Computer & Network Security

EECS 588 – Winter 2017

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Paper Response Guidelines

Write a ~400 word critical response to each required paper.

Your most important task is to demonstrate that you've read the paper and thought carefully about the topic.

Paper responses are due before the start of class via the online submission system. Before you upload your work, the system will ask you to assess earlier responses written by your peers. We'll combine peer feedback and our own evaluation when determining your grade.

Reading List

This list is subject to change. Updates will be posted by the end of the day on the Friday before each lecture.

Unfortunately, some articles require paid subscriptions to journals and digital libraries. You can access these for free when connecting on campus. For off-campus access, try the U-M VPN or the MLibrary Proxy Server Bookmarklet.


Tuesday, January 3

No Class.

Thursday, January 5

Internet of Things / Cyber-Physical Systems (no bidding; instructors presenting)

Tuesday, January 10 — Attacks

Thursday, January 12 — Defenses

How Crypto Fails / Real World Crypto

Tuesday, January 17

Thursday, January 19

Binary Exploitation

Tuesday, January 24 — Basic Exploitation

Thursday, January 26 — Modern Attacks

Malicious Software

Tuesday, January 31 — Malware

Thursday, February 2 — Isolation

Web Security

Tuesday, February 7 — Web Attacks

Thursday, February 9 — Web Isolation

Mobile Security

Tuesday, February 14 — Mobile Security

Thursday, February 16 — Pre-proposal presentations No written response required for today.

Human Factors

Tuesday, February 21 — Passwords

Thursday, February 23 — Usable Security

Network Security

Tuesday, March 7 — Network Attacks

Thursday, March 9 — Online Crime

Security and Government Power

Tuesday, March 14 — Post-Snowden Era

Thursday, March 16 — Cyberwar/Crypto War

  • W32.Stuxnet Dossier. Falliere, Murchu, and Chien. Symantec technical report, 2011.
  • Keys Under Doormats. Abelson, Anderson, Bellovin, Benaloh, Blaze, Diffie, Gilmore, Green, Landau, Neumann, Rivest, Schiller, Schneier, Specter, and Weitzner. July 2015.

Critical Systems / Hardware

Tuesday, March 21 — Automotive Security

Thursday, March 23 — Hardware Security

Privacy and Confidentiality

Tuesday, March 28 — Deletion and Leakage

Thursday, March 30 — Privacy in the Cloud

Online Freedom

Tuesday, April 4 — Anonymity

Thursday, April 6 — Censorship Resistance