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Alumni Spotlights: 1990–1999
Mitchell and baby Trevor Abramson

Jeff Abramson

Jeff Abramson (BSE CE ‘89; MSE CSE ‘91) is a design engineer on the Pentium Pro (P6) design at Intel, and a former member of design management on the Pentium 4 design. After 11 years in design, he moved to system validation where he is currently managing the functional system validation for all desktop CPUs, with teams in Oregon, Sacramento, California and Penang, Malaysia. He also owns a business, Rainy Day Games, which has been a successful retail store for more than 6 years specializing in board games, puzzles, and other gaming products for all ages. Jeff is married to Nicole, and they have a son, Mitchell. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Abramson and his wife, Nicole, welcome Trevor Douglas Abramson to their family, born January 17, 2006. Jeff is a General Manager at Intel Corporation and also owns his own business, Rainy Day Games. Trevor (pictured lower right) has an older brother Mitchell who is 28 months old (pictured top right). The family lives in Beaverton, OR. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

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Jeff Abramson (’89, ‘91)
Patrick Alphonso (‘94)
Amir A. Amini (’84, ‘90)
Christopher William Angove (‘98)
Anurag Bajaj (‘96)
Donna Christine [Wolfe] Belville (‘99)
Paul R. Berger (’87, ‘90)
Paul L. Bergstrom (‘96)
Taneal Bhandari (‘99)
Sven G. Bilén (’93, ‘98)
John E. Carlson (‘91)
Kurt A. Carlson (’91)
David S. Carter (‘93)
Krishnendu Chakrabarty (‘95)
Timothy Chang (’94, ‘96)
Eric Chown (’94)
John C. Cowles (‘94)
Jennifer Crowley (‘95)
Michelle Marchena Curtis (‘94)
James A. D’Antonio (‘99)
Marco D’Aristotile (‘99)
Ronald A. DeLap ('94)
* Tony Fadell ('91)
Usama Fayyad (’84, ‘86, ‘91)
Matthew Gerlach (‘98)
Gordon Good (‘91)
Jason Heltzer (‘96)
Andrew P. Hoover (‘93)
* Timothy A. Howes ('87, '96)
James K. Huggins (‘95)
Christy L. Johnson (‘90)
Whitney Kew (‘94)
Ron Y. Kim (‘90)
William F. Kolakowski (‘93)
Gardiner D. Leverett (‘91)
* Curtis Ling ('90, '93)
Paul Lotz (‘98)
Bill Mangione-Smith (’87, ‘92)
Steven McLaughlin ('92)
Tom Montgomery (’85, ‘93)
Laura Mikkola Norris (‘92)
George Nowak
Allen J. Oh
* Larry Page (’95)
Jimmy Pangestoe (‘99)
John Paxton (‘87, ‘90)
* David Pennock (’99)
Amy Raudenbush (‘97)
Jennifer Rexford (’93, ’96)
* Avi D. Rubin (’89, ‘91, ‘94)
Kevin Rutkowski (‘94)
* Meera Sampath ('95)
Pete Staples (‘94)
Mark Stephan (‘96)
* Alan Steremberg (‘94)
Andrea E. Taylor (‘94)
Thomas J. Treutler (‘90)
David P. Trumpy (‘99)
Jean [Hwang] Verheyden (‘91)
Carl T. Wahl (‘99)
Khurt L. Williams (‘94)
* Nick N. Yang ('97)

Patrick Alphonso

Patrick Alphonso (BSE CE ‘94) is President of Swamiware LLC, in Ann Arbor, MI. Swamiware has recently completed software development on the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu for Game Boy Advance. Patrick is the author of The Game Fanatic’s Guide to PC Cheats published by Avon Books New York. He served as an editor for The Internet Encyclopedia (John Wiley & Sons). (http://www.swamiware.com). [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Amir A Amini

Amir A. Amini

Amir A. Amini (MSE PhD EE ’84 ‘90) is Associate Professor at Washington University, MO, and Director of the Cardiovascular Image Analysis Laboratory at the School of Medicine. Prof. Amini is the general chair of SPIE Medical Imaging Conference on Physiology, Function, and Structure from Medical Images, and is on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. He is co-author of the book, Measurement of Cardiac Deformations from MRI: Physical and Mathematical Models. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

After 10 years at Washington University School of Medicine (past 5 years as Associate Professor and Director of Cardiovascular Image Analysis Lab), Amini will be moving to the University of Louisville in August 2006 where he will hold an endowed chair in bioimaging as a full professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He will also have a lead role at the Cardiovascular Innovations Institute directed by Laman Gray, M.D. (the heart surgeon who performed the first totally artificial heart implant in the world). [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Christopher William Angove

Christopher William Angove (BS CS ‘98) is a software engineer with OPNET Technologies, MD. He has gained experience in software ranging from pure coding, training customers, and working with clients to solve their current problems. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Anurag Bajaj

