Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Internships / Co-ops

Internships/Co-ops have always been considered a vital part of the total learning experience for Michigan Engineering students. These opportunities enable future engineers to tackle real-world projects, interact with experienced professionals, work within teams, and test their interest in a particular engineering discipline. The College of Engineering actively encourages business organizations to participate in internship and cooperative work programs coordinated through its Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) and the Cooperative Education Program.

Options for Employers

Business and government organizations interested in hiring Michigan Engineering students have two options available to them: The Summer Internship Program - Each summer, hundreds of Michigan Engineering students accept summer assignments with businesses and other organizations nationwide. Students can apply for internships as early as the summer following their first year of study, and positions typically run from May through August. A February Internship Fair is held in conjunction with the Engineering Career Resources Center. The Co-operative Education Program - Students in this program accept work assignments of anywhere from six to eight months with a wide range of corporations and government agencies. Co-op students may work consecutive terms - e.g., from May to December or January to August - or may opt to stagger their assignments by alternating work and school semesters.

Benefits for Employers

Internships and co-op assignments offer an excellent way to fill temporary positions, meet staffing needs for time-intensive projects, and expose employees to the latest theories and approaches to engineering problems. They also offer a low-risk recruiting opportunity, making it possible for companies to identify highly qualified candidates prior to graduation.

For more information, contact:

Kerri Boivin
Director, Engineering Career Resource Center
University of Michigan
230 Chrysler Center, 2121 Bonisteel Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109