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Alumni Spotlights: 1980–1989

Larry Aaronson

Larry Aaronson

Larry Aaronson (BSE EE ‘87) attended law school at U. of Illinois in Champaign. He says, “I have been practicing patent law (with a focus on wireless telecom technology) since then and have been a senior partner at the firm of McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP since 1999. I have also been an active cast member of, and writer for, the Chicago Bar Association’s annual “Christmas Spirits Show.” Two years ago, I operated a Kermit the Frog puppet and sang a duet to the tune of “Rainbow Connection”—in a Kermit voice (see photo). This past year, I played the title role of King Tort.  I have two adorable kids, Lindsey (9) and Adam (5), and an amazing wife, Holly.” [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]


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Larry Aaronson (‘87)
* Syed Ali ('81)
Charles J. Antonelli (‘89)
Paul Berger ('85, '87, '90)
Rick W.W. Bolander ('83, '85)
David Boundy (‘83)
Mark R. Brown (‘80)
David L. Chang (’88, ‘89)
Bennett S. Dubin (‘85)
David Edwards (‘84)
* Andrew Farah ('84)
Stephen Fenwick (‘88)
Glenn N. Galler (‘82)
David J. Gaskey (‘89)
* Nancy Benovich Gilby ('85, '87)
Kenneth F. Gudan (‘85)
* Mehdi Hatamian (’78, ‘82)
Kenneth W. Hawk (‘86)
* Shahin Hedayat (‘83)
Bob Himlin (’83, ‘84)
Won-Pyo Hong ('84 '88)
Julia Jackson (‘86)
Hossein Jadvar (‘86)
Eric Johnson (‘89)
Joseph G. Kanitra
Ivan LaHaie ('81)
Oscar Lankford (‘86)
Anthony Lavdas (‘87)
Jae Hong Lee (‘86)
Shiuh-Wuu Lee (’69, ’75, ‘80)
Brian Long (‘88)
Shrenik M. Mehta (‘84)
* Lori Mirek (’85)
Daniel Moloney ( '81)
Michele [Craven] Nicholas (‘86)
Robert V. Nightingale (‘86)
Kevin O'Connor
Thomas M. Parris (‘82)
Steven J. Pazol (‘86)
John C. Phillips (‘84)
Scott K. Riggs (‘86)
Rob A. Rutenbar ('79, '84)
Steven R. Schwartz (‘89)
Mark C. Smith (‘88)
Claudio Spiguel (’80, ‘82)
Suresh Subramanian (’86, ‘88)
* Stephanie Takai ('88)
* Sassan Teymouri ('83)
* Wayne Tsou ('89)
Kathryn Ullrich (‘86)
Lanka Van Dort
Vikram Verma (‘89)
* Rick P. Wallace (‘82)
Walter L. Whipple (’74, ‘88)
* Dawson Yee (‘87)

Syed Ali

Syed B. Ali

Syed Ali (MSE EE ‘81)
Chairman, President, CEO, and Founder
Cavium Networks, Inc.

Syed Ali founded Cavium Networks in 2000. He saw that the Internet was expanding more and more into business communications and e-commerce, both of which required high security communication. Believing that security could be significantly enhanced by silicon technology, his company successfully offloaded all the heavy computational work onto silicon, which had not been done before.

Today, the company provides highly integrated semiconductor processors that enable intelligent networking, communications, storage, video and security applications to worldwide markets. In 2011, Cavium Networks, publicly listed on NASDAQ, was named one of the 25 fastest growing technology companies in the United States by Forbes Magazine.

Giving Back: Syed Ali Education Fund – EECS Website, includes 2 videos

Charles J. Antonelli

Charles J. Antonelli (PhD CE ‘89) is Assistant ResIearch Scientist in the Information Technology Division and Assistant Director of Research Management at the Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI) at the University of Michigan. Dr. Antonelli’s recent efforts at CITI include the secure packet vault and the AFS over ATM AAL5 projects. He has taught courses in operating systems and distributed file systems in EECS. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Rick Bolander

Frederick “Rick” W.W. Bolander

Frederick “Rick” W.W. Bolander (BSE MSE EE '83 '85) is co-founder and Managing Director of Gabriel Venture Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm that seeks to build innovative, profitable and sustainable companies in the technology and cleantech sectors. During his venture career, he has been involved in more than 50 venture deals and has led over $100 million in early-stage financings. Before joining Gabriel, he served as General Partner at Chicago-based Apex Investment Partners. Bolander began his career as an engineer for Chevron Oil in the Systems, Planning, and Development Department and later served in a number of executive roles at AT&T Lucent. Bolander continues his passion for entrepreneurship, supporting the University by leading sessions at the University of Michigan Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs and by being an active member of the CFE Board. He endowed the Professor George I. Haddad Innovators Scholarship in 2007, and has also incubated an accredited academic program on campus that takes students into the community to assist at-risk youth. Bolander received the ECE Alumni Merit Award in 2010.

