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02-17-15 Jason Corso Receives Google Faculty Research Award

Prof. Jason Corso received a 2015 Google Faculty Research Award to further his research in computational learning from instructional video content. His goal is to develop a consistent and reliable method for producing a visual and textual summary of any video that describes a process - from simple sandwich how-to's to more elaborate technical processes.

02-17-15 Jessy Grizzle Delivers Distinguished University Professorship Lecture on Bipedal Robots

Jessy Grizzle delivered a lecture on his work with bipedal robots last week in honor of being named the Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor of Engineering. The lecture covered the different iterations of Prof. Grizzle's world-renowned bipedal creations since he started work on Rabbit in 1999. His most recent project, MARLO, is his first bipedal robot to walk freely outdoors.

01-19-15 Jessy Grizzle to Deliver U-M Distinguished Lecture on Bipedal Robots (Feb 4 at Rackham)

In Science Fiction, robots walk, run, and jump better than you. In reality, can you count on them to walk over rubble and pull you from a burning building? Not so much. Jessy Grizzle will give the lecture, Taking Bipedal Walking Robots from Science Fiction to Science Fact , in honor of being named the Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor of Engineering. He will describe how the science of feedback systems is enhancing the ability to achieve highly dynamic locomotion in bipedal machines. The theory used in the talk will be amply illustrated with graphics and videos of his experiments to make the material accessible to a general audience.

12-17-14 HEV Fuel Economy Meets Drivability in Outstanding Control Systems Paper

Research that aims to find a happy medium between fuel economy and drivability in hybrid electric vehicles was recognized with the 2014 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (TCST) Outstanding Paper Award. The research was directed by Prof. Jessy Grizzle, and published in TCST as, "An Energy Management Controller to Optimally Trade Off Fuel Economy and Drivability for Hybrid Vehicles."

11-11-14 Yelin Kim Wins Best Student Paper Award at ACM Multimedia 2014 for Research in Facial Emotion Recognition

Yelin Kim has won the Best Student Paper Award at the 22nd ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM 2014) for her research in facial emotion recognition. The paper, "Say Cheese vs. Smile: Reducing Speech-Related Variability for Facial Emotion Recognition," was co-authored by her advisor, Prof. Emily Mower Provost.

11-06-14 Yang Liu Receives Best Applications Paper Award for Cyber Security Research in Phishing

Yang Liu, Ph.D Candidate in Electrical Engineering:Systems, earned a Best Applications Paper Award from the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA2014) for his recent research on phishing. His paper detailed his use of big data analysis to solve a major problem of cyber security

10-20-14 Prof. Raj Nadakuditi Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award for Research that could Help Reveal the Brains Secrets

Raj Nadakuditi, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received a 2014 DARPA Young Faculty Award for his research project, "Fundamental limits of eigen-wavefront based imaging through highly scattering random media." His research will impact the ability to investigate the structure of brain circuits through the use of optical imaging techniques.

10-15-14 Prof. Necmiye Ozay Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award for Research in Cyber and Physical Systems

Necmiye Ozay, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received a 2014 DARPA Young Faculty Award for her research project, Dynamics-based information extraction: a hybrid systems approach." Her research will impact the safety and security of cyber and physical systems.

09-11-14 Fighting lung cancer with faster image processing

A new $1.9 million research program led by Prof. Jeff Fessler seeks to make low-dose computed tomography scans a viable screening technique by speeding up the image reconstruction from half an hour or more to just five minutes.The advance could be particularly important for fighting lung cancers, as symptoms often appear too late for effective treatment. Prof. Thomas Wenisch is collaborating on the project.

08-21-14 Sensors in the Soil (video)

Soil moisture information is just as important to NASA engineers as it is to local farmers. For example, this data is used to monitor climate patterns and predict landslides. Prof. Mingyan Liu is working on a system that will make collecting and analyzing this data more accurate.

08-21-14 Solving the Big Data Dilemma

Prof. Laura Balzano talks about how to get the best results from big collections of data. Science, healthcare, economics, infrastructure and government could be completely changed by effectively using big data.

08-21-14 MABEL at the Chicago Field Museum

MABEL, the record-breaking bipedal robot who was taught to walk and run by Prof. Jessy Grizzle and his team, has arrived at the Chicago Field Museum, where she will part of the biomechanics exhibit through January 2015.

07-31-14 Jessy Grizzle Named Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor

Jessy Grizzle has been named the Elmer G. Gilbert Distinguished University Professor of Engineering. Prof. Grizzle is an internationally renowned researcher in the area of control systems. He has broken new ground in the application of control theory to bipedal robots and environmentally friendly automobiles.

06-17-14 Designing robots that assemble and adapt

What happens when you send a rolling robot out for a mission, and it turns out to need legs instead? In this video, Shai Revzen, assistant professor of ECE, describes how his team is working to create "self-assembling" robots that can build themselves into any form required.

06-02-14 Student Spotlight: Nick Asendorf - Matrix Musician

Nick conducts research in the area of machine learning and statistical signal processing under the guidance of Prof. Raj Nadakuditi. He has been employing random matrix theory to create new algorithms that aim to improve multi-modal correlation analysis. He has led the ECE Graduate Student Council and plays the carillon on North Campus.

