Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Peter S. Fuss
BSE EE '56


Quotes from the video:

A great idea was important. But more important was the quality of the people that wanted to build the company.

I very much enjoyed the entrepreneurial stage... It's when people get together and really accomplish things.

I lived through a tremendous period of time in which electronics, basically semiconductors, came to be.

The honor system taught me integrity, which is probably the most important thing that influenced my life.

Peter Fuss began his career at Bell Laboratories, where he headed the development of digital signal processor systems for submarine detection, and later managed the development of operating system software and processor hardware. After 19 years he joined Teletype Corporation, where he was Director of Research and Development. He led the development of electronic terminal systems, VLSI, and software.

In 1979 he joined Tellabs, Inc., he says, "when it was basically a startup." Tellabs is a leading manufacturer of voice and data communications equipment. In 1987, he volunteered to build Tellabs International , Inc., a subsidiary of the parent company. Tellabs Int. is responsible for all Tellabs operations outside of North America with sales, R&D, and manufacturing facilities in 24 cities throughout the world. He retired from Tellabs in 1993.

Peter holds ten patents, primarily in the area of digital signal processing. He came up with one of the first real time fast fourier transforms to do submarine detection.

He has served on the boards of several technology companies, including Mechatronic Labs, Pulse Data Inc., Terrapoint Inc., and Geomagic Inc. He is a special consultant and former executive vice president of technology at Batterson Cross Zakin Venture Partners.

Peter Fuss and David Munson

Mr. Fuss was awarded the College of Engineering Alumni Society Medal in 2011. The CoE Alumni Society Medal is the highest honor awarded by the Michigan Engineering Board of Governors. He is also a recipient of the CoE Merit Award for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In service to the College, Peter served as a member of the highly successful Progress & Promise: 150th Anniversary Campaign Committee, he was chair of the Michigan Engineering Fund, and he has served on the Michigan Engineering Alumni Board and the EECS department's National Advisory Committee. Peter and his wife Evelyn provided a leadership gift for the construction of the Peter S. Fuss Pavilion on North Campus.