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VIDEO - Creative Destruction - Where Big Ideas Come From

David Boundy

David Boundy

David Boundy (MSE CCS ‘83) is married to Dr. Jane Epstein in New York, NY. He and Jane have a daughter, Lillian. David is a patent attorney at Cantor Fitzgerald. His practice relates to electronic trading systems, financial instruments and structures, and other financial services innovations. David obtains patents, and advises on infringement and validity issues. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

Mark R. Brown

Mark R. Brown (MSE CICE ‘80) graduated with honors from Rutgers School of Law (Newark) in May 2002, and was inducted into the Order of the Coif Law Honors Society. He recently passed the registration examination for patent agents given by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. His work focuses on traffic flow measurements for IP networks and reachability monitoring for MPLS-based virtual private networks. [EECS News 2003]

Machu Picchu

David L. Chang

David L. Chang (BSE MSE EE ‘88 ‘89) is Director of Layer 1 Software Development for Texas Instruments in San Diego. He has a team of about 40 software engineers that develops the real-time modem control code that runs the chips (which are also developed at TI) for the next generation of cell phones.

David took this photo during a 5 day hike on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu late last year. He said it was a “stunning trip hiking through 15,000+ mountain ranges to the ruins of the ancient city.” [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Ben Dubin

Bennett S. Dubin

Bennett S. Dubin (BSE EE/CE ‘85) tells us, “I received my BSEE and BSCompE from Michigan in 1985. After working in the mid-80’s for Lockheed and Sun Microsystems, I started an open source software company and then a software security company. We sold the security company and I then went on to get my MBA at Harvard. Afterwards I headed up the Enterprise Software portion of Java at Sun’s Javasoft. I have been a partner at Asset Management Company, the oldest venture capital firm in the west coast, for the past 6 years, and head up the IT investment portion of our fund. I received my MBA from Harvard.” Dubin is pictured left in Samoa. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

David Edwards

David Edwards (BSE CE ‘84) became a supervisor at Yazaki North America, Canton, MI, where he has worked since 1998. From 1995 to 1998, he was a software application developer at EDS, and from 1985 to 1994, he was a logic designer at IBM. [EECS News 2003]

Andy Farah

Andrew Farah

Andrew Farah (BSE CE MS Electrical Science '82 ‘84) is the lead designer for General Motors' electric vehicle projects, so far including the Chevy Volt and Chevy Bolt. The Volt is the world's all-time best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle to date, passing the 100,000 vehicle milestone in late 2015. Andrew has been with GM since he was still in college, beginning as an undergrad intern. He was one of the first engineers to work on the company's early electric prototypes in the 1990's.

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Andrew Farah - The Spark Behind the Volt – EECS News, 2013

Chevy Bolt electric car could be 'the first mass-market EV success' – Los Angeles Times, January 12, 2015

Stephen Fenwick

Stephen Fenwick

Stephen Fenwick (BSE EE ‘88) is a senior software engineer in the Applied Technology department of Motorola, Inc. Upon graduation from U-M, he went to Motorola, developing software in CGISS for the new generation of all-digital two-way police radios, both hand-held and mobile. He then moved to the Applied Technology department, where he has developed systems and software on several wireless products for government customers. Outside of work, Fenwick and a co-worker have been working to enhance an Internet-connected display box they developed, which won an honorable mention in a 2004 contest in Circuit Cellar magazine. On weekends, he volunteers his time at Chicago Canine Rescue helping dogs find owners to adopt them, and Vital Bridges, an organization which provides food and health counseling for people with AIDS. He received his MSEE from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2005. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Glenn N. Galler

