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EECS 520: Solid State Physics

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Instructor: Professor Zhaohui Zhong

EECS 520 provides a general introduction to the underlying physics behind solid state devices. General topics include: crystal structure; lattice vibration and phonons; free electron Fermi gas; low dimensional conductors; electron transport theory; energy band structures; properties of semiconductors; dielectrics response; optical properties; magnetic effects; superconductivity.


Introduction to Solid State Physics, by Charles Kittel. Wiley Pubishing, 2005, 8th ed.

Condensed Matter in a Nutshell, by Gerald Mahan. Princeton University Press, 2011, 1st ed.

Introduction to Solid-State Theory, by Otfried Madelung. Springer Publishing, 1978, 1st ed.

Lec. 1             Introduction & Crystal Structure
Lec. 2             Reciprocal Lattice & Imaging
Lec. 3             Lattice Vibration I
Lec. 4             Lattice Vibration II
Lec. 5             Thermal Property I
Lec. 6             Thermal Property II
Lec. 7             Free Electron Fermi Gas
Lec. 8             Low Dimensional Conductor
Lec. 9             Transport theory I
Lec. 10           Transport theory II
Lec. 11           Electron in a Lattice, Tight-Binding Model
Lec. 12           Band Structure and Electron Motion
                        in a Band
Lec. 13           Semiconductor Electronic Properties
Lec. 14           Nanoelectronics
Lec. 15           Optical properties I
Lec. 16           Optical properties II
Lec. 17           Dielectric Response of Metal
Lec. 18           Electrostatic Screening in Metal
Lec. 19           Dielectric Properties of Insulators
                       & Ferroelectrics
Lec. 20           Magnetic Effects: I
Lec. 21           Magnetic Effects: II
Lec. 22           Magnetic Effects: III
Lec. 23           Superconductivity: I
Lec. 24           Superconductivity: II