Anurag Bajaj (MSE CSE ‘96) is an Associate with the Information Technology Group of Booz Allen Hamilton. Upon graduation from U-M, Anurag joined Hewlett Packard’s System Interconnect Solutions lab as a software design engineer. He left HP in 1999 to pursue an MBA at the Wharton School of Management, Univ. of Pennsylvania. He joined Booz Allen and Hamilton’s London office in their Information Technology Group in 2001. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Donna Christine [Wolfe] Belville

Donna Christine [Wolfe] Belville (MSE EE:S ‘99) is the very happy mother of Julianna Brooke, born January 6, 2004. She does consulting work for Veridian Systems (now General Dynamics) as a research scientist and software developer. Donna and her husband Roy live in Indianapolis, IN. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2004]

Paul R. Berger

Paul R. Berger

Paul R. Berger (MSE PhD EE ‘87 ‘90) is a Professor at Ohio State University with an active program in SiGe nanoelectronics. He tell us, “my latest venture is the establishment of the new Nanoscale Patterning Center which will house our new 100 keV electron beam lithography system following a multi-million dollar award by the State of Ohio. I will be the Center’s Director for a consortium of Ohio based universities, government labs and industrialists. We are presently recruiting a staff position and gearing up for the construction required in our cleanroom to install his highly specialized piece of equipment. This instrument is highly complementary with the NNIN facility as part of your SSEL.

On a personal note, our 2 daughters (8 and 11 years old) continue to develop and surprise us. My daughters are already brain washed to love Michigan. My oldest wears her Michigan shirt and hat to school before the Ohio State game. We all actively root for the Wolverines, flying our Michigan flag in the heart of Buckeye country on football Saturdays. We generally attend 1-2 football games in Ann Arbor. I also met my wife at the University and got married on State Street.” [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

More recently, Paul was promoted to Fellow status in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), for "contributions to the understanding, development, and fabrication of silicon-based resonant interband tunneling devices and circuits." In addition, he was name IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for the Electron Devices Society.

Paul L. Bergstrom

Paul L. Bergstrom (PhD EE ‘96) joined the faculty at Michigan Tech’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, where he has been building a research program in MEMS materials and process integration technologies for integrated sensors. He participates in the NSF Engineering Research Center on Wireless Integrated Microsystems with UM and MSU, and cultivates industrial interactions on integrated sensing technologies. He and his wife, Maria, enjoy the north woods with their three children, two girls (ages six and one) and a boy (four). [EECS News 2003] (See ERC/WIMS article on page 11)

Taneal Bhandari

Taneal Bhandari (BS CS ‘99) joined Compuware Corporation after graduation, where his responsibilities included QA testing, web programming/design, technical support, shell script programming, configuring servers, and training incoming team members. He started a web development company, SATaB Designs, while also working for Compuware Corporation for two and a half years before devoting himself full time to his company. After finishing up a web project for the U-M School of Nursing, and after his wife graduated from U-M Medical School, they moved to Atlanta, GA, in May 2004. Taneal has started several new companies since his move to Atlanta. One of them is Sotari LLC, which is primarily a real estate investment company. The other is a company that he started with his real-estate investor friend, called Owners Financing Real Estate LLC (OFRE). Taneal is responsible for everything IT related. OFRE.com is a listing service for customers who wish to hold the mortgage or lease with the option to buy. Their plan is to make www.ofre.com the definitive online repository for owner financed real estate. They’re aiming to launch their company soon. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Sven G. Bilén

Sven G. Bilén (MSE PhD EE ‘93 ‘98) is professor of Engineering Design and Electrical Engineering, and Chief Technologist at the Center for Space Research Programs at The Pennsylvania State University. He was on campus recently as a panel member with the College of Engineering Career Path Series, where U-M students can learn from alumni how they chose their current careers. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

John E. Carlson

John E. Carlson (BSE EE ‘91) and David J. Gaskey (BSE EE ‘89) are partners at the intellectual property law firm of Carlson, Gaskey & Olds, P.C. (CGO) in Birmingham, MI. CGO was founded in July 2000 and has grown to 10 patent attorneys. CGO recently was named by its Fortune 250 clients as their principal intellectual property counsel in "Who Protects IP America," The Year in Intellectual Property Almanac 2002. [EECS News 2003]

Kurt A. Carlson

Kurt A. Carlson

Kurt A. Carlson (BSE EE ‘91) has recently been named the new Call Center Director for a Charter Communications facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Charter (charter.com) is a broadband communications company based in St. Louis, MO and Kurt is looking forward to strengthening every aspect of customer service at his new company. Carlson was formerly Director of Business Customer Service at Consumer’s Energy, and Director of Customer Operations for Greatland Corporation. He is also Vice President of the Board of Trustees for Wildlife Rehab Center, a nonprofit wildlife rescue center operating in western Michigan. After leaving Michigan, Carlson received his MBA from Grand Valley State University. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