Glenn N. Galler (BA CCS ‘82) works for IBM in the Silicon Valley Laboratory in San Jose, CA. He is a Senior Programmer with primary responsibility for measuring code coverage in the testing of large database and transactional software products. In 1989, he completed his M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University. In his 24 years with IBM, his work has focused on IBM’s largest and most sophisticated customers. From 1992 through 1997, he had an international assignment in London, England, where he was the Program Manager for Beta Customers in Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. He is the Campus Recruiting Manager for the University of Michigan, a position he’s held for the past nine years, responsible for recruiting Bachelors and Masters candidates in the School of Engineering. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

David J. Gaskey

David J. Gaskey (BSE EE ‘89) and John E. Carlson (BSE EE ’91) are partners at the intellectual property law firm of Carlson, Gaskey & Olds, P.C. (CGO) in Birmingham, MI. CGO was founded in July 2000 and has grown to 10 patent attorneys. CGO recently was named by its Fortune 250 clients as their principal intellectual property counsel in "Who Protects IP America," The Year in Intellectual Property Almanac 2002. [EECS News 2003]

Nancy Benovich Gilby

Nancy Benovich Gilby

Nancy Benovich Gilby (BSE CE '85; MSE CSE '87) is the Ehrenberg Director of Entrepreneurship and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Information and Research Investigator at the University of Michigan's School of Information.

Nancy is a serial entrepreneur, with 10 startups to her name so far. Her most recent project is Starry Night Mosaics, which builds custom art from 4mm segments of glass to be displayed as traditional art or built into indoor or outdoor installations.

Previously, she served as CEO of PocketThis, a firm that develops software to save and transfer content wirelessly from the Web and PCs to mobile phones. Her workdays revolve around top-level meetings with Europe's largest wireless carriers and venture capitalists. After leaving Michigan, Gilby developed new applications for Apollo Computer, ON Technology, Wildfire Communications and Firefly Networks. In 1998, she co-founded MarketSoft Inc., a developer of Web-based e-marketing software. Not long after, two colleagues invited her to join startup, PocketThis. In 2007, Gilby received the CSE Alumni Merit Award.

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Michigan Engineer Profile: Nancy Gilby – Michigan Engineer, Spring/Summer 2005

Kenneth F. Gudan

Kenneth F. Gudan (BSE CE ‘85) works for Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA. He is a lead EE for the iMac desktop product line, having a direct design/development contribution to every iMac to date. This job has taken Ken to Asia and Mexico numerous times for factory visits (and stress!). He writes, “I have been blessed to be married to Vivian for 11 years, with son Paul (six) and daughter Lisa (four), and we reside in Sunnyvale. Feel free to e-mail a hello if you wish to!” [EECS News 2003]

Mehdi Hatamian

Mehdi Hatamian

Mehdi Hatamian (MS PhD EE ‘78 ‘82), VP of Engineering for DSP Microelectronics, Broadcom Corporation, is a recognized expert in high-speed VLSI signal processing, image processing and compression, full-custom and low-power circuit and architec­ture design, Gigabit Ethernet transceiver design, high-density deep sub-micron CMOS design, and biomedical electronics. He has nearly 50 published articles, and holds 54 patents. He is an IEEE Fellow, and co-founder of Smart Medical Technologies Inc. and Metrics Corp. Hatamian received the ECE Alumni Merit Award in 2008. [EECS News 2009]

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Kenneth W. Hawk

Kenneth W. Hawk (BSE EE ‘86) started 1-800-Batteries in 1993 after graduating from the Stanford MBA program. He took the company public as iGo in 1999 and recently sold iGo to another public company. He recently took over as CEO of NemeriX in Lugano, Switzerland; they are a fabless semiconductor company that makes low-power GPS chipsets. Ken traveled to the annual Hannekamen ski race in Kitzbuhel where he had a terrific dinner with Arnold Schwartzenegger, “whom I met through my close friend, Franz Weber, world record-holder for speed skiing.” [EECS News 2003]

Sassan Teymouri

Shahin Hedayat

Shahin Hedayat (BSE MSE EE '81 '83) has been an entrepreneur since 1997. He co-founded four companies: Centillium Communication, Beceem Communication, Enverv, and Apixio, serving in a variety of roles including President, CEO, and Chairman. Centillium, Beceem, and Enverv reached maturation through IPO and acquisitions, establishing over $4B of shareholder value. Prior to 1997, Shahin held technical and manegerial roles at Cirrus Logic for 11 years, eventually becoming VP of Engineering and overseeing a $90M product line. He is named on 9 U.S. patents.

