90 Introduction to Linear Shift-Register Generated Sequences, T. G. Birdsall and M. P. Ristenbatt, October 1958, 2262-189-T. AD 225 380.
TR# 93 Detection of A Signal Specified Exactly with a Noisy Stroed Reference Signal, T. G. Birdsall, September l959, 2803-1-T. AD 229 517
TR# 94 A Graphical Method for Measuring Dielectric Constants at Microwave Frequencies, C. B. Sharpe, September 1959, 2899-5-T, AD 229 935.
TR# 96 Some Considerations of Four-Frequency Nonlinear Reactance Circuits, D. K. Adams, September l959, 2899-9-T. AD 228 521.
TR# 97 Tables of d", P. B. Elliott, October 1959, 2659-7-T. AD 239 023.
TR# 98 The Concept of the Ideal Observer in Psychophysics, W. P. Tanner, Jr., T. G. Birdsall, and F. R. Clarke, April 1960, 2659-6-T. AD 239 022.
TR# 99 Detection of Complex Signals as a Function of Signal Bandwidth and Duration, C. D. Creelman, January 1960, 2659-8-T. AD 239 024.
TR# 100 Analysis of a Class of Self-Biased Oscillators, F. N. Bailey and A. W. Naylor, January 1961, 2899-17-T. AD 253-908.
TR# 101 Approximations to the Noncentral Chi-Square Distributions with Applications to Signal Detection Models, D. E. Lamphier and T. G. Birdsall, May 1960, 2899-16-T. AD 239 371.
TR# 102 A Study of Forced Oscillations in a Class of nth-Order Non-linear Feedback Systems, W. Naylor, January 1960, 2899-13-T. AD 233-518.
TR# 103 A System Approach to the Countermeasures Problem, W. P. Tanner, Jr., April 1960, 2899-20-T. AD 240 669.
TR# 105 Statistical Measurements of the Detection of a Continuous Signal by a Panoramic Receiver, Q. C. Wilson II, and D. W. Fife, May l960.
TR# 106 A Study of Traveling-Wave Directional Filters with Wideband Ferrite Tuning, D. K. Adams, April 1961, 2899-22-T. AD 267 117.
TR# 107 Synthesis of R-L-C Networks by Discrete Tschebyscheff Approximations in the Time Domain, H. Ruston, April 1960, 2899-26-T. AD 238 392.
TR# 110 An Approach to Frequency Identification in Fast-Scanning Panoramic Receivers, D. W. Fife, June 1960, 2899-29-T. AD 242 715.
TR# 112 Investigation of Narrowband Waveforms Generated by Clocked Pulses, M. P. Ristenbatt, October 1960, 2899-31-T. AD 248 146.
TR# 114 Human Discrimination of Auditory Duration, C. D. Creelman, October 1960, 2659-11-T. AD 258 748.
TR# 115 The Theory of Electronic Random Selectors, G. A. Roberts, December 1960, 2899-37-T. AD 258 748.
TR# 116 The Synthesis of Nonuniform Transmission Lines, P. G. Cath, January 1961, 2899-41-T. AD 250 726.
TR# 117 A Survey of Single-Sideband and Associated Techniques for Voice Communications, A. L. Rock, R. J. Tromley, and D. R. Rothschild, January 1961, 2899-42-T. AD 257 017.
TR# 118 SIMRAR: Simulated Receiver and Recorder for Statistical Measurements, D. W. Fife, January 1961, 2899-43-T. AD 260 707.
TR# 119 The Scattering Approach to the Synthesis of Non-uniform Lines, C. B. Sharpe, March 1961, 2899-51-T. AD 258 342.
TR# 120 Precise Frequency Synthesis Using Non precise Tuning Components, T. W. Butler, Jr., June 1961, 2899-52-T. AD 275 597.
TR# 121 An Abstract Model for the Pattern Recognition Process, D. L. Richards, April 1961, 3642-1-T. AD 612 037.
TR# 121D Spatial Matched Processing for Multipath Propagation, M.A. Dzieciuch and T.G. Birdsall, November 1987, 080043-1-M TM 121
TR# 122 An Analysis of the Brett Ultra-Wide band Video Amplifier, D. K. Adams, July 1961, 2899-55-T. AD 264 719.
TR# 123 Deferred Decision Theory, H. H. Goode, July 1961, 2899-57-T. AD 263 909.
TR# 124 Remotely-Controlled Tactical Direction-Finding Systems, E. M. Aupperle, T. W. Butler, Jr., and D. L. Mills, July 1961, 2899-58-T. AD 267 846.