05-28-14 Parinaz Naghizadeh, Researcher in Economic Network Security, is Named a Barbour Scholar

Parinaz Naghizadeh, a graduate student in electrical engineering, has been named a 2014 Barbour Scholar. She is conducting research in the general area of computer and network security, and more specifically, combining communications with economics to assess the security level of a network and then apply that data to design cyber-insurance contracts.

05-12-14 Research in Machine Learning earns Notable Paper Award at AISTATS 2014

Prof. Clay Scott received a Notable Paper Award at the 2014 Int. Conf. on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics for his research in the area of machine learning. The theoretical research has applications in big data problems such as crowd sourcing, topic modeling, and nuclear particle classification.

05-05-14 The Car Doctor Talks to Prof. Freudenberg

Listen to the radio broadcast of Prof. Jim Freudenberg talking with Ron Ananian, The Car Doctor, about software complexity in cars. (start at the 19 minute mark of the May 3 broadcast)

04-30-14 Hao Sun Earns 3 Paper Awards for Medical Imaging Research

Hao Sun, a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, will receive 3 paper awards at the 2014 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) meeting. held May 10-16 in Milan, Italy, for his research in the area of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

04-29-14 Students earn prizes for improving image processing in EECS 556

Two teams earned prizes in the graduate level course, EECS 556: Image Processing, thanks to the sponsorship of KLA-Tencor. The course, taught by Prof. Jeff Fessler, covers the theory and application of digital image processing, which has applications in biomedical images, time-varying imagery, robotics, and optics.

04-11-14 Hands-On Robotics (video)

Prof. Shai Revzen presents his Hands-On Robotics course (EECS 498). Watch the students in action as he describes: teaching philosophy, what makes for a great team, how to enhance collaboration across teams, even unexpected ways to get a great grade (wackiness allowed).

04-10-14 David Hong Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

ECE graduate student David Hong has been awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support his research. He plans to develop new algorithms that are able to uncover hidden trends in massive real world datasets, ranging from healthcare records to personalized learning records.

04-09-14 Student Spotlight: Mai Le - Finding a Better Way to Diagnose Breast Cancer with MRI

EE:S graduate student Mai Le is applying statistical signal processing techniques to improve breast MRI. Her goal is to be able to determine whether a tumor in breast tissue is malignant or benign through imaging alone.

04-08-14 Have New Cars Gone Haywire?

ECE Professor Jim Freudenberg comments on the increasing complexity of automobile electronics with Discovery News. Commenting on this, he said that the complexity of software in a vehicle is daunting, and added that the average Ford in 2010 had 10 million lines of code, more than the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

03-13-14 Keravnos Energy wants to make fast electric vehicle charging economical

Keravnos Energy, LLC wants to give a jolt to the electric vehicle industry by making quick charging electric vehicle (EV) stations economical. The student founders of this startup company, Rupert Tull de Salis and Dimitris Assanis, got their own charge by winning the Erb Award for Environmental and Social Sustainability at the 2014 Michigan Business Competition.

01-20-14 Gopal Nataraj Receives ISA Fellowship to Support Research that will Improve MRIs

Gopal Nataraj, a doctoral student in the EE:Systems program, received a fellowship from Innovative Signal Analysis, Inc. to support research that aims to generate higher-quality and faster MRI images than is currently available. The result will be improved diagnostics of neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases, shorter periods of time inside MRI machines by patients, and a reduction in healthcare costs.

01-16-14 Zhaoshi Meng Receives Best Paper Award at CAMSAP 2013

Zhaoshi Meng, a doctoral student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, received 2nd place in the Student Paper Competition at the 5th IEEE Int. Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing (CAMSAP 2013).

12-18-13 Al Hero Named 2013 IEEE SPS Technical Achievement Award Winner

Prof. Alfred O. Hero received the 2013 IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Technical Achievement Award, "for information-theoretic advances in statistical signal processing and machine learning." This award honors a person who, over a period of years, has made outstanding technical contributions to theory and/or practice in technical areas within the scope of the SPS.

12-16-13 Mridul Mishra Receives Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowship

Mridul Mishra, a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, received a Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowship to pursue his studies in wireless communications.

12-16-13 Pin-Yu Chen Receives Rackham Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship

Pin-Yu Chen, a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, received a Rackham International Student Fellowship to continue his studies in big data. Mr. Chen is a doctoral student in Prof. Al Hero's research group.

12-05-13 Prof. Mingyan Liu Elected Fellow of the IEEE

Prof. Mingyan Liu has been elected IEEE Fellow, Class of 2014, for contributions to modeling of wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks. Prof. Liu's research interests are in optimal resource allocation, performance modeling and analysis, and energy efficient design of wireless, mobile ad hoc, and sensor networks.

12-04-13 Two-legged robot walks outside at U-Michigan

With prosthetic feet and hips that can swing sideways for stability, the University of Michigan's newest two-legged robot has taken its first steps outside. The machine named MARLO is the third-generation bipedal robot for Prof. Jessy Grizzle. While its predecessors were connected to lateral support booms and confined to the lab, MARLO can venture out into the sunlight.