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Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Help Bring WIMS2 Technology to the World – EECS Website, May 26, 2015

Bob Himlin

Bob Himlin

Bob Himlin (BSE MSE EE ‘83 ‘84) works for ViaSat, Inc. as a software specialist working on the broadband over satellite system offered in the U.S. by Wildblue Communications. For fun, he dabbles in a little professional musical theater, most recently appearing in Moonlight Stage Productions’ “The Most Happy Fella” in Vista, CA. This summer he appeared in the role of Sky Masterson in “Guys and Dolls” at the outdoor amphitheater at Kit Carson Park in Escondido, CA. In addition, Bob and his daughter ran the Carlsbad 5000 this year. Billed as the World’s fastest 5K, Bob finished in a respectable 21:19. Photographer: Ken Jacques. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Won-Pyo Hong

Won-Pyo Hong

Won-Pyo Hong (MSE PHD EE ‘84 ‘85) became President of Samsung SDS in 2015. He joined Samsung in 2007 in the Network Infrastructure Business Division. Within a year, he became head of the Global Product Strategy Team for the Mobile Communications Business Division. It was in this role that he was responsible for the overall product strategy of the Samsung GALAXY mobile phone series, one of the most hotly anticipated and ultimately best-selling mobile devices in history.

In 2012, Dr. Hong was named President of Samsung’s Media Solutions Center (MSC). Established in 2008, MSC quickly became one of Samsung’s fastest growing internal organizations, now operating in 10 countries. Samsung SDS, a $7.2B company, focuses on information technology in data processing operations, system integration, IT services and current ICT services.

Dr. Hong delivered the keynote addresses at CES 2016 and CeBIT 2015.

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Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson (BSE CE ‘86) is a senior programmer/analyst at the Rackham Graduate School, U-M. Prior to this, she was a technical specialist at the Ann Arbor Public Schools. She has traveled to almost all 50 states, including a long driving trip to Alaska this past summer. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2004]

Hossein Jadvar

Hossein Jadvar

Hossein Jadvar (MSE CICE ‘86; PhD Bioeng ‘88) went on to earn a PhD in bioengineering (1988) from Michigan, an MD degree from the University of Chicago in 1993 and a MPH degree from Harvard University in 2005. He completed post-graduate medical training with an internship in internal medicine at UCSF (1993-94), a residency in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine at Stanford University (1994-98), and a fellowship in positron emission tomography and nuclear oncology at Harvard Medical School (1998-99). He is also currently pursuing a MBA degree (Class of 2007) in the Executive Program of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He joined the faculty of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in 1999, and is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology with a joint appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. He is also a Visiting Associate in Bioengineering at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. His research is currently supported by the NIH and is focused on the imaging evaluation of cancer. He is married and has two daughters, and lives at the foothills of Mount Wilson in the beautiful “city of roses,” Pasadena, CA. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Jadvar completed his MBA in the Executive Program of the Marshall School of Business at USC in 2007. He is USC’s Director of Radiology Research and is also the President of the Los Angeles Radiological Society, Nuclear Medicine Section. Additionally, he is a charter member and investigator for the NIH-funded Medical Imaging Review Panel. He lives with his wife Mojgan Maher, DDS, and two daughters, Donya and Delara, in the foothills of Mount Wilson in the beautiful “City of Roses,” Pasadena, California. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson (BSE EE ‘89) and his wife, Wendy Rosen, welcomed their second child, Molly Eva, on August 3, 2005. Molly joins her big brother Sam, 3. Eric works for Freescale Semiconductor as an electrical engineer. The family lives in Tempe, AZ. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Joseph G. Kanitra

Joseph G. Kanitra (BSE EE ‘89) is currently Network Engineer at the Ohio Assembly Plant, located in Avon Lake, OH, where they produce the 2005 Mercury Mariner and the commercial vans (E-Series). He joined Ford Motor Co. at this site in 1990, starting as a Facilities and Automation Engineer. Joe then became Supervisor of Technical Construction & Maintenance for 6 years, and transitioned to the IT group at the site in 1999. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Ivan LaHaie

Ivan LaHaie (MSE PhD EE ‘77 ‘81) is principal scientist at Integrity Applications, Inc., at the Ann Arbor office.

