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Interface Engineering and Practical Applications of Amorphous Silicon based Opto-electronic Devices

Qingyu Cui

Thursday, August 29, 2019
11:00am - 1:00pm
EECS 3316

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Abstract: The intrinsic a-Si devices with inorganic / organic interlayers were extensively investigated. We employed the Polyethylenimine (PEI) and ZnO as the top cathode contacts for the a-Si devices, and found the the interface dipole is highly related to the adjacent interlayers, not only due to the interactions with ZnO. For the anode contacts, the WOx surfaces were greatly modified upon the deposition of a-Si, and the increased interface conductivity can support centimeter-scale non-electrode area. Based on the developed basic a-Si devices, we further investigated its possible applications for fingerprint sensing, where the linearity up to 190 dB and at least 4 orders for the illuminations < 50 Lux. Moreover, the artificial synapses were realized based on the interfacial interactions between the a-Si and PEI interlayers, where the hysteresis and plasticity can be excited by light illumination, coupled with electrical pulse stimuli. Furthermore, transparent resistive switching devices were demonstrated based on ultrathin doped Ag films and DMD structure, where the overall transparency is higher than 80%. Transparent organic TFTs were achieved based on ultrathin Cu electrodes with Ni seeding and capping layers, and the transparency is up to 71.4 % for the source/drain regions.

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Sponsor(s): Professor L. Jay Guo

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