CSE Health & Wellness

The Computer Science and Engineering division encourages our staff to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Within the division, we have provided resources and activities to help improve your overall well-being. 

CSE Resources

Treadmill and Bicycle Sign-up sheet

CSE staff are encouraged to use the treadmill or bike for 15 minutes each day. Please sign-up to reserve a time slot. Remember to be respectful of others working nearby by keeping noise to a minimum.

CSE Fit Facebook Group

Please feel free to join the group and share workouts, recipes, tools, etc. to keep everyone motivated and healthy!

U-M Resources


MHealthy provides programs and resources to help you be your best—physically, mentally and emotionally. Some programs and resources include:

  • Exercise and relaxation classes
  • Personal Training
  • Alcohol and tobacco program
  • Stress Management Program

External Resources


WebMD is one source of information about health, fitness, and exercise.