Welcome to the Computer Engineering Laboratory

Lab Director: Valeria Bertacco

The Computer Engineering Lab at the University of Michigan is the top US institution for total publications in top-tier architecture, circuit and computer-aided design conferences (ISCA, MICRO, ISSCC, VLSI, DAC, DATE). Our Computer Engineering graduate program has been ranked #6 in the country in 2015 by the US News and World Report.

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The Computer Engineering Lab at the University of Michigan is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students who conduct research related to hardware design, computer architecture, computer-aided design, and embedded systems.

Faculty members in the lab explore theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of computer design, spanning a broad range of hardware topics, including embedded systems design, hardware security issues, computer architecture and data centers architecture, computer-aided design, testing and validation. The research breadth also encompasses software layers close to hardware: operating systems and compilers.

The Lab receives generous support from several industry sponsors (Intel, IBM, Freescale Semiconductors, Cisco, Google, Facebook,…) and the federal government (DARPA, DoE, NSF, Semiconductors Research Corp,…). It has strong ties to its alumni who have gone on to key positions in industry and in academia, including CMU, UIUC, Stanford, AMD, Apple, ARM, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Synopsys, etc.

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

This website is a good source of information if you are interested in pursuing graduate studies with a focus on computer engineering. To apply for our graduate program in CSE, please visit our prospective student page on the CSE website.