11-21-13 Jeff Fessler Receives 2013 IEEE Edward J. Hoffman Medical Imaging Scientist Award

Prof. Jeff Fessler received the 2013 IEEE Edward J. Hoffman Medical Imaging Scientist Award, For contributions to the theory and application of statistical image reconstruction methods in nuclear medicine, x-ray CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). His group's research has led to improved medical images in hospitals.

11-21-13 Students take a Field Trip to a Wind Farm

Students in Prof. Ian Hiskens Electricity Networks and Markets (EECS 598) class and members of his research group recently took a field trip to DTE Energy Companys first company-owned wind farm, called Echo. Students left with a deeper understanding of the reality and challenges of alternative energy.

11-04-13 New algorithms and theory for shining light through non-transparent media

Curtis Jin, a graduate student in electrical engineering, is part of a research team that has developed theory and algorithms that can mitigate or even overcome loss in transmission power due to the multiple scattering of light in non-transparent (ie, scattering) media.

09-26-13 Research that will lead to sharper photos earns best paper award

Research by Dr. Paul Shearer, Prof. Alfred O. Hero, III and Prof. Anna Gilbert, earned Best Paper Award at the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. The researchers tackled the problem of "camera shake," which is inevitable in cases where a tripod is either not available or practical for taking pictures.

08-13-13 Jae Young Park Receives Best Student Paper Award for Research Impacting Structural Health Monitoring

Jae Young Park, a recent doctoral student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, received a Best Student Paper Award at the Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations (SPARS 2013) conference. The method described in the paper is expected to increase the longevity of battery-based sensor devices that record structural information, increase the accuracy of basic data analysis techniques, and decrease the memory requirements of such tasks.

07-02-13 Research in Production Systems Engineering is Recognized with Best Paper Award

Prof. Semyon Meerkov and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Chao-Bo Yan received a Best Paper Prize for the paper, "Production Lead Time Problem: Formulation and Solution for Bernoulli Serial Lines," presented at the Int. Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Conference on Manufacturing Modeling, Management and Control.

06-25-13 Daniel Molzhan will address sustainability challenges as a Dow Fellow

When Daniel Molzahn arrives at Michigan this fall to begin his work as a postdoctoral researcher, he will come as a Dow Sustainability Fellow. His research will be aimed at upgrading the current electric system for the 21st century.

06-24-13 Student teams earn prizes for improved image processing techniques in EECS 556

Sponsored and judged by KLA-Tencor, first place went to Gopal Nataraj, Brandon Oselio, and Yash Shah for their technique for speeding up the processing time of MRI scans. Second place went to Taining Liu, Xiaolin Song, and Jinze Yu for using a novel approach to improve weaknesses in the image processing technique known as frame rate up conversion. EECS 556 covers the theory and application of digital image processing, which has applications in biomedical images, time-varying imagery, robotics, and optics.

05-17-13 New cyber-physical systems grants to advance health, energy & transportation

NSF announced two projects to expand the frontiers of cyber-physical systems. Prof. Jessy Grizzle will lead the four-year $4M project called, Correct by Design Control Software Synthesis for Highly Dynamic Systems. Prof. Demos Teneketzis will lead U-Ms effort in the UC-Berkeley based project called, Foundations of Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems (FORCES). [NSF press release]

04-30-13 Prof. Silvio Savarese Awarded J. James R. Croes Medal

Computer vision professor Silvio Savarese and colleagues have been awarded the 2013 J. James R. Croes Medal from the American Society of Civil Engineers for developing a method to automatically track structural changes happening in construction sites, while enabling data to be collected simply and inexpensively.

04-29-13 Research in distributed networks earns Notable Paper Award at AISTATS

The research by Prof. Al Hero, ECE graduate student Zhaoshi Meng, and Dr. Dennis Wei provides a way to efficiently reveal relationships between even distant entities in a network, whether it be a social network or a network of sensors. The group will present their research at the 16th Int. Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics.

04-25-13 ECE Alum Kevin Xu Wins Social Computing Challenge Competition

Dr. Kevin Xu (MS PhD EE:Systems '09 '12) took first prize at the Challenge Problem competition sponsored by the 2013 Int. Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, and Prediction Conference. The challenge problem required the participants to discover ways to interpret given data sets in a way that could be used to predict future social behavior.

03-25-13 The Noisy Wolverines earn the right to compete for gold

The team called "Noisy Wolverines" made it through the first round of competition to be among the top 15 teams in the nation to compete in the DARPA Spectrum Challenge competition. They hope to take home the prize for best communication system design.

02-27-13 Revzen: Popular Science - Watch: How Cockroaches Are Helping Scientists Design Better Robots

02-26-13 Wind-energy programs yield engineering jobs

This article talks about what is involved in a wind-energy academic program, which is a specialty of Prof. Ian Hiskens. "Electrical engineers work with and design power systems, power electronics and control systems and analyze delivery and flow into the grid."

02-22-13 Cockroaches and robots: Reverse engineering the balance systems of animals

Running cockroaches start to recover from being shoved sideways before their dawdling nervous system kicks in to tell their legs what to do. This new insight by Prof. Shai Revzen and colleagues into how biological systems stabilize could one day help engineers design steadier robots and improve doctors understanding of human gait abnormalities.

