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Friday  Apr. 15, 2016
An Exponential Separation Between Randomized and Deterministic Complexity in the LOCAL Model
Yi-Jun Chang
University of Michigan

Friday  Apr. 08, 2016
Noise stability of functions with low influences: invariance and optimality
Fang-Yi Yu
University of Michigan

Friday  Apr. 01, 2016
Better Outcomes from More Rationality
Yuqing Kong
University of Michigan

Friday  Mar. 25, 2016
Recent progress on two-source randomness extractors
Yaoyun Shi
Associate Professor
University of Michigan

Friday  Mar. 18, 2016
Multi-Key FHE from LWE, Revisited
Sina Shiehian
University of Michigan

Friday  Mar. 11, 2016
Complex Contagions on Social Networks
Grant Schoenebeck
University of Michigan

Friday  Feb. 19, 2016
Random number generation with untrusted quantum devices
Carl Miller
Research Scientist
University of Michigan

Friday  Feb. 12, 2016
A cubic algorithm for computing the volume of a convex body
Kevin Sung
University of Michigan

Friday  Feb. 05, 2016
Quantum Conditional Mutual Information and Ability to Recover
Cupjin Huang
University of Michigan

Friday  Jan. 29, 2016
Using Expander Graphs to Find Vertex Connectivity
Shang-En Huang
University of Michigan

Friday  Jan. 22, 2016
The 4/3 Additive Spanner Exponent is Tight
Seth Pettie
Associate Professor
University of Michigan

Friday  Jan. 15, 2016
Counting perfect matchings via random matrices
Mark Rudelson
University of Michigan, Mathematics

Friday  Dec. 11, 2015
Approximately envy-free mechanism for resource allocation problems with complementarities
Vijay Subramanian
Associate Professor
University of Michigan, ECE

Friday  Dec. 04, 2015
Approximation-Friendly Discrepancy Rounding
Viswanath Nagarajan
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan (IOE)

Friday  Nov. 20, 2015
Popularity Signals in Optimizing Trial-Offer Markets
Pascal Van Hentenryck
University of Michigan


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