In 2014, Ivan was elected Fellow of IEEE “for contributions to near-to-far field radar signature transformations and radar measurement error mitigation.” [EECS News 2015]

Oscar Lankford

Oscar Lankford (BS CS ‘86) has been working in the IT industry for the last 20 years. For the past four years, he has worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Chicago. He credits the EECS Department for preparing him for a successful career. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Anthony Lavdas

Anthony Lavdas (BSE EE ‘87) is working on the development and deployment of next-generation Electrical CAD/CAE/CAM/PIM tools for Ford Motor Company Advanced Vehicle Technologies. He is the EESE C3P Method Lead Section Supervisor, EESE MCAD Development and Deployment. [EECS News 2003]

Jae Hong Lee

Jae Hong Lee (PhD EE ‘86) is the general chair of the 57th IEEE VTC (Vehicular Technology Conference) Spring 2003 in Jeju, Korea, April 22-25, 2003. He is a professor of electrical engineering at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. He also serves as the director of the Institute of New Media and Communications of Seoul National University. [EECS News 2003]

Shiuh-Wuu Lee

Shiuh-Wuu Lee (BSE MSE PhD EE ‘69 ‘75 ‘80) was recently appointed to the position of Intel Fellow, which is equivalent to that of an appointed vice president. This appointment was based on sustained individual technical contributions and technical leadership in the development of numerous proprietary CAD technologies for Intel’s microprocessor and communication product design. He tells us,“ since August 2000, I have been the director of the Technology CAD division at Intel. Lots of travel - weekly flying between the Santa Clara (California) site and the Hillsboro (Oregon) site. Our son Jing-Yuan is a senior at UCLA majoring in mathematics and plans to pursue law after graduation and our daughter Jing-Lan is a freshman at the University of Washington majoring in English and international studies. With our two children grown up, Ying and I travel frequently to L.A., Seattle, and many places around the country and in Asia. The last time I was in Ann Arbor was in March 2003 to give a presentation for the WIMS ERC Seminar Series hosted by Professor Ken Wise. I look forward to visiting Ann Arbor again soon.” [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Brian Long

Brian Long (MSE CE ‘88) is a Staff Software Engineer at Johnson Controls Inc., Building Controls Group, Milwaukee, WI. He is currently acting in a senior systems analyst/designer role in HVAC engineering, installation, and commissioning tools. He is also the Treasurer and former President of the University of Michigan Club of Milwaukee. He is enjoying his career and family - including wife Kathy, daughters Madeleine (9) and Carolyn (7), and collie Logan. If visiting the Milwaukee area, he invites you look them up - or contact our Alumni Club at [EECS News Fall/Winter 2004]

Shrenik M. Mehta

Shrenik M. Mehta (MSE CICE ‘84) is the director of Frontend Technologies and the OpenSPARC program. As Director for Frontend Technologies, he is responsible for the tools and methodology in the areas of Simulation/Hardware Acceleration, Formal Verification, Testability & Debug tools, Implementation and Verification IP used in the development and validation of ASICs, Processors and Systems. As OpenSPARC Program Director, Shrenik has been driving the details from the infancy of the project to the public release of the deliverables and looks forward to building a larger OpenSPARC community. During his 15+ years at Sun, Shrenik has been involved with SPARC and Java hardware designs. Prior to Sun, Shrenik worked as a Design Manager at Nexgen Microsystems, and for AMD. He holds eight U.S. patents and one patent in Taiwan. Shrenik enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking, skiing, running, and camping, and is currently spending his spare time learning piano. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Lori Mirek

Lori Mirek

Lori Mirek (BSE EE ’85) was co-founder of Currenex, the first online multi-bank global foreign currency exchange. As President and CEO until 2004, she was immersed in a world where a flow of one trillion dollars a day is the norm and rates can easily change 18,000 times a day. After receiving her MBA from Harvard, Mirek worked for Sun Microsystems and Oracle before becoming General Manager of Ameritech’s electronic commerce business. Mirek then made the move to Senior Vice President, Head of Worldwide Marketing at Netscape, serving as a corporate officer and member of the six-person executive committee responsible for corporate strategy and marketing. Through acquisition, she became Senior Vice President and General Manager of AOL, where she was responsible for the strategic positioning of the company as well as managing all aspects of sales, marketing and product development within the business-to-business unit. Finally, she decided to run her own startup, Currenex.