02-14-13 Translating animal movement into better robotic design

Prof. Shai Revzen pioneered a method, called Data Driven Floquet Analysis (DDFA), which he is currently using to test scientific theories of neuromechanical control in animals and humans, and extract principles that may guide future robotic design.

02-05-13 Power Electronics at Michigan - Some research, teaching, and student teams

Engineering TV visited Michigan recently to talk with Prof. Heath Hofmann and hear what was going on in the area of power electronics. In three separate videos, Prof. Hofmann talks about his research, about power electronics at Michigan, and about the student team Michigan Hybrid Racing.

02-05-13 Lowering CT Radiation for Improved Health

Jeff Fessler is working with U-M radiologists to create high-quality CT scans with lower radiation in a much faster time frame than currently possible. Technology developed by Prof. Fessler and his research group is in use at U-M hospital. Watch the video to see his algorithms in action.

02-05-13 Predicting your risk of illness

Imagine a future when you could predict whether or not you are at risk of becoming sick. Prof. Al Hero is working to make that a reality with his research into the human genome's response to viral illnesses. Watch the video to learn more.

02-01-13 Hofmann: Engineering TV - Automotive Power Electronics

02-01-13 Power and Energy Curriculum: Engineering TV - video with Heath Hofmann

11-28-12 Juan Rivas Receives CAREER Award for Research in Next-Generation Power Electronics

Prof. Juan Rivas was recently awarded an NSF CAREER award for his research project, Power converters with embedded passive components. With traditional methods nearing the end of their ability to improve much beyond their current state, Rivas will investigate new design techniques to dramatically improve the power density and performance of power electronics.

10-10-12 Bourne pursuit: Improving computer tracking of human activity

Prof. Silvio Savarese and his group have found a way to improve a computer's human-tracking accuracy by more than 30 percent by looking not only at where the targets are going, but also at what they're doing. His computer vision algorithms will help make cars safer on the road, in addition to various other applications.

10-04-12 Popular Mechanics names Jessy Grizzle as a top 10 world-changing innovator for 2012

For his work with the bipedal robot known as MABEL, Prof. Grizzle was named a Top 10 Innovator for 2012 by Popular Mechanics. One of MABEL's biggest feats was mastering the run - becoming the fastest bipedal robot with knees. Her successor, MARLO, just arrived at Michigan - ready to take up where MABEL left off.

10-01-12 Production Systems Engineering, Chinese Edition

Prof. Semyon Meerkovs book, Production Systems Engineering, co-authored by former student Dr. Jingshan Li (PhD EE:Systems 2000), was translated into Chinese and published by Beijing Institute of Technology in 2012.

09-21-12 Grizzle: Discovery News - Run! Top 5 Fastest Robots to the Rescue

07-05-12 Research by Silvio Savarese applying computer vision techniques to construction sites leads to best paper award and a new spinoff company

Prof. Silvio Savarese received the 2011 Best Paper Award from the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management for research that applies fundamental principles developed for real-world scene understanding to the problem of efficient construction site monitoring. He co-founded the company Vision Construction Monitoring, LLC, to offer the technology to the construction industry.

05-03-12 Michael Hand Receives Tau Beta Pi Fellowship to Pursue his Graduate Studies in Control Systems

Michael Hand received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the EECS Department at the end of 2011, and was recently informed that he received a one-year fellowship to support his graduate studies in Electrical Engineering:Systems.

04-27-12 The worlds first two-legged robot with a trip reflex

The two-legged robot named MABEL can now recover from a stumble like a person, making her the world's first robot with a trip reflex, says Prof. Jessy Grizzle. The fastest bipedal robot with knees can now step up onto a platform that's in her path. She has no cameras, so she uses a sense of touch, so to speak, to keep steady footing.

04-23-12 Prof. Mingyan Liu Receives Best Paper Award at the 11th ACM/IEEE Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks

The paper, "In-Situ Soil Moisture Sensing: Measurement Scheduling and Estimation using Compressive Sensing," by Prof. Mingyan Liu and Xiaopei Wu (a visiting student), was named Best Paper at the 11th ACM/IEEE Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks. This research aims to monitor soil moisture over time using as little energy as possible while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

04-18-12 Computer Vision Course is Part of a Groundbreaking Online Initiative

An open and free online course on Computer Vision co-taught by Prof. Silvio Savarese and Prof. Fei Fei Li of Stanford will be offered as early as July 2012. The course is offered through the education company called Coursera, founded in 2011 and dedicated to providing free online courses taught by world-class faculty from the top universities.

04-13-12 Robots Building Better Maps: for robots and other mechanical creatures

Nick Carlevaris-Bianco, PhD student in Electrical Engineering:Systems, is using a robot equipped with highly sensitive 3D laser scanners and cameras to generate robust 3D maps. These maps could be used in the future for autonomous navigation of vehicles and similar applications. [includes a video of the project]

04-03-12 $10 million NSF project to advance computer programming

Making computer programming faster, easier and more intuitive is the goal of a new $10 million NSF project, Expeditions in Computer Augmented Program Engineering (ExCAPE), that involves Prof. Stphane Lafortune and is based at the U. of Pennsylvania. Prof. Lafortune aims to automate the complicated, time-consuming and expensive software-debugging process.

