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James S. Freudenberg, Director
4213 EECS
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
PH: 734-763-0586
Beth Lawson,
Lab Administrator

4233 EECS
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
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Control Systems

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The field of control systems has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. The advent of low cost microprocessors has enabled control algorithms to be embedded in almost every conceivable type of technology. The development of sophisticated computed aided design software has enabled analysis and controller design for complex multivariable systems. The needs of society for improved safety and a cleaner environment have posed challenges that can only be solved with feedback control. Numerous new applications for control have emerged, including such areas as cyber-physical systems, biological systems, networks, production lines, and biped locomotion. Faculty in the Control Laboratory of the EECS Department at the University of Michigan play leading roles in all these developments. Our research advances the state of the art and the classes we teach make these new concepts accessible to students. A sampling of our research areas is displayed on this webpage.

Control Courses at the University of Michigan

Faculty  (Show All)
Freudenberg, James S.
Grizzle, Jessy W
Lafortune, Stephane
Mathieu, Johanna
Meerkov, Semyon M.
Ozay, Necmiye
Revzen, Shai
Teneketzis, Demosthenis

Affiliated Faculty
Atkins, Ella M.
Kabamba, Pierre
McClamroch, Harris
Sun, Jing
Tilbury, Dawn

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