CSE@50 - Plenary Speakers and Panelists

Plenary Speakers

  1. Atkins, Dan, EECS faculty member, Former Interim Dean of College of Engineering, Former Dean of School of Information, Head of NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure.
  2. Fayyad, Usama, (BSE CE and EE 84, MSE CSE 86, PhD 91) Chief Data Officer and Executive VP of Research & Strategic Data Solutions at Yahoo!.
  3. Guzdial, Mark, (MS CSE 86) Professor, College of Computing at Georgia Tech.
  4. Holland, John, (PhD CCS 59) UM professor of EECS and Psychology.


History of CSE

  1. Arden, Bruce, (PhD, EE 65) Former Chair of CCS.
  2. Davidson, Ed, (MS CE 62) Professor Emeritus of EECS, former Chair of EECS.
  3. Scott, Norman ,Professor Emeritus of EECS.
  4. Teorey, Toby, Professor Emeritus of EECS, Director of CoE Academic Programs.  

Computer Engineering

  1. Abel, Mark, (BSE EE 79) General Manager, Software Pathfinding and Innovation, Intel Software and Solutions Group.
  2. Olukotun, Kunle, (BSE EE 85, MSE CSE 87, PhD 91) Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University.
  3. Rutenbar, Rob, (MSE 79, PhD 84) Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University.
  4. Shen, John P., (BS, EE, 73) Head of Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto.  

CSE in the Real World

  1. Benovich Gilby, Nancy, (BSE CE 85, MSE CSE 87) Executive at Asurion Mobile Applications.
  2. Frank, Randy, (BSE, CE 73) Vice President and Chief Architect/FCAT at Fidelity Investments.
  3. Howes, Tim, (MS 87, PhD 96) Vice President and CTO HP Software.
  4. Wilens, Michael P., (MS in CS & MBA) Executive Vice President, Strategy, Technology & Innovation Thomson Reuters Corporation

Interactive and Social Systems

  1. Blinn, James, (MSE CICE, 72) Graphics Fellow, Microsoft Corporation.
  2. Page, Carl, (BSE CE 86, MSE CSE 88) Co-founder and CTO of Handheld Entertainment.
  3. Rubin, Avi, (BS CS 89, MSE CSE 91, PhD 94) Professor and Technical Director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University.
  4. Siewiorek, Daniel, (BSE EE 68) Buhl University Professor and Director of Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.
  5. Tedrake, Russ, (BSE, CE 99) Assistant Professor in EECS at MIT.