TR# 125 System Study Concerning an Antenna Suitable for a Spinning-Spinning-Goniometer Direction-Finding System, C. E. Lindahl, August 1961, 3697-3-T.
TR# 128 On Certain Strategies of Signal Detection Using Clipper Crosscorrelator, G. P. Patil and P. Cota, October 1962, 3674-1-T. Ad 288 028.
TR# 129 On the Detection of a Randomly-Distorted Signal in Gaussian Noise, L. Halstead, T. G. Birdsall, and L. W. Nolte, October 1962, 3674-2-T. AD 291 982.
TR# 130 A Computer-Augmented Technique for the Design of Likelihood Ratio Receivers, T. G. Birdsall, and L. W. Nolte, October 1962, 3674-3-T.
TR# 132 Some Computer Experiments with Predictive Coding of Speech, M. P. Ristenbatt and T. Felisky, March 1962, 4251-2-T. AD 274 984.
TR# 133 Digital Communication Studies, M. P. Ristenbatt, T. G. Birdsall, T. Felisky, and S. B. Weinstein, March 1962, 4251-2-T. AD 275 480.
TR# 134 A Study of Double-Sideband Reactive Mixers, D. K. Adams, December 1962, 4853-7-T. AD 299 268.
TR# 135 Impulse Response Synthesis for Networks Characterized by Functions of a First-Order Linear Operator, E. L. McMahon, October 1962.
TR# 136 Theory of Signal Detectability: Observation-Decision Procedures, T. G. Birdsall and R. A. Roberts, January 1964, 03674-4-T. AD 429 220.
TR# 137 The Michigan Automatic direction Finder, D. L. Mills, February 1964, 04853-12-T. AD 435 849.
TR# 138 Effect of Electromagnetic Propagation on the Magnetostatic Modes, W. B. Ribbens, June 1963, 04853-18-T. AD 412 709.
TR# 139 Forces Oscillations in a Class of Self-Biased Multimode Oscillators, F. N. Bailey, January 1964, 04853-19-T. AD 436 335.
TR# 140 Computational Techniques for Scheduling Problems with Deferral Costs, E. L. Lawler, April 1964, 04967-1-T. AD 603 525.
TR# 141 A Study of Predictive Docing of Speech with Computer Simulations, J. L. Daws, January 1964, 05231-1-F.
TR# 142 A Transform Technique for Multivariable, Time-Varying, Discrete-Time, Linear Systems, A. W. Naylor, January 1064, 04853-22-T. AD 431 267.
TR# 143 Studies on Digital Communication: Part I: Feasibility of Asynchronous Multiplexing; Part II: Performance of High Speed Digital Communications over Troposcatter Links, M. P. Ristenbatt and K. A. Haines, August 1963, 04951-1-T. AD 416 647.
TR# 144 Scheduling with Random Arrivals and Linear Loss Functions, D. W. Fife, April 1964, 04967-2-T. AD 449 200.
TR# 145 Economic Control and Optimization of a Multiconsole Shared Data Processing System, V, L. Wallace, April 1964, 04967-3-T.
TR# 146 Impedance and Radiation Characteristics of a Ferrite Obstacle in the Aperture of a Rectangular Waveguide, J. C. Palais, August 1964, 06137-3-T. AD 606 189.
TR# 147 The Rectangular Cavity Slot Antenna with Homogeneous Isotropic Loading, A. T. Adams, March 1064, 05549-7-T. AD 603 657.
TR# 151 An Algorithm for Concurrent Random Walks on Highly Parallel Parallel Computer, R. F. Rosin, July 1964, 04967-4-T. AD 460 957.
TR# 152 Stability of Interconnected Systems, F. N. Bailey, July 1964, 05488-1-T.
TR# 153 Optimal Markovian Queueing Systems, K. Chuang, June 1963, 04967-5-T.
TR# 155 Considerations in Loran-C/D Receiver Design, D. L. Mills, October 1964, 6634-1-F.
TR# 156 Asynchronous Time Multiplexing of Speech Sources, M. P. Ristenbatt, J. L. Daws, and R. L. Lillie, January 1965, 04951-3-F. AD 457 936.
TR# 157 Experimental Signal and Error Data from Troposcatter Digital Communication Link, M. P. Ristenbatt and E. P.Gould, November 1964, 04951-4-T. AD 454 533.
TR# 158 Locked Instability and Forced Oscillations in Automatic Phase Control Systems, E. M. Aupperle, December 1964, 6098-2-T. AD 463 100.
TR# 159 A Study of the Ferrite Phase-Shift Amplifier, W. B. Ribbens, March 1965, 6137-6-T. AD 463 399.
TR# 160 Computer Techniques for the Evaluation of Detector Performance, J. N. Gittleman, May 1965, 3674-7-T. AD 469 185.
