CSE Early Career Awards

The National Science Foundation CAREER (formerly known as the Presidential Young Investigator Award) and PECASE (Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers) awards are the foundation's most highly-esteemed awards for junior faculty members. They were established to recognize and support the early career development activities of those teacher-scholars who are most likely to become the academic leaders of the 21st century. Recipients are selected on the basis of creative career-development plans that effectively integrate research and education within the context of the missions of their institutions.

The YIA (Young Investigator Award) Programs support faculty research and encourage faculty teaching and research careers. Recipients have typically held their graduate degrees for fewer than five years. There are a variety of agencies which honor junior faculty members through YIA programs. This list includes, but is not limited to, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Army Research Office (ARO) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

YearNameAward NameAwarding Entity
2009Bertacco, ValeriaYoung Investigator AwardAFOSR
2008Jenkins, ChadYoung Investigator AwardAFOSR
2013Olson, EdwinYoung Faculty AwardDARPA
2016Cafarella, MichaelMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2005Flinn, JasonMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2015Halderman, J. AlexMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2016Lee, HonglakMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2003Mahlke, ScottMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2008Mao, Zhuoqing MorleyMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2014Narayanasamy, SatishMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2002Noble, BrianMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2014Olson, EdwinMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2010Pettie, SethMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2010Wenisch, ThomasMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2017Wiens, JennaMorris Wellman Faculty Development ProfessorEECS
2001Ackerman, MarkCAREER AwardNSF
2001Austin, ToddCAREER AwardNSF
2008Bertacco, ValeriaCAREER AwardNSF
2011Cafarella, MichaelCAREER AwardNSF
1996Chen, PeterCAREER AwardNSF
2017Das, ReetuparnaCAREER AwardNSF
1991Durfee, EdmundYoung Investigator AwardNSF
2004Flinn, JasonCAREER AwardNSF
2009Fu, KevinCAREER AwardNSF
1998Jamin, SugihPresidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)NSF
1997Jamin, SugihCAREER AwardNSF
2007Jenkins, ChadPresidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)NSF
2015Lee, HonglakCAREER AwardNSF
2012Madhyastha, HarshaCAREER AwardNSF
2004Mahlke, ScottCAREER AwardNSF
2007Mao, Zhuoqing MorleyCAREER AwardNSF
2005Markov, IgorCAREER AwardNSF
2016Mars, JasonCAREER AwardNSF
2009Mihalcea, RadaPresidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)NSF
2008Mihalcea, RadaCAREER AwardNSF
2017Mower Provost, EmilyCAREER AwardNSF
2016Mozafari, BarzanCAREER AwardNSF
2012Narayanasamy, SatishCAREER AwardNSF
2000Noble, BrianCAREER AwardNSF
2008Pettie, SethCAREER AwardNSF
2015Schoenebeck, GrantCAREER AwardNSF
2004Shi, YaoyunCAREER AwardNSF
1994Wellman, MichaelYoung Investigator AwardNSF
2009Wenisch, ThomasCAREER AwardNSF
2016Wiens, JennaCAREER AwardNSF
2007Jenkins, ChadYoung Investigator AwardONR
2002Austin, ToddSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2016Cafarella, MichaelSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2009Fu, KevinSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2015Halderman, J. AlexSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2001Jamin, SugihSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2009Jenkins, ChadSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2016Lee, HonglakSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2009Mao, Zhuoqing MorleySloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
2011Peikert, ChristopherSloan Research FellowshipSloan Foundation
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