David S. Carter

David S. Carter (BSE EE ‘93) was appointed engineering librarian at the University of Michigan Media Union Library in September 2002. He was previously the director of the Internet Public Library (IPL) and a lecturer at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, where he taught classes on digital librarianship and on information resources in the sciences. He has worked with the Alliance for Community Technology (ACT) and librarians with the American Indian Higher Education Council (AIHEC) in setting up an AIHEC Virtual Library. [EECS News 2003]

Krishnendu Chakrabarty

Krishnendu Chakrabarty (PhD CSE ‘95) was promoted to associate professor with tenure at Duke University in 2002. He was awarded the National Science Foundation Career award in 1999 and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator award in 2001. He is married to Kamalika Mukherjee and has one son. [EECS News 2003]

Chakrabarty, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University, was recently named an IEEE Fellow. His current research is focused on design and test of system-on-chip integrated circuits, microfluidics-based biochips (digital microfluidics, microelectrofluidics), and wireless/sensor networks. His advisor at U-M was Prof. John Hayes. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Timothy Chang

Timothy Chang (BSE EE ‘94; MSE EE/EE:S ‘96) is currently a Principal at Gabriel Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm investing in early-stage hi-tech startups. Tim leads Gabriel’s wireless investment team, and recently invested in Iridigm Display Corporation, a highly-innovative MEMS-based microdisplay company that was acquired by Qualcomm in 2004 for $200M. Prior to venture capital, Tim had worked throughout Japan, Korea, and China as a multi-lingual development engineer for General Motors, as well as a product manager for servers and enterprise computing products at Gateway. Tim recently bought a home in San Francisco, and continues to perform around the Northern California Bay Area with his band and as an actor in his spare time. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Eric Chown

Eric Chown

Eric Chown (PhD CSE ‘94), Samuel S. Butcher Associate Professor of the Natural Sciences at Bowdoin College, led his students’ team, NorthernBites, to victory in the 2007 RoboCup in Atlanta, Georgia.

Northern Bites has been active for only two years and was victorious over teams from Germany, Australia, and the United States. In the RoboCup competition, teams of four identical Sony AIBO dogs compete on a 3- by 5 meter field. Through the aid of a muzzle-mounted camera, the dogs are programmed to recognize the ball and move, shoot and pass in a coordinated effort. The dogs receive no active commands during the course of the game, it’s all up to their team-programmed code. In a CNN-online interview, Professor Chown outlined the challenge: “The problems in RoboCup are the same as what roboticists face in any domain. The robot needs to sense the world, figure out a problem, and make a decision. That fits soccer the same way it does the Mars Rovers, or a robot in an advanced car plant.” His overriding goal is “to make science fun and exciting and attract young people.”

Chown is married to colleague Rachel Beane, a Geology professor at Bowdoin. He teaches courses in artificial intelligence, cognitive architecture and computer programming. They have a four-year-old son, Zander, and at the time of writing, were expecting another baby in January. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

John C. Cowles

John C. Cowles (PhD EE ‘94) is a design engineer with Analog Devices, Inc., responsible for RF/IF product design. From 1994-98, he was Senior Member of Technical Staff at TRW in Redondo Beach, CA and was responsible for advanced GaAs & InP HBT development for high speed ICs. He is married to Mary Ulmer, and they have a daughter, Sophia. John’ brother, Bob Cowles, is a surgery resident at the UM Hospital. John enjoys world traveling, history, and anthropology. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. He stays active with soccer and tennis, and says that time constraints forced him to get into jogging, cycling, weights, and swimming.

Jennifer Crowley

Jennifer Crowley (BSE EE ‘95) is president and owner of Cross Consulting and Sales, L.L.C. She received an MBA from Northwestern University. After working several years at Texas Instruments in semiconductor marketing, technical sales, and business development roles, she started a business consulting and sales representative firm specializing in strategic marketing and sales for technology-based companies. She has traveled extensively for both work and pleasure. A highlight of last year was a backcountry trek in Alaska. She lives in Michigan and makes it back to UM for almost every home football game. [EECS News 2003]

Charlie Marchena Curtis

Michelle Marchena Curtis

Michelle Marchena Curtis (BSE EE ‘94) is new mother to Charlie Marchena Curtis, born June 20th, 2007. Curtis, who works for Cisco, reports that her son “bleeds blue and cannot wait to attend Michigan!” [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

James A. D’Antonio

James A. D’Antonio (BSE CE ‘99) started working for Anderson Consulting, now Accenture, upon graduation. He is currently an M2 (2nd year manager). His specialization is the IT Asset Management group within the Data Center Operations organization. He is serving in his 5th year as head coach for the University of Michigan Roller Hockey team. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Marco D’Aristotile

