The midterm will be on Thursday Feb 22 at the same time as regular class. For each of the morning and the afternoon sections, we will use two rooms, the normal one and one additional.
   ADDITIONAL rooms are:
                10:30-12   room 1311 EECS
                1:30-3pm   room 1005 Dow
The additional rooms are smaller, and we will try to fill the regular rooms first.

Please show up early at one of the rooms (since you may need to walk to the other room)

According to the University policies/practices, students who do not show up to midterms/finals for non-medical reasons etc. receive 0 credit.

However, if there is a demand for an earlier exam, we may be able to obtain a small room for it. If you cannot show up to one of regularly scheduled midterms, you need to notify us by email immediately ( or, including the reason why cannot attend the regular exam.

If you take the early exam, you are NOT ALLOWED to take a regular exam.

All exams will cover the same material (Chapters 1-3, operations with sorted ranges, including binary search, Chapters 6-8).

However, the early exam will be different from regular exams. Among other things, it will have no extra-credit questions.

The early exam is likely to be scheduled sometime in the evening on Wednesday(21).

A sample midterm is also available.