Power Electronics at Michigan - Some research, teaching, and student teams

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Engineering TV visited Michigan recently to talk with Prof. Heath Hofmann and hear what was going on in the area of power electronics. In the following three videos, Prof. Hofmann talks about his research, about power electronics at Michigan, and about the student team Michigan Hybrid Racing.

Prof. Hofmann works in the area of power electronics and electromechanical systems. Specific research interests of his include energy harvesting, flywheel energy storage systems, finite element analysis, and the design and control of electric machines.

In this first video, he describes his research into new types of electric motor designs, including work on a synchronous field-winding machine that reduces the use of expensive rare earth materials.


In this segment, Prof. Hofmann describes the power electronics curriculum for undergraduate students, as well as what goes on in the Power Electronics Laboratory. The curriculum includes courses taught by Prof. Hofmann and his colleagues, Prof. Ian Hiskens and Prof. Juan Rivas.


Prof. Hofmann advises the Michigan Hybrid Racing team, a group of engineering students that designs and builds a high-performance race car that is also an efficient hybrid electric vehicle. He talks about the team in this video:


Posted: February 1, 2013