Marco D’Aristotile (BSE CE ‘99) is employed at the EDS Virtual Reality (VR) Center in Troy, MI. He is engaged in many projects involving high-end VR hardware, VR facility design, and 3-D content creation. Clients have included major auto manufacturers, the military, architecture firms, city governments, and many others. [EECS News 2003]

Ronald A. DeLap

Ronald A. DeLap (PhD EE:Systems '94) was named Dean of Engineering, Technology and Economic Development at Lake Superior State University. [EECS News 2011]

Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell (BSE CE '91) - The Internet also showed its potential as a source of entertainment. However, Internet users created a crisis for the music industry and the legal system by downloading five billion songs from various sources —without paying for them. The problem perplexed music executives, the brightest legal minds and most computer scientists. However, Tony Fadell developed a solution. He created the iPod, an inexpensive device that can play music in a digital format, and he led the development of an online site from which music buffs can download any of 200,000 singles for 99 cents each. It was a technological and marketing triumph. Fadell became Senior Vice President of Apple's iPod Division through 2008, where he created three generations of the iPod and the iSight Camera, a video camera for conferencing over broadband. He remained with the company as an adviser to CEO, Steve Jobs. Fadell received the College of Engineering Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award in 2004. After leaving Apple to spend more time with family, he he founded Nest and created the self-programming Nest Learning Thermostat.

[New York Times article: July 20, 2013]
[EECS News Story (2005) - See Pg. 21]
[Michigan Engineer Profile]

Usama Fayyad

Usama Fayyad

Usama Fayyad (BSE CE/EE ‘84; MSE PhD CSE ‘86 ‘91) recently joined Yahoo! Inc. as the company’s first chief data officer and senior vice president of the Strategic Data Solutions group. He came from DMX Group, a company that specialized in data mining and data strategy, that he co-founded. Usama’s professional experience includes co-founding a company in 2000, digiMine Inc. (now Revenue Science, Inc.), five years at Microsoft Research leading the data mining and exploration group, and 7 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). His work at JPL earned him several awards from Caltech, NASA, and a U.S. Government medal. Usama and his family moved to Portola Valley, CA (near Stanford) this past fall. Fayyad received the CSE Alumni Merit Award in 2009. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Matthew Gerlach

Matthew Gerlach (MSE EE ‘98) worked at SandCraft Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) for close to 6 years before leaving for Nvidia Corp. (also of Santa Clara, CA). His job focuses on circuit and cad design for Nvidia’s next generation graphics processors. He recently moved from the bay area back to Michigan to be closer to family and friends, and telecommutes for Nvidia out of his home. Go Blue! [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Gordon Good

Gordon Good (BS CE ‘91) is co-author of the book,Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services (2nd Edition), published this year by Addison-Wesley Professional. Co-authors are EECS alumni Timothy A. Howes (BSE AERO ’85; MSE PhD CSE ’87 ‘96) and Mark C. Smith (BSE CE ‘88). Good is a senior software engineer at Opsware, Inc., in Sunnyvale, California. [EECS News 2003]

Jason Heltzer

Jason Heltzer (BS CS ‘96) is a Principal with the venture capital firm OCA Ventures in Chicago. Jason aspires to invest in a startup founded by fellow EECS graduates, so send him your business plans! Jason and his wife Wendy are proud parents of their son Gideon, who was born in December 2005. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Andrew P. Hoover

Andrew P. Hoover (MSE EE ‘93) is an IC design engineer at Motorola, in the Semiconductor Products Sector. He is married and has three children, ages two, five, and seven. Andrew is actively involved in world hunger relief efforts via CROPWALK and is involved with the Texas Legislature to promote family-friendly legislation. [EECS News 2003]

Tim Howes

Timothy A. Howes

Timothy A. Howes (BSE AERO ’85; MSE PhD CSE ’87 ‘96) is co-inventor of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the Internet standard for directories and co-founder of Loudcloud, Inc., a managed-service company responsible for running mission-critical Internet sites for large enterprises. The inspiration for Loudcloud came from the desire to help large company websites run better and more cost effectively. This led to the creation of a software package known as "Opsware." Soon the Loudcloud list of clients included the likes of Ford, Nike, Fannie Mae and other worldwide organizations. In 2002, Howes sold off the hosting business to EDS and transformed LoudCloud into a pure software company called Opsware Inc., which has become the leading provider of data-center automation software. Howes currently serves as CTO and EVP of Development. In 2000, he was recognized by InfoWorld as one of the top 10 e-business innovators. He has co-authored several books on directories. In 2001, CTO magazine named him one of the top 25 most influential CTOs. He is also a member of the College's National Advisory Committee and received the CSE Alumni Merit Award in 2010.

