EECS 500 Homepage -- Winter 2006
The General Dynamics Distinguished Lecture Series


Professor Kim Winick
Professor Petar Momcilovic
Professor Sandeep Pradhan

Prof. Winick: 4231 EECS, 764-5203,
Prof. Momcilovic: 4211 EECS, 764-5202,
Prof. Pradhan: 4120 EECS, 764-5215,


Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of instructor

Information technologies have profoundly impacted our lives during the later half of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries. The explosive growth of the internet has placed increased demands on our communications, networking and database infrastructures. In order to meet these demands, we have witnessed substantial technical innovations in the development of networks, wireless systems, signal processing techniques, information management systems, mathematics and the basic sciences. The University of Michigan, through the generous support of General Dynamics, is proud to present the 2006 General Dynamics Distinguished Lecture Series. This lecture series brings a host of outstanding researchers, from both academia and industry, to the University of Michigan to discuss some of these recent innovations.

The talks are tutorial in nature and should hold broad appeal for graduate students in EE:Systems and Computer Science. The only course requirement is attendance at the seminars, and EECS STUDENTS MUST HAVE REGISTERED FOR THE COURSE IN ORDER TO ATTEND.

Time and location:

Tuesdays and Thursdays on selected dates -- see below
4:00-5:30 PM
Room 1500 EECS Building

Lecture schedule as of 12/13/05

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