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David Boundy

Dan Moloney

Dan Moloney (BSE EE ‘81) is Former President of Motorola Mobility. During his 29 years at Motorola, he has been at the forefront of key technological breakthroughs that include building some of the biggest cable systems in the U.S., pioneering digital TV and HDTV, introducing analog set-tops with third-party applications, and launching home automation's first commercial-scale deployment. He most recently led Motorola Mobility's Home business, where he led the expansion of this business into a worldwide leader in both video and WiMAX wireless solutions.

In August 2011, Google announced plans to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, with plans to build on the existing Android ecosystem and enhance competition in mobile computing. Dan left the company in July 2012 to pursue other opportunities.

Dan Moloney received the 2012 Vanguard Award for Associates & Affiliates from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA). The Vanguard Awards are the cable industry's most prestigious awards.

Dan received the 2012 CoE Alumni Merit Award for Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Gothic Lawn Gnomes

Michele [Craven] Nicholas

Michele [Craven] Nicholas (BSE EE ‘86) is pleased to announce that her daughter Renee’s youth robotics team, the Gothic Lawn Gnomes, has won first place in the Washington State 2006 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition, and will be competing in the international FLL World Festival in the spring. These ten middle school age kids worked together to design a robot, built from the LEGO NXT kit that could autonomously complete a series of predetermined, nanotechnology-related missions. They also spent time reviewing current research in nanotechnology, and presented to the FLL judges their idea for a new gum that uses nanobots to clean plaque and tartar from your teeth. Renee, the only girl on her team, is currently working on an improvement to one of the robot’s attachments in preparation for the international competition. She enjoys the challenge of tackling the “impossible” mission, the dynamics of working with a group, and the opportunity to put her theater skills to work on the presentation. She plans to participate again next year in this inspiring program developed by FIRST, a not-for-profit public charity that “designs accessible, innovative programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills.” Renee’s FLL teammates include Mercury Herlan, grandson of Glenn O. Dentel (BSEM ‘63), and Alaric Sawade, son of Rennie Sawade (UM-F BS CS ‘86) and Vickie Sawade (UM-F BS MTH ‘92), as well as seven other boys from the Seattle area. Pictured left to right are Gothic Lawn Gnomes FLL team members Renee Nicholas, Mercury Herlan and Alaric Sawade.

Michele has spent most of her career serving up custom database software, with a side of technical writing, web site development and graphics design, for a variety of clients including Apple, Charles Schwab and Microsoft. She is currently schooling her two (mostly) delightful children out of her Seattle area home, where she lives with her husband Andrew, one cat and a Hungarian herding dog. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

Robert V. Nightingale

Robert V. Nightingale (BSE EE ‘86) said that his "Great Accomplishment" in this economy means he’s done enough to keep his job! In the last five years at JDA Software, he has been involved in designing and implementing decision support databases with Oracle, a job that has sent him to Australia, Europe, South America, South Africa, Canada, and all across the U.S. When it’s warm, he enjoys the beaches along Lake Michigan. [EECS News 2003]

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor (BSE EE '83) - The more comfortable and productive people became in searching the Internet, the more potential it had for marketing and sales. But businesses needed efficient ways to reach people, and for those potential consumers to shop, browse, order, remit payments, and track orders. Not surprisingly, the details were overwhelming. Kevin O'Connor made them manageable for business with the creation of DoubleClick Inc., a technology company that develops powerful tools which advertisers, direct marketers and Web publishers use to plan, execute and analyze marketing programs. O'Connor co-founded DoubleClick in 1996 in his basement with two people; the company soon grew into a global corporation and was acquired by Google in 2008. O’Connor recently authored the book, Map of Innovation: Creating Something Out of Nothing. He received the CSE Alumni Merit Award in 2002 and the College of Engineering Alumni Society Distinguished Service Award in 2009. O’Connor is also a co-chair of the College's Progress & Promise 150th Anniversary Campaign.