Howes is co-author of the book, Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services (2nd Edition), published this year by Addison-Wesley Professional. Co-authors are EECS alumni Mark C. Smith (BSE CE ‘88) and Gordon Good (BS CE ‘91). [Michigan Engineer Fall/Winter 2003] EECS News 2003]

Clara and baby Isaac Huggins

James K. Huggins

James K. Huggins (PhD CSE ‘95) was promoted in July 2002 to associate professor with tenure of Computer Science at Kettering University, where he received a Kettering University Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Award in June. He is married to Jane E. Huggins and has a daughter, Clara, born in 2001. [EECS News 2003]

Huggins is an associate professor of computer science at Kettering University. He was recently elected as Moderator (President) of the Faculty Senate for the calendar year 2006. During 2005, he will be serving as Moderator-Elect (Vice-President). Clara is pictured left with her baby brother, Isaac, who is 6 months old (on right). [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

Christy L. Johnson

Christy L. Johnson (PhD EE ‘90) is an advisory engineer/scientist in the Surface and Materials Science Laboratory at IBM Corporation in Vermont. She is involved in transmission electron microscopy. [EECS News 2003]

Whitney Kew

Whitney Kew

Whitney Kew (MSE EE ‘94) bought a townhouse and moved back to his hometown of San Diego, CA, where he works as a Senior Software Engineer for Rain Bird Corporation writing central control software. He plays tennis, and is an electronic musician. Kew has composed 6 songs for what will be his first CD, as well as two Depeche Mode covers that you can listen to at http://www.myspace.com/kewmusic. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Ron Kim

Ronald “Ron” Y. Kim

Ron Kim (BS CS '90, MBA '05) is currently Vice President and Head of IT for Exelon Utilities, which is the utility subsidiary of Exelon Corporation.  Ron has executive responsibility for all Information Technology at Exelon's 3 utility companies:  Baltimore Gas & Electric, ComEd (Chicago), and PECO (Philadephia).  These 3 utilities combined represent 6.6 million electric and 1.2 million gas customers with a combined revenue of ~$14 billion.

Prior to joining Exelon in 2008, Ron was a Partner with Accenture, a $25+ billion global leading IT and business consulting firm.  Ron led highly complex and strategic consulting engagements at many Global 10/Fortune 500 companies over the course of his career, which started right after he graduated with his CS degree.

Ron is based in Philadelphia but frequently travels to Chicago and Baltimore.  He is married to Dr. Pamela Vasquez Kim (Ph.D English & Education, '01).  He and Pamela have 3 children.

William F. Kolakowski

William F. Kolakowski (BSE CE ‘93) was elevated to membership in the law firm Dykema Gossett PLLC where he specializes in intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and related litigation. He is a registered patent attorney with a concentration in computer, electrical and electro-mechanical technologies. [EECS News 2003]

Gardiner D. Leverett

Gardiner D. Leverett (BSE CE ‘91) has taken a job at Mobius Microsystems in Detroit as the IT/System Administrator. He previously worked for Merit Network, and briefly with MEPO in the UM College of Engineering. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]


Steven McLaughlin

Curtis Ling

Curtis Ling (MSE PhD EE '90, '93) co-founded MaxLinear in 2003 with seven colleagues. He has served as Chief Technical Officer since April 2006. Today, MaxLinear employs more than 200 people, and has offices across Asia and Europe. The company builds highly integrated RF mixed-signal broadband communications systems on a single chip. Their products are found in cable and set top boxes, digital televisions, cell phones, cable modems, computers, and cars. Before founding MaxLinear, Dr. Ling served as a principal engineer at Silicon Wave, Inc. from 1999 to 2003, and from 1993 to 1999, he served as a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Dr. Ling received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Read the article: Curtis Ling - Making Things Happen (EECS News 2011)

Paul Lotz

Paul Lotz (MSE EE ‘98) After spending six years in CT designing cutting-edge photolithography machines, Paul moved to Flagstaff, AZ where he is leading the development of the software for the Discovery Channel Telescope for Lowell Observatory. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Bill Mangione-Smith

Bill Mangione-Smith (BSE EE ‘87; MSE PhD CSE ‘92) works for Intellectual Ventures doing Intellectual Property development and evaluation, particularly in the area of computer and communications technology. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Steven McLaughlin

Steven McLaughlin

Steven McLaughlin (PhD EE ‘92) was named chair of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. Most recently he served as vice provost for International Initiatives and as Steven A. Denning Chair in Global Engagement at Georgia Tech. He is a co-founder of Whisper Communications.