03-23-12 Local students see science and engineering in action with MABEL, the bipedal robot

When students from the Michigan Technical Academy came to the University to discover some of what goes on in engineering, they discovered fun, football, and physics.

02-23-12 Prof. Jeff Fessler Honored with Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award

Jeffrey Fessler, professor of EECS, Biomedical Engineering, and Radiology, has been honored with a 2012 Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award for his sustained efforts as advisor, teacher, advocate, sponsor, and role model to doctoral students. Prof. Fessler is an internationally renowned research leader in computational medical imaging.

01-19-12 New technology allows CT scans to be done with a fraction of the conventional radiation dose

A technological breakthrough is allowing the University of Michigan Health System to be the first teaching hospital in the U.S. to perform some CT scans using a fraction of the radiation dose required for a conventional CT image. The scan displayed shows a dark spot indicative of cancer.

01-16-12 Prof. Raj Nadakuditi Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award

Prof. Raj Nadakuditi received a Young Investigator Award to support research that is expected to improve the quality of information obtained from sensors and sensor networks through the creation of improved algorithms to detect, estimate, and classify even weak signals.

01-11-12 Prof. Raj Nadakuditi Receives 2012 SPS Young Author Best Paper Award

Prof. Nadakuditi received this award for the excellence of his 2008 research paper, "Sample Eigenvalue Based Detection of High-Dimensional Signals in White Noise Using Relatively Few Samples." The research has applications to biomedical signal processing, wireless communications, geophysical signal processing, array processing, and finance.

12-19-11 Prof. Grizzle Receives 2012 Bode Lecture Prize from IEEE Control Systems Society

Jessy Grizzle, Jerry W. and Carol L. Levin Professor of Engineering, received the 2012 Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize for his distinguished contributions to control systems science and engineering. Jessy's work in nonlinear system theory has been applied to automotive applications and more recently bipedal robots, and has had a fundamental impact on the field.

12-12-11 Srinath Sridhar Awarded Rackham International Student Fellowship

Srinath Sridhar, a second year master's student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, was awarded a Rackham International Student Fellowship for 2011-12. He is currently a research intern at the Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. working on a computer vision based AR system for intelligent cars.

12-06-11 Sid Bao earns Best Student Paper Award for Computer Vision Research

Sid Ying-Ze Bao, an electrical engineering:systems PhD student, received the award at the 1st IEEE Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Robot Perception. The paper was co-authored by EE:Systems master's student Mohit Bagra and Bao's advisor, Prof. Silvio Savarese.

11-17-11 Professor Emeritus Ted Birdsall Receives Silver Medal in Signal Processing in Acoustics

Professor Emeritus Theodore G. Birdsall was recently honored with the Silver Medal in Signal Processing in Acoustics by the Acoustical Society of America, "for contributions to signal detection theory and development of coded sequences in underwater acoustics." He is only the second recipient of this award.

11-09-11 Ian Hiskens Presented with an IEEE Power & Energy Society Prize Paper Award for Best Paper of the Past 5 Years

Prof. Hiskens received the award at the 2011 Power & Energy Society General Meeting, held in Detroit, MI. The paper, "Sensitivity, Approximation, and Uncertainty in Power System Dynamic Simulation," co-authored by Jassim Alseddiqui, was written in 2006.

11-03-11 New Method for Building a Low-cost, High-Performance Electric Machine and Drive Could Result in Huge Energy Savings

Prof. Heath Hofmann will be expanding his impact on the field of electric machines and drives in a newly funded project supported by the Bosch Energy Research Network. The research could potentially result in huge energy savings due to the widespread use of these machines and the applicability of Hofmann's research project to these devices.

10-22-11 The Freescale Cup and EECS 461 (Embedded Control Systems)

Students in EECS 461 expanded on the skills developed in the course when they entered the Freescale Cup, a contest in intelligent car racing. It was a challenging and rewarding experience, and though they were up against more seasoned teams from China and Mexico they achieved first place among the U.S. teams. Go Blue! [with video]

10-20-11 Revzen: IEEE Spectrum - Watch a Robot Build Other Robots out of Spray Foam

10-18-11 New research program aims to make better sense of the world

A new 5-year $2.5M research program funded by the National Science Foundation, led by Prof. Demos Teneketzis, aims to address fundamental issues that arise in networked systems so that they can operate with maximum efficiency. This is especially critical as individual sensing devices are scaled down to millimeter size.

10-12-11 Research about a Resilient Sensor Network for Plants Recognized with Best Track Paper Award

Research involving the design of a resilient sensor network for use in a nuclear power plant was recognized at the 4th International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems as a Best Track Paper award. The paper, "Resilient Monitoring System: Design and Performance Analysis," was authored by H. Garcia, U-M students Naman Jhamaria and Heng Kuang, Wen-Chiao Lin (EE:Systems alumnus now at the Idaho National Laboratory), and Prof. Semyon M. Meerkov.

10-12-11 Keynote speech makes an impact in China

Prof. Semyon Meerkov delivered a keynote lecture at the 2011 International Forum on Advanced Vehicle Technologies and Integration (VTI2011). Within 15 minutes it was translated into Chinese. Meerkov's book, Production Systems Engineering, is currently being translated into Chinese (available summer 2012).