Thomas M. Parris

Thomas M. Parris (BS CCS ‘82) is back in his home state of Vermont (after a long journey with stops in Boston, New York City and Washington, DC), where he is Director of Sustainability Programs for ISciences, LLC (an Ann Arbor-based science and engineering consultancy). ISciences conducts research in the area of sustainable development, human security and the environment. Parris has also been appointed to the National Research Council’s Committee on Geographical Sciences. He has published articles on environmental information policy and sustainable development for journals such as Environment, Annual Reviews of Environment and Resources, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Thomas and his wife, Victoria, have two children: David (12) and Noah (7). [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Steven J. Pazol

Steven J. Pazol (BSE CE ‘86) is founder, president, and CEO of nPhase LLC, which was recently acquired by QUALCOMM, Inc. nPhase, founded in 2003, is a leading provider of machine-to-machine solutions to manage fixed machine assets. It has been named one of the “Top Ten M2M Pioneers” by M2M Magazine, and received the Chicago Innovation Award in 2004. QUALCOMM expects that nPhase’s fixed-asset machine-to-machine technology, experience and established customer base will complement its own success in the mobile machine-to-machine market. nPhase will continue to offer products under its own brand. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

John C. Phillips

John C. Phillips

John C. Phillips (BSE EE ‘84) has been named managing principal of Fish & Richardson’s San Diego office. A member of Fish & Richardson since 1994, Phillips’ practice emphasizes intellectual property counseling and patent prosecution with special expertise in Internet-related technologies, computer software, communications and electronics. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Scott K. Riggs

Scott K. Riggs (BSE CE ‘86) is vice president, Information Technology, for ProQuest Company in Ann Arbor, a digital archiver and publisher to the education and library markets throughout the world. He enjoys cooking, wine, and golf (when time permits). [EECS News 2003]

Rob A. Rutenbar

Rob A. Rutenbar (MSE PhD CICE '79 '84) is Stephen J. Jatras Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and Director of the Center for Circuits, Systems, and Software. After graduating from U-M, Rob A. Rutenbar joined the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests focus on circuit and layout synthesis algorithms for mixed-signal ASICs for highspeed digital systems and for FPGAs. In 1987, he received a National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award. From 1992 to 1995, he was a member of IEEE Spectrum’s Editorial Board. Rutenbar is a co-founder of NeoLinear, Inc., a startup company delivering CAD solutions for custom analog integrated circuit design, and an IEEE Fellow. Rutenbar received the ECE Alumni Merit Award in 2002. [EECS News 2003]

Steven R. Schwartz

Steven R. Schwartz (BSE CE ‘89) cofounded Inovo Technologies, an Ann Arbor-based consulting firm focused on commercial innovation in January 2003. Inovo's helps companies create economic value from new technologies — or acquire the technologies to provide a commercial edge in existing markets. Inovo’s Web site is [EECS News 2003]

Mark C. Smith

Mark C. Smith (BSE CE ‘88) is co-author of the book,Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services (2nd Edition), published this year by Addison-Wesley Professional. Co-authors are EECS alumni Timothy A. Howes (BSE AERO ’85; MSE PhD CSE ’87 ‘96) and Gordon Good (BS CE ‘91). [EECS News 2003]

Claudio Spiguel

Claudio Spiguel

Claudio Spiguel (MSE PhD CCS ‘80 ‘82) has retired after many years as an Executive VP of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Group, with responsibility for the Global Information Management of the company. Prior to that, he was VP of Commercial Information Management for AstraZeneca, Inc. He was also Executive in Residence and Professor of MIS at the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics of the University of Delaware. He tells us, “These days my wife Cristina (U-M PhD, Natural Resources ‘90) and I spend about half of our year in the U.S., with three of our children who are professionally established there: Andre (U-M BS ‘96, U of Chicago MD ‘06) who lives in Chicago, Ana Claudia (U-M BA ‘97, Penn Law JD ‘03), who lives in Miami, and Artur (U-M BS ‘99) who lives in New York. As you can see, all three are also Wolverines. The other half of our year we spend in our native Brazil, where my main hobby is horseback riding through the coffee plantations around the small country town where our families originated.” Spiguel is pictured left with his horse, Sugar. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Suresh Subramanian

Suresh Subramanian (MSE PhD CSE ’86 ‘88) is Group Senior VP - International Markets Telcom Services for Telcorida Technologies, Inc. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Stephanie Takai

Stephanie Wernet

Stephanie Takai (BSE EE '88) is the CEO of Takai and Company, her startup consulting firm that assists companies with marketing, web presence, and branding. Previously, she worked for many years with Goodyear in a variety of roles, including CIO, Vice President of IT, and Vice President of eCommerce.