[Georgia Tech Announcement]

Tom Montgomery

Tom Montgomery (MSE CICE ‘85; PhD CSE ‘93) enjoyed Ann Arbor so much, he kept returning for additional degrees after his B.S. in Physics. His PhD research was in distributed artificial intelligence. He settled in Plymouth with his wife and 2 kids, conveniently located between Ann Arbor and Dearborn, and is a Technical Expert at Ford Research. Tom’s research at Ford has included model-based diagnostics, agent-based personalization, and data mining from text. Given the size of Ford and the amount of information available to mine, there is never a shortage of interesting problems. The biggest highlights of the year, however, were his weekend camping trips with his son Matthew (Boy Scouts), and his daughter Jessica (YMCA Adventure Guides). [EECS News Fall/Winter 2004]

Laura Mikkola Norris

Laura Mikkola Norris (BSE EE ‘92) received her law degree in 1997 from Santa Clara University, in the night program while working for Intel during the day. She worked as a patent agent, a patent lawyer, and patent litigator from 1994-1999. Since 1999, she has run the legal department at Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. Laura says, “I have found that the combination of my EE degree from UM and my law degree have been extremely useful, and there has never been a time I can remember when I wasn’t being recruited.” [EECS News Spring/Summer 2005]

George Nowak

"There are great opportunities to help solve interesting problems—not only conceptually, but also by building the hardware and fielding systems that contribute to our nation's security."

George Nowak (PHD EE '99). Since joining the Advanced Lasercom Systems and Operations Group at Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Nowak has helped manage the group's work on designing and testing laser terminals to support high-bandwidth networking among aircraft and satellites. Specific initiatives in the group involve the design and construction of multi-Gb/s optical transceivers; a subsystem for conducting pointing, acquisition, and tracking among terminals; and optical assemblies to emulate free-space laser propagation over geosynchronous orbit distances. The group also develops high-speed electronic interfaces to provide forward-error correction and bit interleaving to mitigate the impairments of laser communication through the lower atmosphere. The group's efforts have contributed to accelerating the progress of national laser communication programs. [MIT Lincoln Laboratory: Staff Profiles]

Madison and baby Kylie Oh

Allen J. Oh

Allen J. Oh (BSE EE ‘93) and his wife Tiffany are proud to announce that they have adopted their first child, Madison Rose Kathleen Oh. Madison recently celebrated her third birthday. The family lives in the Twin Cities area, where Allen works as a patent attorney at Moore, Hansen & Sumner in Minneapolis. His practice emphasizes client counseling and patent procurement for electronic and software inventions. Allen’s technical interests include automotive technologies, wireless communications, medical devices, and computer hardware and software. He is actively involved with the American Intellectual Property Law Association. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Oh and his wife Tiffany are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Mikyla “Kylie” Renée Oh, on February 12, 2006, born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. She weighed 5 lbs, 13 oz, and was 20 inches long. Kylie (pictured left) joins her big sister, Madison (pictured right), who recently celebrated her fourth birthday. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Larry Page

Larry Page

Larry Page (BSE CE ’95) is co-founder of Google, Inc. The Internet became a rich source of information for research, manufacturing, education and many other areas of daily life. However, finding relevant information in this sea of available data was a significant problem. Larry Page and partner Sergey Brin solved that problem in 1998 with the creation of Google, which has become the world's most popular Internet search engine. Just 26 when he co-founded Google, Page went on to receive widespread recognition. In 2002, MIT's Technology Review magazine called him a "Young innovator who will create the future." That same year, Research and Development magazine named him its Innovator of the Year. He was the first recipient of the College of Engineering Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award in 2002. The National Academy of Engineering elected him to its membership in 2004. Page served as co-president of Google from 1998-2001. In April 2011, he became Google’s CEO in charge of day-to-day operations.

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Jimmy Pangestoe

Jimmy Pangestoe (BS CS ‘99) works for Pfizer Inc. within its Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence group in San Diego. He is the “Testing Team Lead,” and makes sure that all testing processes and works are successfully carried out for new systems or requests before they get implemented in production. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

John Paxton

John Paxton (MSE PhD CSE ‘87 ‘90) is a faculty member of The Computer Science Department at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Currently, he has a Fulbright Award to spend the academic year at The University of Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany. While there, he is developing and teaching two courses, including a sophomore-level course on data structures and algorithms. He hopes to put the excitement and challenge back into these subjects by incorporating problems from programming competitions. Prof. Paxton also looks forward to combining his teaching with his college minor in German. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

David Pennock

David Pennock

David Pennock (PhD CSE ‘99), Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research, was recently named to MIT Technology Review’s list of 35 “top technology innovators under age 35 for 2005. Prior to his current position at Yahoo!, Pennock worked as a research scientist at NEC Research, and in 2001 served as an adjunct professor at Pennsylvania State University. His most recent invention is the dynamic parimutuel market, a new financial auction mechanism good for low-liquidity environments found in derivatives trading and information markets. The dynamic parimutuel is featured in Yahoo!’s Tech Buzz Game, a high-tech fantasy market used to gauge traders’ collective wisdom about technology trends http://buzz.research.yahoo.com.