10-06-11 Modernizing the Nations Electric Grid for Alternative Energy

Prof. Ian Hiskens will be developing the technology as well as a strategy that will allow the nation's grid system to accommodate large-scale alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar power, through a $1.4M grant from the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy.

09-18-11 Next-generation Systems Information Theory

Called Value-centered information theory for adaptive learning, inference, tracking, and exploitation, this MURI led by Prof. Al Hero has the goal of laying the foundation for a new systems information theory for next-generation autonomous and adaptive sensing systems.

09-17-11 Lindsay Allen and John Broderick Receive Best Application Award

Lindsay Allen (PhD EE:S '10) and John Broderick (EE:S PhD Candidate) received the Best Application Paper Award at the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), for successfully applying Allen's Anomaly Detection method to data supplied by Ford Motor Company.

09-07-11 Silvio Savarese Authors Book in the Field of Computer Vision

The book, Representations and Techniques for 3D Object Recognition and Scene Interpretation, "introduces major concepts in 3D scene and object representation and inference from still images." Prof. Savarese directs the Vision Lab at U-M.

08-26-11 Breakthrough: Researchers find wide gap in immune responses of people who did or didnt get the flu after exposure

Prof. Al Hero and colleagues in medicine and genomics are using genomics to begin to unravel what in our complex genomic data accounts for why some get sick while others don't.

08-23-11 New Techniques in Medical Informatics Lead to Improved Diagnosis of MDS

Research by Prof. Al Hero and colleagues in the area of medical informatics is leading to better diagnosis and prognosis of patients with serious blood borne diseases.

08-18-11 Sensors in the soil help engineers understand climate change

Profs. Moghaddam, Liu, and Teneketzis are involved in research that will increase understanding of how global ecosystems function, and ultimately global climate change.

08-16-11 MABEL is now the worlds fastest two-legged robot with two knees

Jessy Grizzle's robot MABEL can now run, a feat that represents the height of agility and efficiency for a two-legged machine.

08-14-11 Gyemin Lee Receives Best Paper Award for Research in Machine Learning for Biomedical Diagnosis

Mr. Lee is a PhD student in EE:Systems studying with Prof. Clay Scott. His paper provides an automated process for flow cytometry.

06-23-11 Prof. Semyon Meerkov and Colleagues Author Book on Quasilinear Control

Prof. Semyon Meerkov co-authored the textbook Quasilinear Control: Performance Analysis and Design of Feedback Systems with Nonlinear Sensors and Actuators.

04-30-11 Student teams earn prizes in EECS 556: Image Processing

Two teams earned prizes in the graduate level course, EECS 556: Image Processing, thanks to the sponsorship of KLA-Tencor.

04-29-11 Prof. Wayne Stark and Changhun Bae Receive 2011 JCN Best Paper Award

A 2010 paper related to energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks by Prof. Wayne Stark and EE:S graduate student Changhun Bae was named the 2011 Journal of Communications Best Paper.

04-04-11 Al Hero Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

Prof. Hero was recognized for being an internationally recognized expert in the field of signal and image processing, an established leader in the professional community, and a distinguished educator.

04-04-11 Raj Nadakuditi Receives ONR Young Investigator Award

Prof. Nadakuditi will investigate the fundamental statistical limits of quiet signal detection, estimation and classification in the context of undersea signal processing.

03-31-11 Watch MABEL on Discovery Channel Canada - Daily Planet

MABEL's story starts at the 5 minute mark. Watch as Jessy Grizzle shows how his group's work has MABEL navigating the highest steps yet. Don't miss her new shoes at the end. Video

03-21-11 Al Hero Receives Best Paper Award for Research in System Feasibility Studies

The paper will be presented at the 2011 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing in May 2011.

03-02-11 MABEL the robot to appear on Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel Canada is doing a documentary about MABEL, and captured experimentation of new walking algorithms live on camera. One of MABEL's new features is the addition of more "human" feet to better mimic the classic heel strike, flat foot, toe roll motion of human walking. The feature is expected to be out within a few weeks.

02-17-11 Hongwei Liao, EE:Systems Grad Student, Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Mr. Liao received this prestigious fellowship for his research in applying discrete control theory to computing problems, within the context of the Gadara project.

02-07-11 The Future Looks Electric

As carmakers scramble to hire engineers, according to a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, students at Michigan will receive the training they need to enter the field.

01-12-11 Silvio Savarese Receives NSF CAREER Award

Prof. Savarese will pursue research in the area of computer vision. He directs the Computer Vision Group.

12-01-10 MABEL walking over rough ground - Take 2

The bipedal robot known as MABEL is getting the hang of walking on uneven surfaces. Check out her first attempt she did pretty well, but then crashed and burned. Now she is navigating increasingly taller steps. MABEL walks on the balls of her feet, so her balance mimics a natural human gait. This is accomplished through advanced control algorithms, and results in walking motions that are more energy efficient and more agile than almost all other robots. [Watch the video]

09-07-10 Fessler: MyScience - Grant could enable higher definition CT scans at lower radiation doses

09-01-10 CT scans at higher definition and lower radiation

Jeff Fessler has received funding from the NIH to improve the image quality of lower-dose CT scans for diagnosing and monitoring lung disease.

