Alumni Society Mission and Purpose


The mission of the Society is to enhance the relationship between the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) of the University of Michigan and the alumni of the Department, thereby encouraging the excellence of the Department and its graduates.


The purpose of the Society shall be to:

1.   To stimulate among its members an enduring interest in the Department, the College of Engineering and the University of Michigan.

2.   To foster fellowship and strengthen ties among alumni, students, faculty and friends of the Department.

3.   To educate its members to the goals and progress of the Department, thus enabling the members to assist in advancing the Department programs.

4.   To provide advice, encouragement and assistance through mentoring and other methods of communication with the students of the Department.

5.   To encourage a continual flow of outstanding applicants to the Department, contribute toward their financial needs while enrolled, and assist in the placement of graduates.

6.   To help University faculty and staff to meet Department, College of Engineering and University of Michigan needs for financial support from public and private sources.