Pennock has three patents in progress, including a new financial framework for web search advertising, where impressions and clicks aren’t simply sold by search engines to advertisers, but are actively traded back and forth in analogy to today’s commodity futures exchanges. Pennock has over 50 academic publications in conferences and journals. His work has been featured by Discover Magazine, New Scientist, CNN, The New York Times, The Economist and several other publications. Pennock is also program co-chair of the 2006 ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce. [EECS Profile] [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Amy Raudenbush

Amy Raudenbush (MSE EE ‘97) lives in New Bedford, MA with her husband. After 7 months teaching high school and middle school math, she returned to engineering, and currently works at MIT Lincoln Labs in the Optical Systems Engineering group. She designs and builds optical systems. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2004]

Jennifer Rexford

Jennifer Rexford

Jennifer Rexford (MSE PhD CSE ’93 ’96) received the 2005 Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award for her remarkable record of groundbreaking research and intellectual achievement in the relatively short period of time in which she has been working in the field of data networks. She joined the Computer Science Department at Princeton University as a professor in 2005, following more than 8 years at AT&T Labs-Research as Technology Leader in the IP Network Management and Performance department. Rexford is a leading thinker in the field of data networks. Her research focuses on Internet routing, network measurement and network management. She aims to make data networks easier to design, understand and manage. She is recognized for her pioneering work on Internet traffic engineering and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) analysis and configuration. Rexford co-authored the book Web Protocols and Practice, an all-in-one reference text about the core technologies underlying the web, including a detailed evolution and explanation of its building blocks. She holds six patents. In 2004, Technology Review magazine named Prof. Rexford to its annual TR-100 list of top innovators under the age of 35. That same year, the Association for Computing Machinery recognized her with the Grace Murray Hopper Award as the outstanding young computer professional of the year for her work on assuring stable and efficient Internet routing. Rexford is chair of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Data Communications. She is also a member of the ACM Council and the Computing Research Association Board of Directors. [EECS News Spring/Summer 2006]

Avi D. Rubin

Aviel "Avi" D. Rubin

Aviel "Avi" D. Rubin (BS MSE PhD CS ‘89 ‘91 ‘94) recently moved to Johns Hopkins (from AT&T Labs), where he is an associate professor and the technical director of the new Information Security Institute. [EECS News 2003]

Rubin is an expert in systems and networking security, credited for bringing to light vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines. He is a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University on Sabbatical as a Fulbright Scholar at Tel Aviv University. He is also President and co-founder of Independent Security Evaluators, a computer security consulting company. [EECS Profile]

Kevin Rutkowski

Kevin Rutkowski

Kevin Rutkowski (BSE EE ‘94) is a managing consultant in the department of Project Services for BORN, a national IT services firm. He consults in the area of software quality assurance, and also teaches software development at Capella University. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Kevin Rutkowski

Meera Sampath

Meera Sampath (PhD EE:S '95) is Director of Xerox India Innovation Hub, Xerox’s newest research lab located in Chennai, India.  In this role, she is responsible for overseeing and scaling up the Hub, developing and executing its research agenda, and nurturing Open Innovation partnerships in India.

Meera joined Xerox in 1996 at the Xerox Research Center Webster, NY.  As a Principal Scientist, she led several research projects developing innovative diagnostics and service technologies for printing systems.  She holds 8 patents in this area, with several more in the pipeline, and has published a number of articles in leading scientific journals.  She has also held several strategic leadership positions at Xerox including Manager, Strategic Operations Group, for the Xerox Research Center Webster, and leader of the team responsible for defining the Xerox Innovation Group’s expansion strategy in emerging markets. eera is a senior member of the IEEE and an Associate Editor for the Springer Journal of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems.  She has served on NSF panels for the Control, Networks, and Computational intelligence (CNCI) program,  and the University Industry Co-operative Research (UICR) program, and also as as liaison manager for several Xerox Foundation University Affairs Committee (UAC) funded research projects.

Read the article: Meera Sampath: Creative Problem Solving in Research and Global Enterprise [EECS News 2011]

Pete Staples

Pete Staples (BSE EE ‘94) is president and founder of Blue Clover Design, LLC, which specializes in product development. He worked as a systems engineer for Boeing Satellite Systems in El Segundo, CA for five years, where he designed advanced communication payloads and evaluated new business opportunities. His final assignment there was in a leadership role on the multi-billion dollar Spaceway™ project. In addition to his work for Boeing, he has done projects for Hewlett-Packard (China), Techno-Sciences (USA), Clemson University, Telia (Sweden), the University of Michigan Medical Center, and Dow Chemical.