TR# 161 Theory of Signal Detectability: Composite Deferred Decision Theory, R. A. Roberts, February 1965, 3674-5-T. AD 614 480.
TR# 163 Adaptive Realizations of Optimum Detectors for Synchronous and Sporadic Recurrent Signals in Noise, L. W.Nolte, March 1965, 3674-6-T. AD 614 705.
TR# 164 Minimum Peak Amplitude Control, F. M. Waltz, May 1965, 06137-7-T. AD 616 608.
TR# 165 Study of Linear Sequence Generators, C. C. Hoopes and R. N. Randall, June 1966, 6576-4-T. AD 488 718.
TR# 166 The Recovery of Clocked Signal Inputs to Linear Dynamic Systems, F. N. Bailey and M. J. Damborg, September 1965, 6137-11-T. AD 478 211.
TR# 102 TR#167 A Study of Random Access Discrete Address Communications System, Vol. II Study and Analysis, C. C. Ferris, October 1965, 6137-12-T. AD 480 441.
TR# 168 A Finite-Memory Adaptive Pattern Recognizer, K. B. Irani, September 1065, 06137-14-T. AD $75 614.
TR# 170 The Optimal Control Queues, with Applications to Computer Systems, D. W. Fife, October 1965, 06868-1-T.
TR# 172 On the Best Chebyshev Approximation of an Impulse Response Function at a Finite Set of Equally-Spaced Points, B. Fischi, July 1966, 7695-2-T. AD 488 437.
TR# 174 Experimental Error and Signal Data from High Bit Rate Tactical Tropscatter Digital Communication Link, M. P. Ristenbatt and E. P. Gould, April 1966, 4951-5-F. AD 632 102.
TR# 175 Design of Signals to Achieve Minimum Amplitude Variations, D. R. Rothschild, August 1966, 7695-5-F. AD 800 067.
TR# 177 The Theory of Signal Detectability: ROC Curves and Their Character, T. G. Birdsall, January 1973, 036040-16-T.
TR# 178 The Phase Synchronization of a Parametric Subharmonic Oscillator, J. L. Cockrell, April 1967, 7695-8-T. AD 653 032.
TR# 179 Detectability of Recurrence Phenomena, L. W. Nolte and D. Jaarsma, May 1967, 3674-11-T. AD 652 383.
TR# 180 Analysis of an Aperture Antenna System Loades with an Inhomogeneous Dielectric, J. S. Bitler, May 1967, 7695-12-T. D 653 642.
TR# 183 Underwater Sound Propagation in the Straits of Florida: The MIMI Experiment of 3 and 4 February 1965, R. Unger and R. Veenkant, May 1967, 3674-12-t. AD 656 636.
TR# 184 Linear Sequence Generators: A Note on Methods for Obtaining Any Phase Shift of Linear Sequences, T. G. Birdsall and C. C. Hoopes, June 1967, 8627-1-T.
TR# 186 Underwater Sound Propagation in the Straits of Florida: The MIMI Continuous and Sampled Receptions of 121, 12 and 13 August 1966, R. Unger and R. Veenkant, June 1967, 3674-14-T. AD 660 515.
TR# 187 Monopole Antenna with a Finite Ground Plane in the Presence of an Infinite Ground, S. B. Rhee, November 1967, 8107-5-T.
TR# 189 Impedance Characteristics of Pumped Varactors, D. E. Oliver, November 1967, 7695-16-T. AD 825 488.
TR# 192 The Theory of Signal Detectability: Extension to the Double Composite Hypothesis Situation, R. L. Spooner, April 1968, 3674-16-T. AD 672 920.
TR# 193 Pseudo-Random Number Generators Using Linear Recurrence Relations, C. C. Hoopes, July 1968, 8627-10-T. S 183 816.
TR# 194 Adaptive Detection Receivers and Reproducing Densities, T. G. Birdsall, July 1968, 3674-17-T. AD 677 466.
TR# 195 Intersymbol Interference in Binary Communication Systems, C. V. Kimball, August l968, 3674-18-T. AD 674 423.
TR# 196 The Effect of Noise Level Uncertainty on Detection Performance: A Comparitive Study, R. L. Spooner, March 1969, 3674-19-T. AD 685-648.
TR# 199 Iterative Synthesis of TEM-Mode Distributed Networks, S. Mahdi, November 1970, 01482-12-T. S l94 938.
TR# 200 The Theory of Signal Detectability: Beyesian Philosophy, Classical Statistics, and the Composite Hypothesis, David Jaarsma, February l970, 03674-22-T. AD 703 327.
