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Lab is hybrid. You may come to lab or do it remotely. Lab periods will generally consist of the lab instructor providing a brief overview of the lab. That presentation will be available in person, but also on Zoom. The link is posted with the lab page materials on the course Canvas page under Pages.

Support will be provided for those in-person and remote via a help-queue at
Remote Students: Provide a Google meet link in the comment section of the help queue. You should also include "home" to indicate that you are home lab students.
In-Person Students: Provide the station number and room you are working at. The station number is on your computer. There are two lab rooms: room EECS 2332 and the CAEN lab just through wall of the lab or next to the mens room on the next hall over.

Remote Lab Tools

The CAD tools that we will be using are available on the CAEN network. You can use them remotely. See the following directions.
The tools on CAEN are just like the tools we have in the lab and allow you to do your design entry, synthesis and simulation. Since you don't have a kit, you don't have a way to test your design on any hardware.

We have another tool to allow you to do that via The tool works very similar to the tools we use in the lab and on CAEN. It has the added feature of allowing you to put your code on a kit that you can observe via remote cameras. You can even use the switches via a graphic and see the results on the kit. There is a tutorial on how it use it listed with tutorial preceding lab 1.

To use Labsland, you will need a special entry link. It is posted on the course Canvas page with the lab resources under Pages.


Everyone who is coming to lab in person will receive a face shield. You will only get one and you will need to take it to and from lab. If you lose it, you'll need to purchase one. When interacting closely with the lab instructor, both you and the lab instructor will need to wear a face shield while you are within 6 feet of each other. Because of Covid occupancy restrictions, we can only have 9 students in the primary lab. EECS 2331 is our "overflow" room. It is normally a CAEN lab. If the main lab room (2332) is full, you'll need to go to the overflow room. Once you have a lab station, you need to wipe down the station (FPGA board, the keyboard, the the table immediately in front of you). When you leave the lab and are done using the station, you need to wipe it all down again.

You will need to wear a mask in the lab at all times. No food or drink is allowed. You need to maintain spacing between yourself and others in the lab (6 feet) and should stay in your seat unless entering or exiting the lab. When the lab instructor comes to help you, you will need to put on your face shield.

You are to read the complete operating procedure for the lab before the first time you enter.

Lab Hours

Note: Much of this section will be updated during the first week.

Current weekly home and staffed open hours can be found at this calender link. Staff home and open hour assignments are at this link. Be sure to see the calender link for weekly exceptions because of holidays, exams, etc.

Lab Due Dates

Each lab assignment consists of a Pre-Lab, In-Lab and Post-Lab that are due by the end of your home lab hour. See this link for assigment schedule. Check your home lab Gradescope for specific times and variations.


Each lab assignment is indicated as a link to Lab #. Important support documents such as tutorials and examples are also listed with each lab. Occasional lab overviews will be provided by your lab instructor during your lab section.

Quartus Tutorial
Lab 1: Combinational Lab 1
Lab 2: Combinational Lab 2
Lab 3: Combinational Lab 3
 Lab 4: Combinational Lab 4
Lab 5: Sequential Lab 1
Lab 6: Sequential Lab 2
Lab 7: Nintendo 8
Commonly Used Files, Documents and Links
The DE2_115 FPGA pin constraint file. DE2_115.qsf
In-Lab Demo Sheet (pdf)
HEX # Systems
Simulation Quick Reference
Majority Voter Test Bench (Truth Table)
Majority Voter Test Bench (Counter)
Majority Voter Test Bench (For Loop)
Combinational Verilog Ref
Sequential Verilog Ref
Lab Submission Policy

Known Tool Issues
          See this link for current CAD tool issues. Tool FAQs and issues.

Labsland Issues and FAQs

Lab Submission Policy
Pre/Post-Lab: Pre-Labs and Post Labs will be submitted with Gradescope. Each home lab section will have a Gradescope site identified with your lab section number. See this guide for using Gradescope and the tutorials on the Gradescope site.

In-Labs demonstrations must be certified by a 270 lab instructor. A demonstration sheet will be signed and collected by the instructor upon successful completion of the In-Lab demonstration.  Any 270 lab instructor during any lab session can certify your In-Lab demonstration.  Take a picture of your of your signed demo sheet and submit it to Gradescope.

Hand Written Materials: Hand written answers to questions especially those requiring diagrams is acceptable as long as it is neat and clear. These materials will have to be scanned. A flat bed scanner will be provided in the lab for this purpose. Some of the CAEN labs have scanners too. You will have to check with the CAEN lab resources to see which labs have these available. You may also submit a JPEG format photo if it is clear and readable.

Due Time and Late Penalty: Lab assignments must be submitted by the due times indicated in the schedule. Pre-Lab and Post-Lab electronic submissions may be submitted up to this time. In-Lab verifications must be certified with a 270 lab instructor before this time. There are exceptions, so be sure to consult the current lab schedule for details. Late penalties are accessed at 5% for the first day and 10% for subsequent days. Only the lab component (Pre, In or Post) that is due is penalized. The In-Lab component will not be penalized on non-staffed days.

Lab Attendance Policy

270 Assigned Lab Sections: You may attend any 270 home lab pending availability and the discretion of the lab instructor; however, you will only be helped after home lab students are helped.  In a busy lab section, this may mean you DO NOT receive any help during the period! For priority help, attend your home lab or any open lab.

270 Open Lab Sections: You may attend ANY 270 open lab section and obtain priority help. 

Directed versus Design Labs: Eeecs 270 labs are roughly divided into directed and design labs. The directed labs are traditional "cookbook" labs with explicit procedures and instructions.  A good example is the tutorial. These labs can be completed during a lab period. Design labs are open ended and require considerable time debugging and developing beyond the 3 hour home lab period. Use the many staffed open labs, CAEN labs or web pack software to complete your work.

Quartus CAD Software in CAEN Labs: The same Quartus software found in the 270 lab is available in the CAEN labs on Linux loads. You can do design entry and simulation with the software.

Free Quartus Web Pack Software: You can download Quartus software from the Altera web site at no cost for your personnel use. The software is designed to run on Windows OS. The Windows Qaurtus design files are compatible with the Linux based Quartus software.Design entry and simulations can all be completed with the Web Pack Software.  Link to Qaurtus Lite Edition

CAEN Remote Connection with VNC: You can login into a CAEN server remotely and run the Quartus software under Linux as though you are in a CAEN or 270 lab. The response is a bit slower then in lab, but you can work in the comfort of your home base with coffee, music and  pizza at hand. Go to the CAEN webpage and browse for remote connection and VNC. The current VNC link.

Altera Kits: You may purchase Altera Kits like the one in the 270 lab from Altera at an academic rate. Check the Altera website for current prices and availability.

Supported 270 Open Labs:
For additional support and access to the Altera Kits,  you can attend any open 270 lab and receive priority help. 

Email Support: It is NOT practical to provide lab email support. Often the problem and answer are just to involved to communicate in an email exchange.  Additionally,  instructors are not allocated time for email support. Go to open lab if you need additional help!

Lab Accounts

The 270 lab and CAEN labs require a CAEN account. If you are a registered engin student you will have an account. If you are not an engineering student, you will have to obtain an account from CAEN. Go to the CAEN website for more information or vist their office on the 2nd floor of the Media Union.

Changing Home Lab Section

          Changing home lab sections is possible, but is limited by lab capacity and generally not possible. If you need to change your home lab section, consult your lab instructor.

Lab Staff

Lab Coordinator
Matthew Smith,

Lab GSIs
Pedram Zamirai
Connor Bolton

Sharon Thomas
Sarthak Bansal
Bryce Messmann
Dan Wan

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