Faculty Candidate Seminar

An Introduction to Using and Abusing Recursion

Chuck Cusack

Associate Professor
Hope College
Wednesday, April 03, 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm
3725 Beyster

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About the Event

CSE Lecturer Candidate Seminar

In this talk I will introduce the concept of recursion, one of the most important fundamental algorithmic techniques. We will examine both iterative and recursive algorithms to compute n!, count up (or down), binary search a sorted array, and compute Fibonacci numbers. As we go, we will analyze and compare various algorithms that solve the same problem and discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of recursion. Together, we will answer a question I like to include on exams: "True or false: The recursive algorithm to compute the n-th Fibonacci number is an example of an algorithm that is both elegant and efficient."


Dr. Charles Cusack is an Associate Professor at Hope College where he teaches in both the Computer Science and Mathematics Departments. His teaching and research interests are at the intersection of theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. His current research focus is on graph pebbling problems where he uses both algorithmic and mathematical techniques to push the boundaries of what is known about a class of graphs called Lemke graphs. He is also a Lego artist, creating mostly 2D abstract art that is heavily inspired by his roots in mathematics and computer science.

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