08-11-10 Grizzle: The Auto Channel - Ford Increases Investment in University Research; More Than $60 Million Awarded Over Last 20 Years

08-11-10 Grizzle: MSN - Ford Increases Investment in University Research; More Than $60 Million Awarded Over Last 20 Years

07-14-10 Jessy Grizzle Named IFAC Fellow

Prof. Grizzle was named Fellow for outstanding contributions to nonlinear control theory and to applications in automotive and robotic systems.

06-30-10 Computer Vision Research Recognized at Innovation in AEC Conference

Prof. Silvio Savarese's student, Mani Golparvar-Fard, receives best paper award for research in four-dimensional augmented reality models and their application to the construction industry.

06-16-10 Grizzle: Detroit Free Press - U-M robot breaks leg

06-16-10 Grizzle: AP - U-M robot Mabel clears stacked wood, may jog soon

06-02-10 Grizzle: URecord - Video shows walking robot navigating bumpy ground

05-27-10 Grizzle: engadget - U-M's MABEL robot hits a stride, breaks a leg

05-27-10 Grizzle: semageek - Mabel, le robot bipde qui se casse la jambe

05-27-10 Grizzle: Robotics Tech Center - MABEL: A Bipedal Robot Walks Naturally With no Camera

05-27-10 MABELs first attempt at walking over rough ground

Watch the video
Learn More about MABEL, the bi-pedal robot who is learning to walk over obstacles without the aid of eyes (sensors).

05-25-10 Grizzle: BotJunkie - MABEL Walks on Uneven Surfaces, Breaks Ankle

05-25-10 Grizzle: Fast Company - Sightless Mabel's Fancy Footwork a Giant Leap for Robotkind

04-29-10 Kevin Xu Awarded NSERC Fellowship

Kevin Xu received a fellowship to pursue his research in the area of statistical signal processing, specifically, "Inference in Dynamic Networks for Prediction of Epidemics."

04-24-10 Patrick O'Keefe Receives NSF Fellowship for Research in HCI

Patrick O'Keefe, incoming graduate student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, received a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for his research in human computer interaction.

04-17-10 Brian Buss Receives NSF Fellowship for Control Research

Brian Buss, graduate student in the Electrical Engineering:Systems program, received a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for his research in controlling glucose levels in ICU patients, using control theory.

04-13-10 U-M Researchers Win 2010 Signal Processing Best Paper Award

EECS Professors Anna Gilbert and Martin Strauss, along with Joel Tropp, have won the 2010 Signal Processing Best Paper Award from EURASIP.

04-12-10 Nadakuditi-New Scientist: Enter the matrix: the deep law that shapes our reality

04-12-10 Domitilla Del Vecchio Receives Donald P. Eckman Award

Prof. Domitilla Del Vecchio received this Award from the American Automatic Control Council, "For contributions to the theory and practice of hybrid dynamical systems and systems biology."

03-16-10 Yong Long Selected as Barbour Scholar

Yong Long, EE:Systems PhD student working to improve the quality and safety of CT scans, was selected as a 2010-11 Barbour Scholar.

03-10-10 Amanda Funai Receives Margaret Ayers Host Award

Amanda Funai, EE:Systems graduate student working to improve the image quality of MRIs, received this award to pursue her research in Statistical Signal Processing.

01-05-10 Al Hero Receives Signal Processing Magazine Best Paper Award

Prof. Hero and his co-authors received this award for their important work in localization in wireless sensor networks, published in 2005.

12-16-09 Clay Scott Receives CAREER Award for Research in Signal Processing

Clay Scott received an NSF CAREER award for his research project, "Guided Sensing," to develop new methods for guided sensing of information.

12-08-09 Grizzle: Ford, U-M work on accelerating hybrid development: Metromode

12-03-09 Senior Design Course, Embedded Control Systems, Goes International

EECS 461, a course designed to bridge industrial and educational goals, as well as electrical engineering and computer engineering, is now being taught in Zurich.

12-02-09 Best Paper Award in Automation Research

Lindsay V. Allen, graduate student in electrical engineering:systems, received the Best Conference Paper Award at the 2009 IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering with co-authors Kiah Mok Goh from Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Prof. Dawn Tilbury for the paper, Closed Loop Determinism for Non-Deterministic Environments: Verification for IEC 61499 Logic Controllers.

11-04-09 Grizzle in Metromode: Ford, U-M work on accelerating hybrid development

10-22-09 Research Led by Prof. Grizzle Speeds Development of Future Hybrid Vehicles

Prof. Jessy Grizzle is applying his expertise in control theory to hybrid electric vehicles in a partnership with Ford Motor Company, and finding ways to improve fuel economy while allowing for optimal driving experiences. [Press Release]

10-07-09 Yong Long Receives Best Poster Award for Work in Medical Imaging

The interdisciplinary research describes a method to improve image quality while reducing patient X-ray dose in medical CT scans.

09-29-09 Ellersick Prize for Best Paper Awarded to Authors in Communications

Prof. Wayne Stark, graduate student Cem Tekin, and former UG student Steven Hong will be presented with the Ellersick Prize at MILCOM09 in October.

