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EECS 632: Radar Remote Sensing

Instructor: Fawwaz Ulaby

Radar scattering by man-made and natural objects, radar system design, synthetic-aperture radar, radar altimeters, applications of radar remote sensing to oceanography, meteorology, hydrology, and ecology.

Microwave Radar and Radiometric Remote Sensing, Fawwaz Ulaby and David Long, UM Press, 2014.

Chapter 5: Radar Scattering
Chapter 10: Surface-Scattering Models and Land Observations
Chapter 11: Volume-Scattering Models and Land Observations
Chapter 13: Radar Measurements and Scatterometers
Chapter 14: Real- and Synthetic-Aperture Side-Looking Airborne Radar
Chapter 15: Interferometric SAR
Chapter 16: Radar Remote Sensing of the Ocean
Chapter 17: Spaceborne Altimetry