EECS 651

Source Coding Theory

Winter 2007


Office Hours for the Week of March 26-30

Monday 3-3:30
Tuesday 1-3
Wednesday 9-11, 3-3:30
Thursday 9-11


As announced in class, we will have a class this Friday, 3-4:30. The room is 104 EWRE.

Looking ahead here are lists of days we will have no class due to me being out of town, and a list of Fridays in which we will have classes.

No class:
Monday, Jan. 29
Wednesday, Jan. 31
Wednesday, Feb. 14
Wednesday, Mar. 14

Friday classes:
Jan. 19
Feb. 2
Feb. 16
March 16


New office hours and a list of references have been posted.


Handouts and lecture notes from Monday have been posted.


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