David Neuhoff

Prof. David L. Neuhoff

Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Michigan

Tuesday, June 15
4:00 - 5:00 PM
Room 1311 EECS

Codes for Data Synchronization and Timing

Abstract -
In this work, Navin Kashyap and David Neuhoff propose and analyze data synchronization techniques that not only resynchronize after encoded bits are corrupted by insertions, deletions or substitution errors, but also produce estimates of the time indices of the decoded data. Such techniques are needed, for example, by video coders in order to insure audio/video synchronization and proper horizontal and vertical alignment of video lines and frames. They are also needed when the decoder is switched midstream from one video program to another, as in channel surfing. Ad hoc techniques are used in MPEG and other coding standards. This paper introduces a systematic framework for sync-timing codes in which they can be quantitatively analyzed on the basis of their encoding rate/redundancy, resynchronization delay, and capacity to provide timing information. Several families of codes are introduced. It is shown that timing information can grow exponentially with allowed resynchronization delay, with exponent proportional to the encoding redundancy.

The talk will be presented by D. Neuhoff as practice for an upcoming workshop. In Oct. 1998, Navin Kashyap gave a related CSPL seminar. The present talk will cover similar ground, but with new examples and results.

Biosketch -
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