Pete holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA where he specialized in entrepreneurship. Twice he led teams to the semifinals in the Knapp New Venture Competition. He also received the Mitsui Fellowship for International Business and the Kauffman Fellowship for entrepreneurial research in China. Pete earned an MS in electrical engineering at Clemson University, where his research was focused on wireless networks. While at Clemson, he received the Harris Teaching Assistant of the Year Award. [EECS News Fall/Winter 2005]

Mark Stephan

Mark Stephan (BSE CE ‘96) is currently working towards a Masters in Liberal Arts in Environmental Management from Harvard, focusing on renewable energy and wind power. Mark and Yvonne (‘96 CS) are expecting their first child at the end of March! [EECS News Spring/Summer 2007]

Alan Steremberg

Alan Steremberg

Alan Steremberg (BSE CE ‘94) was honored for his visionary work in developing Weather Underground, Inc., of which he is co-founder and President. Following graduation from U-M, he worked at Apple and then at a small internet start-up in Seattle. In the process of completing his master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Stanford, he returned to the idea of a real-time internet weather service, and Weather Underground was born (the idea had its beginnings as a U-M research project under the direction of Prof. Perry Samson -- designed to bring internet weather to K-12 classes). Today, the company is a highly successful venture supplying many newspapers and television stations with their weather forecasting data. Weather Underground uses a specialized web interface and a grassroots network of subscribers outfitted with personal weather stations to provide weather forecasts around the globe and in 50 languages. Users turn to Weather Underground for a comprehensive array of data on temperature, heat index, wind chill, humidity, radar precipitation, dew point, wind velocity, visibility, satellite imagery, fronts, snow depth, jet stream, UV index, air quality and even influenza incidence. Steremberg received the College of Engineering Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award in 2007. [EECS News 2008]

See also: Article in the Michigan Engineer

Andrea E. Taylor

Andrea E. Taylor (BS CS ‘94) is an IT Software Quality Assurance Specialist - working in the Information Technology organization for CNA Insurance, a major insurance company in downtown Chicago. She bought a townhouse almost 2 years ago and currently lives in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (part of Northwest suburbs of Chicago). [EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Hanoi Baseball

Thomas J. Treutler

Thomas J. Treutler (BSE CE ‘90) was named a Leading Lawyer in Intellectual Property Law in Vietnam by the legal industry publication Chambers Asia for the second consecutive year. Treutler is a Senior Associate in the Hanoi Office of the law firm Tilleke & Gibbins. In 2009, Treutler and his wife Ngoc Thuy founded the Hanoi Little League, and led the first ever Vietnamese Little League team to the Asia-Pacific Little League Championship Tournament in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was the first time a Vietnamese baseball team had participated in an international level tournament at any level (see pictures at http://www.hanoibaseball.com). Treutler has been appointed District Administrator for Vietnam by Little League International. [EECS News 2009]

David P. Trumpy

David P. Trumpy (BSE EE ‘99) works on a digital signal processing system for machinery vibration monitoring for the XM product line for Rockwell Automation. The system won some prestigious awards, including the Industry Week Technology of the Year and Control Engineering 2002 Editors’ Choice Award. Click on www.rockwellautomation.com. [EECS News 2003]

Jean [Hwang] Verheyden

Jean [Hwang] Verheyden (BSE EE ‘91) works in Bend, Oregon, as an otolaryngologist. She is married to James Verheyden and is mother to James (7), Elizabeth (5) and Eric (2). [EECS News Fall/Winter 2008]

Carl T. Wahl

Carl T. Wahl (BSE CE ‘99) is in his third year of service with the United States Peace Corps in the Republic of Zambia. He served from April 2004 to December 2005 in Kelongwa Village, Kasempa District, Northwestern Province as a Community Health Extension volunteer. From January to April 2005, he was the technical coordinator for the training of the 2006 class of Health volunteers. Since April, he has served as Volunteer Leader for Central and Copperbelt provinces, with a base of operations in Serenje. Carl welcomes any questions about the Peace Corps, or Zambia, and says:

Tuyenga BLUE! (Kikaonde)
Tuleya BLUE! (iChiBemba)
GO BLUE! (ichiZungu/English)

[EECS News Fall/Winter 2006]

Khurt L. Williams

Khurt L. Williams (MSE EE:S ‘94) started his own IT consulting company in Princeton, NJ, in January 2000. He is married (1996) with a son (Shaan, almost four), and daughter (Kiran, two). [EECS News 2003]

Nick N. Yang

Nick N. Yang

Nick N. Yang (BSE EE '97) works as an investor, and has a long history as a successful entrepreneur. He was the founder and first president of the China Leading Young Angel Investor Association. Yang co-founded the KongZhong Corporation, and served as Vice Chairman of its Board of Directors. He also co-founded the successful company ChinaRen Inc. He received the College of Engineering Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award in 2010.

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