09-01-09 Sensing Sensors: NSF Funding News Ways to Monitor Infrastructure for Safety

Prof. Mike Flynn is leading a team of investigators in new theory and techniques for processing information from wireless sensor networks, with the goal of ensuring the nation's infrastructure.

08-13-09 Ian Hiskens: Part of U-M's $2.5M grant for education toward a greener auto industry

08-05-09 New Tool [Gadara] Could Eliminate Software Freezes

Gadara helps avoid the software freezes that occur when applications running concurrently begin to compete for resources. Computer Magazine featured this work by Profs. Lafortune and Mahlke in their latest issue.

08-05-09 Research in Flow Cytometry Receives Award for Best Original Paper

Prof. Al Hero and colleagues' new method for clinical flow cytometry, called FINE, employs manifold learning and information geometry. The article about the work was awarded for being the most original of the year.

07-17-09 Prof. Hiskens Receives Stim Money for Wind Energy

Prof. Ian Hiskens will investigate how to increase the amount of wind power that can be carried on the grid system, allowing for greater utilization of wind generation.

07-17-09 Hiskens: DOE Announces Nearly $14 Million to go to 28 New Wind Energy Projects

07-16-09 The Bipedal Robot MABEL

The bipedal robot MABEL is walking on flat land, and being prepared for running, and walking on uneven ground. New videos are available on YouTube.
Read more on Prof. Jessy Grizzle's website.

07-09-09 Ali Nazari Receives Best Paper Award at ISIT 2009

Ali Nazari won a Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) for his work in multi-terminal communications systems.

06-18-09 Several EECS Faculty Receive HP Innovation Awards

Six EECS faculty are tackling four innovative research projects ranging from plasma science to software tools and data centers that have been selected by HP Labs to receive Innovation Research awards.

05-11-09 Hiskens: First Plug-In EV Conference Coming to Detroit

04-06-09 Bridging the gap between wireless sensor networks and the scientists who use them

Prof. Robert Dick and graduate student Lan Bai are creating programming languages for wireless sensor networks that are easily used by scientists in various areas of specialty. [UM Press Release]

03-12-09 Dr. Jacobs, co-founder of Qualcomm, talks about the future of cell phones

02-10-09 Prof. Hiskens named Vennema Professor

Prof. Ian Hiskens will present the lecture, What's Smart about the "Smart Grid"? April 2, 2009 in a public ceremony to announce his being named the Vennema Professor of Engineering.

12-03-08 Gadara: New approach eliminates software deadlocks using discrete control theory

Prof. Lafortune (L) and Prof. Mahlke developed a new way around software deadlocks with a controller that combines discrete control theory and compiler technology. [U-M Press Release]

10-29-08 Professor Al Hero Elected to IEEE Board of Directors

Prof. Al Hero has been elected to the IEEE Board of Directors as Director of Division IX (Signals and Applications). His official term of service will be 2010-2011, and he will serve as Director-Elect in 2009.

10-08-08 Jessy Grizzle Professorship Lecture and Reception

Please join us to honor Jessy Grizzle, the Levin Professor of Engineering, Wed, Oct 29 at 3:30pm in the Johnson Rooms. There will be opening remarks, a lecture by Prof. Grizzle, and a reception.

10-06-08 Semyon Meerkov receives Distinguished Faculty Governance Award

Prof. Meerkov received this award for outstanding leadership in faculty governance over a period of years, with an emphasis on Universitywide service.

03-13-08 Al Hero Receives Digiteo Chaire dExcellence

Prof. Al Hero has been selected to receive a Digiteo chaired research faculty position in France. He will conduct research during the summer months on Distributed Active Networks: Sensing and Estimation, applied to both gene regulation networks and ad hoc communications networks. [read more ...]

01-26-08 Discrete Event Systems: by Stephane Lafortune

Prof. Stephane Lafortune co-authored, with Christos G. Cassandras, the book Discrete Event Systems, now in its second printing. The book is written for advanced-level students in a variety of disciplines.
[Read more...]

01-26-08 Analog Signals and Systems: by Dave Munson

Prof. Dave Munson co-authored, with Erhan Kudeki, the book Analog Signals and Systems. This book focuses on the mathematical analysis and design of analog signal processing, and is designed for second year electrical engineering students. [Read more...]

01-04-08 New Textbook: Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management

By Prof. Al Hero, et al. Prof. Hero is also affiliated with the departments of Biomedical Engineering, and Statistics at U-M. His research interests include: Statistical communication theory, Signal processing, Detection and estimation theory, and Tomographic imaging. [More info...]

10-09-07 Prof. Fessler Earns Faculty Recognition Award

Jeffrey Fessler's research in the field of medical image reconstruction is multidisciplinary and his collaborations have had significant impact across the University and beyond. Several of his algorithms have been patented, and some have transitioned to leading medical centers and to scanner manufacturers. [Read more...]

10-09-07 Jessy Grizzle Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

Jessy Grizzle combines a deep knowledge of control theory with an ability to develop practical applications in several areas. A case in point is his contribution to bipedal locomotion, an achievement that is considered to be a major turning point in robotics. This advance was achieved through a deep theoretical insight combined with practical ingenuity. [Read more...]