TR# 201 Triband: The Three Band Filter for the Continuing MIMI Experiment, N. Hatter, February 1970, 03674-24-T. AD 703 248.
TR# 202 Partial-Period Correlation of Pseudo-Random Binary Sequences, J. L. Daws, Jr., May l970, 01482-14-T. S l94 918.
TR# 204 Models for Nonstationary Stochastic Processes with Applications to Underwater Acoustics, P. P. Nuspl, July 1971, 03640-2-T. AD 729 059.
TR# 205 High-Frequency Transistor Modeling for Circuit Design, A. B. Macnee and R. J. Talsky, May l971, 014820-10-T.
TR# 206 Constant Demodulation of the Impulse Response of Bandpass Filters, D. Jaarsma, August l971, 036040-3-T. AD 729 655.
TR# 208 Impedence Characterization of a Wave guide Microwave Circuit, R. L. Eisenhart, February 1971, 01482-21-T. S l94 948.
TR# 209 The Free Running Detection Problem: The Detection of Randomly Occurring Pulses as they Occur, T. M. Heitmeyer, September l071, 036040-5-T. AD 732 030.
TR# 210 Preliminary Report on the Cooley-BIFI Experiment, R. M. Heitmeyer and P. W. Wood, October 1971, 036040-6-T. AD 732 783.
TR# 211 Design and Analysis of a Parametric Lower Sideband Upconverter, W. A. Davis, September 1971, 014820-26-T. S l94 976.
TR# 213 Underwater Sound Propagation in the Straits of Florida: The Preliminary Analysis of the MIMI Experiments of l970, R. M. Heitmeyer, February 1972,036040-7-T. AD 837 692.
TR# 214 The Detection of Randomly Occurring Events with Random Durations, J. M. Heitmeyer, November l971, 036040-8-T. AD 734 026.
TR# 216 Modulation by Linear Maximum Shift Register Sequences: Amplitude, Bi-phase and Complement-Phase Modulation, T. G. Birdsall, R. M. Heitmeyer, and K. Metzger, December l971, 036040-9-T. AD 735 l37.
TR# 217 The MIMI Field Test of July l970, R. M. Heitmeyer, June l972, 036040-10-T. AD 744 982.
TR# 218 Modeling and Analysis of Tuned Power Amplifiers, N. E. Abbott, November 1971, 014820-29-T. S l94 984.
TR# 219 Underwater Sound Propagation in the Straits of Florida: The Miami Lunar-Cycle Receptions, R. Veenkant and E. Tury, January l972, 036040-11-T. AD 736 229.
TR# 222 Digital Communications: Detectors and Estimators for the Time-Varying Channel with Intersymbol Interference, Messerschmitt, April l973, 010586-1-T. AD 759 418.
TR# 223 The l971-l972 Deep Ocean Propagation Experiment: Preliminary Results, Part I: Long-Term Power Measurements, T. G. Birdsall, K. Metzger, Jr., and C. L. Bell, September l973, 036040-17-T. AD 767 380.
TR# 224 The Theory of Signal Detectability: Cyclo-Stationary Processes in Additive Noise, J. R. Lapointe, Jr., October l973, 036040-19-T. Ad 769 230.
TR# 225 Simultaneous Detection and Estimation: The Use of Sufficient Statistics and Reproducing Probability Densities, J. O. Gobien, November l973, 004860-3-T. AD 770 176.
TR# 226 Investigation of the Propagation Stability of a Time Spread Underwater Acoustic Channel, R. L. Veenkant, May l974, 004860-4-T. AD 778 683.
TR# 227 The Use of Computer-Generated Pictures to Extract Information from Underwater Acoustic Transfer Function Data. G. N. Cederquist, April 1975, 013514-1-T. ADA0l0229.
TR# 228 PANOIC77; Part I: The PANOIC77 Sequence Signal; Part II: The PANOIC77 Controller and Signal Generator, T. G. Birdsall, G.E. J. Bold, and K. A. Winick, March l978, 013376-5-T. ADAO53101.
TR# 229 Measurements of the Frequency Dependence Modes, Reprint from J. of the Acoustical Society of America, T. G. Birdsall et al., October 1978, o13376-6-T. ADAO62279.
TR# 230 Spectral Estimation of All-Pole Processes Using Bayesian Techniques, R. J. Carpinella, June l978, 013376-7-T. ADAO59065.
TR# 231 Signal Processing Equipment and Techniques for Use in Measuring Ocean Acoustic Multipath Structures, K. Metzger, Jr., December l983, 017392-1-T.
TR# 232 Digital Coding for Underwater Acoustic Multipath Channels, Hyuck Moon Kwon, December l984, 021779-1-T.

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