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Sassan Teymouri

Sassan Teymouri

Sassan Teymouri (BSE MSE EE '81 '83) has more than 30 years of experience in the architecture and design of complex storage products for high performance computing and analytical markets. He served as VP of engineering in several enterprise companies, as CEO of a startup, and was part of the team that took Jaycore Network, Inc. to successful IPO in 1999 with more than $1.2B in market cap. Currently, he is a technology and business development member of the High Performance Computing team at EMC, which is the world’s largest storage company. He is named on 9 U.S. patents.

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Wayne Tsou


Wayne Tsou (BSE EE '89) is managing director and co-head of Carlyle Asia Growth Partners, part of The Carlyle Group, investing in private companies worldwide and turning them into powerhouse ventures. Mr. Tsou started Carlyle’s growth capital business in Asia (the first such business for Carlyle globally) when he joined the firm in 2004 and has since built CAGP into one of the leading growth capital platforms in Asia currently managing four USD funds and the Carlyle/Fosun RMB Fund.

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Kathryn Ullrich

Kathryn Ullrich

Kathryn Ullrich (BSE EE ‘86) is the new Associate Director of Alumni Career Services at UCLA Anderson School of Management. She provides programs and resources to help alumni with job transition and career success. She leads a Getting to the Top career development program at UCLA Anderson and Stanford Graduate School of Business. In addition, Ullrich is President of a Silicon Valley based executive recruiting firm doing Marketing, Product Management, Sales and Consulting searches for high-technology companies. [EECS News 2009]

Lanka Van Dort

Lanka Van Dort (MS CCS ‘85) is the Director of Engineering for Orion Systems, Inc., a software company in Ann Arbor. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

Vikram Verma

Vikram Verma (MSE EE ‘89) recently helped negotiate the acquisition of Savi, which he co-founded and of which he is now CEO, by Lockheed Martin in 2006. Verma has served in several roles at Savi, which he kept intact as a subsidiary of Texas Instruments and Raytheon. Savi develops and manufactures cargo security and management systems for global supply chains using Radio Frequency Identification technology. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Richard P. "Rick" Wallace

Richard P. "Rick" Wallace

Richard P. "Rick" Wallace (BSE EE ‘82) has been named chief executive officer (CEO) of KLA-Tencor Corporation. Wallace joined KLA-Tencor in 1988 as an applications engineer, and most recently was President and COO of the company. During his time at KLA-Tencor, Wallace has been responsible for the Wafer Inspection Group, Reticle and Photomask Inspection Division, Films and Surface Technology Division, Software and Customer Groups, and the Lithography Control Group. Wallace has been credited in a recent press release with playing an important role in KLA-Tencor’s strong market and technology position. After his undergraduate degree at U-M, Wallace earned a master’s degree in engineering management from Santa Clara University. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

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Walter L. Whipple

Walter L. Whipple (MSE PhD CICE ‘74 ‘88) writes: “A little over four years ago, I re-planned my career and changed to contract engineering work. Clients have included United Parcel Service, American Buildings, Tellabs, Microsoft, and Boeing. Currently, I’m writing test procedures and other documents for special test equipment used for communications satellites at Boeing Satellite Systems. My wife, Jean, also left direct employment for document management software consulting. We have two daughters, Kate and Sara, and two grandsons, Bryan and John. We’ve settled in Goleta (suburb of Santa Barbara), CA, to be with the kids and a cousin.” [EECS News 2003]

Whipple is a self-employed consultant, currently testing GN&C and COMM software for the SBIRS GEO-1 satellite for Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, CA. [EECS News 2009]

Dawson Yee

Dawson Yee

Dawson Yee (MSE EE ‘87), Hardware Architect for New Consumer Products Group at Microsoft, was the Hardware System Engineer and Architect for Xbox 360 Kinect and Xbox One Kinect. Xbox 360 Kinect became the best-selling product in consumer electronics history – selling more than eight million units its first holiday season and extending the capabilities of Xbox well beyond a pure gaming machine.

Dawson is currently working on top secret projects at Microsoft. He is also helping connect fellow alumni, co-hosting an alumni event in Seattle, WA with colleague and fellow alumnus Babak Parviz.

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